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Never Leave You, My Brother

by AkeliaTaske


{This story is mainly about my Clone OC's Duck and Bunker, and their relationship. This is my ultimate BROTP}

“Duck! Bunker! Get over here!” Akelia called, motioning for them to come over, immediately. The two clone's heads popped up, and they immediately started toward their Commander. On the way, Duck made a point to say,

“I hate it when she calls us, just when we're about to test the new ammo!”

“Yeah yeah, come on Ducky,” Bunker muttered.

“I already told you! Don't call me that!” Duck snapped, giving Bunker an annoyed smack on the arm. They trotted over to where Akelia waited beside their Captain, Hook.

“What do you need Sir?” Bunker asked, saluting.

“Ediese Bunker, Duck. I have a new mission for you.”

“What kind of mission? What about the squad?” Duck asked, confused. This was new, they hadn't been told about any kind of solo mission alone from their squad.

“That doesn't matter to you. What I have for you is different. See this Separatist warehouse?” Akelia asked, pointing to a building on the holo-map Hook had just set up in front of them. “I need you to infiltrate it, set some charges, and get clear of there. On my signal, I want you to detonate them, and then get back here stat.”

“Sir!” Duck announced, holding his hand up for a question.

“What is it Duck?”

“Why exactly are we blowing up the warehouse? Is there any special goods in there…info, anything? What I'm saying is, is there any reason why we are blowing that think sky high?”

“I need a distraction. Hook, myself, and the rest of the squad are coming in on a drop off mission. I need that explosion to draw the guards away from the drop-off point so I can swoop in there and collect the prisoner troopers. I'll send Slyde to come pick you up, right after he drops me off, got it? When you see the gunship, give a signal flare. But ONLY when you see it, there will no doubt be clankers looking for you. Got it?”

“Sir yes Sir!” they announced, saluting. Akelia nodded, and turned to Hook to give him details on the mission. Bunker and Duck turned away, and looked over at each other.

“Great, so I guess we're in for another one of our hit and run missions,” Bunker muttered.

“Yep! Come on, this will be fun!” Duck exclaimed, getting that childish grin on his face.

“If you say so Duck.”


Solo missions was their specialty. Get in, get out. Stealth mission. Easy peasy. At least, that's what they thought as they crept closer and closer to the nearly abandoned warehouse. Bunker protectively trotting in front of Duck, his blaster aimed at any and all possible threats. Duck followed along behind him, protecting Bunker from the rear. That's how this team worked. They had each others back.

“Target straight ahead,” Bunker whispered, taking cover behind a tree. Duck came up next to him.

“I have visual.” Duck used his hud to take a look at the warehouse that was only minutes away from being scrap. “Oh boy. This should be fun.”

“No fancy fireworks Duck. You heard Taske, get in get out,” Bunker reminded him. Duck groaned and rolled his eyes from under his helmet.

“Hey, it was supposed to be a distraction. So might as well make it a nice big one.” Bunker slapped the front of his helmet with his free hand, annoyed at his best friend's desperation for the big explosions.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Duck!” Duck whispered harshly, shoving Bunker further behind the tree. Bunker gasped silently, surprised as his friend whirled around, crouching quietly in front of him. Two droids passed by, complaining about “How bad the job was.” Duck waited till they were gone, and then stood up. Both had not moved at all till that point. “You alright?” Duck asked.

“Fine. Thanks Duck,” Bunker replied, standing up. He regained his composure and looked around. “I think that was the only guard check. But they will be coming back. Come on, let's do this quick.”

“Right.” With that, the two trotted over a few steps to the edge of a steep hill, and slid down it, coming up right next to the warehouse. The warehouse itself was worth almost nothing, but it was the perfect spot for a distraction. Silently, Duck began to pull chargers out of his backpack, and set them on the walls.

“Hurry up! The guards will be coming back!” Bunker whispered.

“Almost done! But I still have to do the inside.” With that, he placed the last one for the outside on the wall, setting it. Duck motioned for Bunker to get closer. “Cover me.”

“Duck! Duck where are you….oh never mind.” Bunker followed him, taking up the rear. He made sure no droids were around that could possibly harm Duck. He steadily followed his best friend to the warehouse's rear entrance, where there was one single droid.

Duck stealthily sneaked up behind the droid, and grabbed the droid, decapitating it in less than a second. The metal body fell to the ground, along with the head. Bunker came around the corner, and saw that the only guard had been taken care of. He gave Duck a thumbs up.

Nodding, Duck waited at the open door as Bunker trotted up. Inside, there were several droids, tons of crates, but nothing of extreme value or importance. Duck grinned from under his helmet, and reached to grab the last few charges. “Ready?”

“Oh yeah,” Bunker answered.

