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To boldly go...

by Aadygirl

"She held her head up high, chin up, and with her focus ahead, she walked up to the stage. The audience was cheering and applauding as she bowed with elegance and pride. She had boldly and logically solved the problem. The problem, that had had everyone under their blankets. But not her. She'd faced the problem, eye to eye, and had never let go of that focus. She was a true hero."

Now, with the paragraph above, try to imagine yourself in that girl's place. Feel the focus, effort and determination that that girl would have put in to help her people and her community. It's a wonderful feeling to know that your boldness is the quality that you are very well known for. "To boldly go" is when you aren't sure of how things are going to turn out, but you are sure that you are going to fight till you reach victory. "To boldly go" is to have self-confidence and lift yourself up every time someone tries to push you down."To boldly go" is to have resilience within yourself and to care not about the ending, but about the effort and participation you've given.

Sometimes, we try our best, and then eventually give up and try to find an easy solution. However, "to boldly go" is to keep trying and not lose hope. It means that you don't care about the audience's comments or disapproval, because you know that what you are doing is right. "To boldly go" is not saying," It's okay if I lose, it really doesn't matter." If you say that, that means you don't have confidence within you, you don't trust yourself. But "to boldly go" is to have that confidence and that trust, and move forward, no matter how long it will take you. " To boldly go" is to be patient with your own emotions and feelings, dealing with them strictly, but gently.

"To boldly go" is to take risks but never, ever give up. "To boldly go" is to face the consequences of your own mistakes and accept them, but standing up for yourself when you've been unnecessarily blamed. Not only yourself, but your loved ones as well. "To boldly go" is to be the one who stands up when everyone else is in hiding. To fight for humanity, however little the number of people it may be, because you know that even the slightest difference should be solved before it ends up being too huge to handle.

Conclusively, "to boldly go" is to be the true hero mentioned earlier. Now, it's all up to you. Do you want "to boldly go"?

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Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:20 pm
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Panda11 wrote a review...

Hello Aady! i see you have written a nice little peace. i find this peace quite nice, i did notice that in the description you said "Do you want to bold go?" And it is "Do you want to Boldly go?"..... and i can see minimal grammar mistakes.... small small things like that. But over all this is an AMAZING peace here. and i am glad that i read it!

Aadygirl says...

Hi Panda11! Thank you for bringing the mistake in the description to my notice. It's been altered. And um... isn't it piece? Just saying ;) You gotta love being a grammar freak! :D

*piece* sorry, don't mean to be a grammar nazi

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Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:43 pm
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Spearhawkdude wrote a review...

This entire essay depended on the first paragraph. That's different, but it could have worked amazingly if the first para. was more describing, you said that we were supposed to feel like we were in her shoes, but the paragraph didn't describe enough about the girl, or even the reason she was afraid of going on stage. This could have been amazing, and the next time you do something like this, put more effort into the first paragraph. But other than that, it was quite good.

Aadygirl says...

Thanks for the advice! :)

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