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The Next Arthur- Act One

by PersephoneMary

Act One

Scene starts with continual music from previous, displaying scenes of Camelot, its peasant people in their everyday lives, the rivers and streams and forests outside. Then as the music reaches quickening point, a lad of about 18 or 19 runs through the centre of the village, being chased by guards. He carries a bow and arrows are slung over his back. He knocks things over from stalls and he falls a number of times, but eventually loses the guards and scurries his way to a gate where he sneaks past them, out of the city and runs freely across the meadow, heading in the direction of the forest. As the music hits its fastest point a deep masculine voice yells, “ARTHUR!” from the city and on its end the lad runs into a tree, falling on his back.

Arthur: Ow! (He laughs awkwardly before getting up and running a while longer until he is deeper in the forest. Then he sees a movement in the trees and gets down, a stag. He circles it and follows it when it runs. Then he stops, right on a verge and gets his aim right, however before he fires it he notices something just beyond. Music forest calling by Bill Brown begins. He sees a woman with long wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes in a white gown being primed with flowers and being given a hair chain to wear, made of daisies. At the sight of this he leans over the verge slightly but falls down the hill clumsily and the people gathered notice him. Arthur stands up to be surrounded by five men with bows and arrows all pointed at him. Music has ended)

Guard1: Why are you here?

Arthur: I… uh…

Guard2: speak quickly or you will feel the sting of an arrow in your neck.

Arthur: I fell… I was hunting… hunting a stag. (He looks into the distance to see the stag fleeing from the commotion) that one! That you can see… getting away… (His voice trails off and his lips lift in a way resembling anger at himself.)

Guard 1: We shall see.

Aoife: He speaks the truth. (The woman emerges from between the men, with three other women with her.)

Guard2: Princess, you must hurry, the ceremony will begin shortly. There is no need for you to…

Aoife: Either let him go or bring him to my father. But he speaks the truth. Don’t hurt him.

Guard1: Of course Princess. (He turns to address Arthur.) You will come with us. Now.

Arthur: yes alright I’m going, I’m going! (The guards surround him as he follows the woman.)

They go through a thick area of trees before reaching an alcove where music is played (Azam Ali- Lassi pour quoi beginning at 2:52) and many people dance while a row of people sit on wooden thrones at the far end of the alcove. Girls where long dresses, made from brightly coloured, light, floaty fabrics. Everyone is smiling, although the two at the far end of the alcove, who sit on wooden thrones do not seem overly pleased to see Arthur escorted by guards. The music has ended and no more music begins.

Conall: Daughter, you look beautiful.

Govannon: I agree completely, my Lord. Good to see you my lady Aoife [Ave-ah]

Aoife: My Lord, (Aoife curtsies to her father and the young man sitting to his left) A young man was found in the forest. He was hunting and fell off the verge.

Aoife steps out of the way and Arthur is forced to his knees.

Conall: Is this true boy?

Arthur: Yes, sir it is true. I was hunting a stag.

Conall: A little young to be hunting on one’s own is it not?

Arthur: I am near twenty, sir.

Conall: As I said, a little young to be hunting alone.

Arthur: I am expected home soon.

Conall: And where might that be?

Arthur: Camelot.

Conall: I see. (He leans forward) What is your name, boy?

Arthur: Arthur Pendragon.

Conall: Surely you are not the great king Arthur, too few years have you.

Arthur: No, I am his son.

Conall: A second Arthur! (The druid king seems utterly astounded, and vastly amused by this.)

Arthur: Quite. (He says with a little disgust in his voice at being mocked so openly. The people sit around this pedestal the king is seated on and watch intrigued as the scene continues, some whisper amongst themselves.)

Conall: well then young Arthur, (he turns to Aoife) You say he speaks the truth?

Aoife: Yes, my King.

Conall: Well, I suppose you had better be on your way. (He motions with his eyes for the guards to release him, hands on hips as he retakes his seat. The music plays on.) But young prince! (He calls out to Arthur, beckoning him to wait.) You must not tell any of our location, nor must you return. We are not a secretive people per say, we merely like our privacy. I’m sure a young prince such as you will understand.

Arthur: Of course, I will tell no one.

Conall: Then be on your way, Arthur Pendragon. Perhaps our paths will cross again.

Arthur nods awkwardly and quickly strides his way through the crowds of people that have begun to dance once more, looking back only to take a glance at the princess, who had somehow known he was telling the truth, and for some reason everyone automatically believed her.

The camera follows Arthur trek his way breathlessly from the forest, through the meadows until he reaches the back gates of Camelot. When he sees no guards he takes his chance to sneak into the castle but feels a firm hand on his shoulder.Arthur: Oh come on!

Merlin: Your father wishes to speak with you.

Arthur: But I… I just… (he clenches his fists and takes a breath, holding his tongue instead of squealing. Merlin chuckles warmly to himself.)

Merlin: Oh Arthur, one day you will be just like your father. (Arthur scowls.)

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Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:16 am
Kale wrote a review...

Hello there PersephoneMary,

I bet you thought you'd never get a review on this. Well, I'm here to prove you wrong. *insert mad/diabolical/insane laughter/giggles/cackling/whatever here* For too long have works like yours languished unreviewed, and so my comrades and I of the Order of the Knights of the Green Room are here to bring an end to such an ignomiously neglected state of reviewage.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the reviewing!


Now, I generally don't review scripts because I know next to nothing about scripts except that they have a very specific form to them, though I'm not quite sure if this script follows that form. Particularly, the stage direction strike me as being far, far too detailed for a script. All the scripts that I've seen generally have very sparse stage directions, which allows the director to adapt the script to the actors and particular audience more easily.

In any case, the events in this script move very, very fast. Even with the extensive scene descriptions, it felt like the events were rushing past with barely enough time to register. You may want to consider spending a bit more time with each event. For example, some dialogue with the guards that Arthur escapes could help better establish the hunt.

You also have a few typos in here, like a line of dialogue that's merged with a stage direction, as well as a few spelling errors ("per say" should be "per se"). They may seem like little things, but they do add up, and it never hurts to fix them.

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