“NOW!” Duck charged into the building, guns blazing. Droids that saw him, didn't last long enough to shoot at him, thanks to Bunker. Duck ran, and set up one….two…three charges. Only one to go…

“DUCK! We got incoming! And lots of it!” Bunker shouted from the rear door, blasting at what must have been droids outside. Slowly, but surely, he was being pushed back further and further inside the warehouse. Duck set the last charger, and turned immediately to help his friend.

Only to see, in horror, his best friend get shot down. The droids then began to poor into the warehouse. Where had all these droids come from?! Time seemed to pass slowly for Duck, before suddenly, he yelled out in anger and furry, releasing his hate out on the droids. One by one they were shot down, blown up, or shocked.

Nothing mattered to Duck, only to get to Bunker. He was able to shoot down two more before he reached his friend. “Bunker! Bunker!” He yelled, rolling Bunker onto his back. The blast hole was lodged right on the left side of his chest, a nasty place to be. Duck's face filled with horror as he saw the injury.

“Duck…Duck. Get…get out of here…now!” Bunker ordered, his voice no more than a harsh whisper.

“No, I'm not leaving you. Not again.”

“Just go…”


Suddenly, the sound of droids clanking returned him to reality. Gently, but quickly, he pulled Bunker up over his shoulder, being careful of his friend's wound. Making sure Bunker was secured tight and the blaster wasn't dead yet, he began to run. Run away from the doomed warehouse, away from the droids.

His comm suddenly began to beep, just as he made his exit. Switching hands, he sheathed his blaster and pushed his blinking comm on. “Duck here!”

“Duck! I need that distraction now!” Akelia exclaimed from the other side.

“On it Sir! I'm just…a bit occupied! I need an evac, stat!”

“Well I need that diversion! NOW!”

Duck heard his Commander's orders, and knew it would be best not to argue. He ran around, and ducked down behind a large rock close to the treeline. Pulling the detonator out, he pushed the button. The warehouse exploded, sending millions of burning pieces in all directions. He covered Bunker's head, shielding him from the sparks and tiny metal pieces that came raining down. Smoke surrounded him, and he knew he had to get out of there.

“Nice job!” Akelia stated from the other side. Duck heard her voice fade, along with several other troopers barking orders, and a gunship take off. Suddenly, another voice came on the line.

“Duck! It's Slyde. I'm heading towards your location. Are you in a safe spot?”

“Not exactly,” Duck replied, standing up. He heaved Bunker up, holding him in his arms. “But I'll be there in two. Hurry! I'm not exactly sure how long I have!” And with that, he turned the comm off, and dashed for the woods.

Droids were heard approaching as he hit the tree line. Orders were repeated and acknowledged, and patrols were sent into the woods after him, to scout the area. Duck just prayed they wouldn't find him or Bunker before help arrived. Running, he dashed into a small ditch, taking cover in it. Bunker groaned on the impact, but didn't move.

“Ssh…it's okay. Help will be here soon.” Duck whispered. He pulled out his blaster, and then his other good one. Taking a protective position in front of Bunker, he waited for any incoming droids. He could hear them approach, but he wouldn't fire until he could see them. “Come on…come on.”

Droids crawled through the trees, ready to blast at something. But they didn't get the chance, before they hit the ground, a blaster shot in their chests. Duck was ready for more, or so he thought. Suddenly, tons of droids began to flood through the trees, getting closer to his and Bunker's position.

“Oh fek…” he whispered. Then, he heard a loud noise sound from above, and he saw the gunship fly over head. Knowing it was his only chance, he switched packs on the blaster, and aimed it up high. Taking the shot, a large, pink flare shot up and exploded in the sky, revealing his position.

The droids turned, and saw him lodged in the ditch. “Clones! Get them!”

Duck took action, switching packs again, and firing at the droids. He spared a small grenade, throwing it at a bunched up group. He ducked down, just as it blew the droids to bits before him. Duck suddenly heard the sound of the gunship again, and a light shown down on him in the midst of the trees.

The door to the gunship swung open, and familiar troopers slid down on lines, into the tree bunch, landing next to, and around Duck. They fired and eradicated the droids, allowing Duck to grab Bunker from the ditch.

“Duck!” Dino yelled, sliding in next to him. Duck turned, grateful to see the squad's medic. “Come on, we need to get out of here!” He handed a line to Duck, and then began to quickly strap a harness onto Bunker's lower chest and waist, strapping him to himself. “Up up up!”

The lines began to pull up, just as quickly as they had come down. The troopers were hauled up into the gunship, Dino and Bunker the last one's to enter before the door swung shut. “We all accounted for?!” Slyde yelled from the cockpit.

“Yeah!” Hook yelled back, turning to Dino.

Dino was currently unstrapping Bunker from himself, being very, very careful of the wound. Slowly, he manged to get the harness off, and lower Bunker onto the floor of the gunship. Duck was immediately by his side.

