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In the Arms of a Warlock - Chapter Five

by youngwolf1105

Spoiler! :
This is chapter five, and I've gone really far with this novel. I hope I can post it all on YWS, and this one I am defiantly looking for review, because it's been awhile since I"ve read it and I'm too lazy to read it. :smt024

“What just happened?” I asked Desantheo. I had felt so weak after that ordeal that my knees gave out under me. He helped me to my feet and to my bed before sitting next to me. He’d looked pretty bad too. I snuggled close to him and laid my head on his chest. We both fell backwards and upon the bed. And we just lay there, snuggled close together. Neither of us said anything for a little bit, my question still hanging in the air. Finally, he answered me.

“I have a long story to tell you, that I don’t know if you’re equipped to handle it. I assume you must be, since she chose you. Well, here goes nothing.

“When I was young lad, I lived here in London. But it had been very different back then. It was the year of 1666. I was 18 years old. My father was a doctor, and my mother a fashion designer. We were one of the wealthiest families in London at that time. My father could cure anything you had. Anything at all. Neither I nor my brothers and sisters ever got sick.

“One day, I was walking to the park to read when I was stopped by three lovely women. They had long, curly black hair that they let flow around them, though it wasn’t the fashion that was usually allowed, with beautiful, dark brown eyes. I was so captivated by their appearances that I allowed them to take to me a small pub in the darker part of London. It was named the Black Tavern. I soon realized that I had made a huge mistake. I tried to leave, but two men kept me there. Something inside of me got so mad that the guys holding me died in their spots. I was so astounded. Then I saw that my hands were glowing. Then, there was this intense pain in them. It hurt worse than anything I could have dreamt of. I looked at them once more, and there was a pentagram in the middle of them. It felt like it was searing my skin. But they soon disappeared, along with the pain. I ran out of the pub, scared for my life. But I’d never known exactly what had happened till you found me. The old you, I mean, Maria. She told me what I was, but like you, she didn’t care that I was highly dangerous. And we fell in love.

“It was a Sunday morning, and I was at church. Maria wasn’t there. I went to her house, uninvited which was a big no-no back then, and checked up on her. No one answered and the door was open. So I stepped inside and something didn’t feel right. I ran up the stairs and followed my gut to her room. I knocked upon her door, and there was no answer. So I opened the door. She was laid upon her bed, dead. She’d been stabbed in the stomach three times. But she had been dead long before that. I felt the lingering death spell in the room. She had been murdered by magick. I ran all the way to the police station. I stopped outside the police house. I couldn’t enter for some reason. Then I saw them. They were beautiful, as usual. But their beauty had no effect on me anymore. Because right then and there, I realized that they were the ones who had killed my beloved Maria. Their leader, Scarlet, wanted me as her consort. Apparently she was the murderous, sadistic one. Then there was her twin, Charlotte, who was quiet and did whatever she was told. But get on her bad side, and she would kill you in a heartbeat with her mind. Then there was the other twin, they’re all twins by the way. Her name was Karvina. She was the one that was sweet to look at, but hard to keep up with. She was the only one that was close to normal. The only special thing about her was that she stood up to Scarlet, a lot. But Scarlet couldn’t kill her for it. They all felt each other’s pain. And if one witch twin dies, the others do too.

“Scarlet had this look on her face that said it all. I wanted to slap her so badly. But instead, I made a huge mistake. I asked her how to resurrect Marie. They said I couldn’t, but Scarlet thought it right to give me something else in return. She gave me immortality. I didn’t want it, but she wanted me as her consort, forever. But I refused her, even though she gave me this life. Then, with rage I never knew was possible, she screamed and hurled fire at me. I held up my hand and stopped the fire before it touched my hand. It vanquished in thin air. I left them, running to my home. I’d planned on leaving. I was wealthy, young, and good-looking. It wouldn’t have been hard to find a good woman to settle down with and have kids with and die with. But I remembered that I was immortal. I would never die. It was a depressing thought back then, to never die. Everyone wanted to go to heaven.

“At midnight, I went for a short walk to clear my head. I was walking near Thomas Farriner’s bakery. At first, it was peaceful, until I realized that I was being stalked. I thought it was some beggar, wanting money. So I turned around to see Scarlet, along with the other two. She hurled more fire at me, but this time I dodged and it went inside the bakery. That’s where the fire started and spread west for days. I left them there, disappearing into the night. Did I mention that London used to be a place where all kinds knew of each other? I mean that humans knew of the existence of vampires and werewolves and whatnot. The ones that survived forgot about it all. That’s why everyone believes that there’s no such thing as vampires and werewolves. No one passed on the knowledge. We met shortly after that, to form a truce. She saw that I’d never be hers, or at least that’s what I thought. I thought that she was truly going to leave me and my brothers be. Until I saw them at the theatre last night. It disturbed me, the look that I saw on her face when she saw you. That’s why I never left here. I closed the window, and allowed Callie to see me about to leave, so she’d invite me to sleep upon the couch. I only want to protect you. Will you allow me to do that?” I’d soaked up everything, from the beginning to the end. Surprisingly, I’d still trusted him. I saw his reasons for lying or sleeping on my balcony. But there’d been a question that I just had to ask him.

