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Ray Of Hope

by Ain

Today a worthless person walks into your street

There are sorrows in me deep under

They say life flashes but soon crashes

I say, lets ace it till we burn to ashes

Hear this if u can, these tears cry for you

You my dreams in my sleep, you my rain you my spring

I haven’t given up, I am just too tired

But when I'll bounce back I'll set rain on fire

I try to live an abstemious life in this system

Like many others who have already become victims

They lie when they talk about democracy

They cheat, this ain't democracy its hypocrisy

We have quite a lot of enemies, less friends

We have been destroyed by our own companions

To remove the fire, there ain't enough water

We'll do it even if what we have is only a bottle

I am the eagle of Iqbal, the future of quaid

I have Quran in my heart, it's not so said

The world eyes me every moment

Today is not mine but tomorrow will be mine

We sing songs on the edges of swords

We take bullets only in our hearts

My every muscle is like a standing mountain

On the day has the night fallen

And from behind the tears sees the ray of hope

We cut ropes from edges of our nails

We will break the wrong traditions in our way

We left the butterfly in the garden to fly

And we saw, from our heart, the ray of hope in it

It is also possible that from our soft hearts

The wall falls from just two sweet words

In this desert has the bloom bloomed

And we made this possible on the edge of two-bladed sword

And even in the heart of a stone

Have we raised the ray of hope

Light of my eyes voice of my heart are you

You were you are you will be you

In your branches do I see the sky

Your sand am I fond of, I see the world through it

There is determination in my heart have I seen the dreams

Scattered are the hopes and I have collected them

Come on let's find it

Where the light ain't fire where the life ain't a question

But I have started to walk

Where I am there the opressors rule

How do I explain my sadness, my steps crumble, my weight heavy

Never will I forget you, how abstuse I am to start this

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Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:00 pm
Vicky17 wrote a review...

Hi there,

I really like your poem. Although it is more like a speech, it is powerful. The words and imagery you used are brilliant. I can tell you are really passionate about this and it's really uplifting. The only improvement I can suggest is to check your punctuation (i can't see any full stops) but like I said the content is amazing. Keep up the good work!!

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Ain says...


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Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:22 pm
Hassanfs wrote a review...

Helooo. Welcome to YWS!

What drew me to your poem was the description.
I like the poem, but well have some issues with it.
It didn't feel like a poem.
There was rhyming, but no specific scheme to it.
This sounded like a rap, which I have no problems with, but as I wasn't expecting one when clicking open your that has like...a weird vibe to it.

And are you from Pakistan?
The part about Iqbal and Quaid had me wondering. Not met a fellow Pakistani here on YWS, yet. :P

Poem rating. 7/10


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Ain says...

YEP from Pakistan. Nice to have see your review. I will Improve

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Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:13 am
Swavvy123 wrote a review...

I thought this was beautiful. It is informal though due to the use of "ain't" though I know ain't added more effect to your work. I liked how you were able to kinda put all the pain and sadness into your words. Just your words has taught me a lot. If you want it to be one of those types of poems you might read in English class, I think you should change some words. But I love the poem the way it is.
Keep writing!

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Ain says...

Thanks!! The bit about "ain't" i will bear that in mind And Thanks agian

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