“Bunker…Bunker…” He made out, trying to contain his panic. Dino saw it, and motioned for Hook. Hook nodded, and crouched next to Duck.

“Duck, I need you to step back and let Dino do his job, alright?” Duck didn't seem to hear him. “Duck?”

“No Captain. I need to stay here and make sure he's alright.”

“Duck, that wasn't an option.”

“Sir…please. He'll panic if he wakes up and I'm not there,” Duck pleaded, turning to Hook. Hook looked don at him, and sighed. He knew he couldn't separate this team.

“I…alright trooper. You can stay. But give Dino some space.”

“Yes…yes Sir.” Duck mumbled. He immediately turned back to Dino and Bunker, watching every single move Dino made on his best friend. Hook sighed, and stepped back. He knew Akelia wouldn't be too happy about this.


“HE WHAT?!” Akelia yelled, jumping up from her seat. Hook winced, and rubbed his ears.

“Yes Sir. He was shot.”

“Well?! Is he okay?!” Akelia shouted again, panicked and worried for her trooper.

“Yes Sir, he's currently in medbay. Duck is with him, keeping watch.”

“Of course he is,” Akelia mumbled, beginning to calm down. “Is he up for visitors?”

“I don't know Sir. Let's go check.”


All Bunker could see what black. And then…a bright light. He began to make out voices, sounds, and…Duck? Yes, yes he could hear Duck. But where was he? Was he okay? What happened? Slowly, he began to come to, his vision clearing up. Although his ears were ringing, he could make out what sounds where which.

“Du…Duck?” He whispered, his vision clearing. Sure enough, he saw the blonde clone sitting before him, his face creased with worry. “Duck?”

“It's me Bunker, it's me. Oh thank the force you're okay…” Duck murmured, wanting to hug his best friend so bad.

“Are…are you alright? Are you hurt?” Bunker asked, not aware of the bandage that lined his bare chest and the small one that lined his head from hitting the ground. Duck smirked, looking down at Bunker.

“You nearly got yourself killed, and your wondering if I'm hurt? Bunker, I think you need to rethink your priority’s.”

“No, no I don't.” Bunker looked up at Duck, his voice cracked and his face coated in concern. “You are my best friend Duck. And I care about you more than I do myself. You know that. And I know you feel the same way about me.”

“Yeah…yeah I do.”

“And that is why we are the best of the best. We are a team…the team Duck. And the entire clone army knows that.” That comment earned a grin from Duck's worried face.

“You got that right. Well, you better get better so we can be the best of the best again. I know I certainly can't do this stuff without you.”

“Yeah, me either brother.” Bunker smiled, and gripped Duck's arm. “Me either.”

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1080 Reviews

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Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:15 am
Mea wrote a review...

Hey there! I'm here for a quick review.

So I notice this is fanfiction. While I'm pretty familiar with the Star Wars universe, I don't really know much about the Clone Wars era, so feel free to disregard what I say if it's just wrong. :P

Overall, though, I found myself pretty entertained. It was very well paced as a short story, and didn't really feel like it dragged. The characters were also fairly believable.

One thing I'm not much of a fan of is how you switched briefly to Akelia's viewpoint. It just felt very unnecessary and out of place in a short, focused story like this.

I also thought that some of the dialogue was a little bit rushed or cheesy, like they're talking too quickly, and I had a bit of a hard time differentiating between Bunker and Duck's voices as character. They didn't feel very different from each other, which made their friendship fall a little flat for me - often with friends, their differences just end up being highlighted and it's all very interesting, but that didn't happen here.

Finally, I thought your action was a little bit sparse, mostly with regards to your description. I had a hard time visualizing what was going on basically between when they left on the mission to after Duck carried Bunker back to the ship. Were they in a city, or was there forest surrounding this warehouse? You didn't describe the setting very much, and the tension was also slightly undercut by a tendency to just state things like 'droids came flooding in,' without elaboration or emotion. Sorry, I'm doing a bad job of explaining myself.

(Also you use 'alright' all the time and it's a huge pet peeve of mine so it's super distracting :P I'd change them to 'all right,' but you don't have to.)

That's all I can think of - good luck, and keep writing!

AkeliaTaske says...

Thanks for the review! You said they seem a lot alike. well they are, they're clone troopers. They're exactly alike, but you are right, I could give them a little bit more difference. Thanks!

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Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:00 pm
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ChieRynn wrote a review...

I really like this. I don't know how else to say it but I REALLY DO. Duck and Bunker have always been cool and awesome to me, but this story emphasized that they're really more than just friends. They're brothers.

As for the grammar and stuff like that, I didn't find any problems. You're good in that respect.

Love the story, the structure is good, and overall this was a great piece.

May the Force be with you,


AkeliaTaske says...

Thanks Chie! :)

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