“Before I answer, I must ask you a question. What exactly does that make you?” I asked with a confidence I didn’t know I had.

“I’m a warlock. But I don’t practice any sorts of magick, really. I only know spells to protect and defend myself and others. Along with a few offense spells, in case I need them. Then, my immortality allows me to have super strength and speed. I don’t know how, but it does.” I waited a minute before answering.

“Yes, I will allow you to protect me. And I want you to know, that I still love you. No matter what has happened in the past. The past is that past, and this is now. You’re a different person. As long I live, I’ll stand by your side.” I said, looking into his eyes. I knew that he’d left out a bunch, but I wouldn’t dare ask about it. I just awaited his answer.

“What if you didn’t have to? Live only one life with me?” Desantheo said carefully. He lifted a hand and brushed away a strand of hair from my face. I thought deeply about my answer. Surely he didn’t expect me to become immortal, like him? Then another voice inside my head I recognized to be Marie’s said that eternity with him would be wonderful. We could out live everyone. Have powers unknown to man and their pathetic little lives. We could have it all. But what if I didn’t want that? And since when, I thought, is the girl in the story ever asked if she wants to be immortal. She just gets her way, though the actual immortal wants her to be human. Then, when actually faced with the question directly, you don’t know what the heck to say. Was one life with him enough? Or was eternity to long with him? How come, the one girl who was is faced with immortality doesn’t know what she wants?

“You can’t expect me to answer too so, can you? It’s a big decision. You must give some me some time.”

“Okay, I will leave and let you think-“

“No! Please don’t leave. Stay here with me, I can still think.” I said, pulling him back down.

“Okay, I will not leave you. I shall lay here in till your answer is clear. Feel no worry of time.” So we lay there, thinking. The whole time we stared into each other’s eyes. I was in such deep thought that I didn’t bother with the necklace, which had stopped burning. It was such a big decision. But I came to my answer.

“Yes, but I would like to wait until I feel ready. And right now, I don’t feel as if I am.” I said carefully, making sure that I didn’t hurt his feelings, I hadn’t.

“Thank goodness, I’m so glad. I really do feel like I’ve known you all my life and I want to know you for the rest of it.” Desantheo said, right before he kissed me. It was exhilarating. It wasn’t sexual, or lustful. But sweet, and knowing. He knew that I had my boundaries. And I knew that he had his. He was old fashioned, like most would be if they came from his era of time. I giggled at the thought. He smiled and pulled away, probably feeling as if we were going too far.

“Shall we join our friends?”

“They’ve already left. They left as I was telling you my life story.”

“They did? Wow, I suppose I was so absorbed in your biography that I hadn’t noticed.”

“I suppose so.” I was still wondering about the things I knew he’d left out, but I didn’t push for information. I knew we had been going very fast, but all that had happened, it had finally made some sense. But we weren’t done. We didn’t know it then, but Scarlet and the triplets were not our main problem.

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Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:16 pm
Kale wrote a review...

Hello there youngwolf1105,

I bet you thought you'd never get a review on this. Well, I'm here to prove you wrong. *insert mad/diabolical/insane laughter/giggles/cackling/whatever here* For too long have works like yours languished unreviewed, and so my comrades and I of the Order of the Knights of the Green Room are here to bring an end to such an ignomiously neglected state of reviewage.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the reviewing!


I will say first-off that your author's note does not inspire confidence in your writing. I mean, you're essentially saying in there that you can't be bothered to read your own writing to make sure it's good. It gets a reader wondering why, if you don't care about your own writing, we should care about it either.

Anyways, I haven't read any of the earlier chapters (that I remember), so if something I point out doesn't make sense because it was already addressed earlier in the story, feel free to disregard it.

My father was a doctor, and my mother a fashion designer.

They had "fashion designer"s in the 1600s? I don't think so.

Then there was the other twin, they%u2019re all twins by the way.

Um, what? The word you want is triplets. Twins are only ever two, and triplets are always three.

It vanquished in thin air.

You mean "vanished".

%u201CYes, I will allow you to protect me. And I want you to know, that I still love you. No matter what has happened in the past. The past is that past, and this is now. You%u2019re a different person. As long I live, I%u2019ll stand by your side.%u201D I said, looking into his eyes. I knew that he%u2019d left out a bunch, but I wouldn%u2019t dare ask about it. I just awaited his answer.

And this was the point you lost me.

Why? Because he's lied to her and stalked her and is still holding information back, and she just trusts him right away, without any doubts or anything? It just doesn't make any sense, especially combined with all the errors. I just can't read any more.

Romance isn't my cup of tea on a good day, and this just makes me flashback horribly to Twilight.

I think the best thing about making it into the quote generator is when nobody tells you, so one day you're just scrolling and voila, some phenomenally inane thing that crawled out of your dying synapses and immediately regretted being born the second it made contact with the air has been archived for all time. Or worse, a remark of only average inanity. Never tell me when you've put me in the generator. Pride-tinged regret just doesn't taste the same without the spice of surprise.
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