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The Bought Lover-Mafia Love Story (boyxboy) ch 1

by lovewrite

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

I tell you

What to do

I tell you

Lie instead of true


Trusting you

Was a sin

That's why

I'm caged in


Chapter 1


My heart was the only thing I heard. Strong light blinded me, made it hard to see the faces of the two silhouettes in front of me.

"That´s 500 dollar, sir."

I heard money, getting counted fast.

"So, that´s everything." said another mans voice, deeper then the other.


`What are you doing?´

The words didn´t want to come out.

Both men looked down on me at the little sound I made," Ah, you´re awake, Kyle."

How do you know my name?

The man with deep voice who had said my name looked back at the other," You can leave now."

And the man went without a word.

After the door had closed, the man leaned forward, revealing his face. He held a chain in one hand and pulled it towards him with force. I was dragged closer to him, wondered what had happened.

His black hair was combed backwards. Soft skin that seemed to never had experienced unpleasantness. And brown eyes, filled with desire. His hand moved and took a hold of something around my throat, I realized I wore some sorts of collar and the chain was linked to it.

He pulled me even closer.

"Kyle, now when you´re finally mine, is there some rules that you have to follow if you want to keep your life." he continued without waiting for an answer," One, you obey me. Two, you´ll never say something against me. Three, never mention something of what we do to the police." his voice was cold. The shivers ran down my spine. I felt he was dangerous. The only thing I did was to nod.

A smirk was spread on his face," Good." He turned around," Oh, and when we´re alone I want you to call me Master."

I swallowed. He picked something out of a bag and placed a camera on the night table. Then he turned to me," Hurry up, boy. Take of your clothes."

"What?" he heard my whisper and an eyebrow raised before pulling in the chain.

"Sure, I´ll be more than happy to help you." he went to me, came in picture for the camera, which had a red light glowing, showing it recorded everything. My heart was still when his hands slowly went under my t-shirt," Are you scared?"

I looked away.

"Don´t worry. Feel me." He focused my gaze in his eyes when he took his finger under my chin.

"Who are you?"

"Your Master." he pulled something out of his pocket, "Inhale this." he opened a little gap. He held for my mouth; put the bottle under my nose making me inhale the sweet but sour fragrance. He let go of my mouth.

"What was that?" my head started to spin, and my body was getting warm. The man placed the red bottle on the table, next to the camera, which was recording. The gaze I met showed he was enjoying my unawareness.

"Soon, your body will feel really good." he said softly. My whole body shook as his hands slowly slid under my T-shirt," Lift your arms," I did as he said, he pulled the T-shirt over my head. My whole body felt like it was on fire where he touched me.

"Look at that, the drug seems to act rather quickly." he chuckled when he saw that my eyes were filled with desire. His hand was laid on my jeans, on my growing cock underneath it. He leaned forward. Whispered in my ear," Or are you just that sensitive?"

My body was heavy, my head was a completely mess, "S-stop it." I pleaded.

He pulled in the chain," I own you, remember?" his voice made my body grow weak, "You obey me now."


The chain that now was stuck to the bed, vibrated on every movement I made. My body was on fire and every second was filled with unbearable pleasure as well as pain. My naked body was completely exposed in front of the camera and the man, gazing at me, even if it was from afar, my body felt it.

"You just need to say it." he reminded, with a voice that had the patient of forever.

With eyes of longing after freedom, I glanced over at him. It seemed like he had no intention of letting me go.

"P-Please, Master-" my words was forced out from my slightly open mouth," Touch me... Make me yours."

With those words, he seemed satisfied. With just a few steps he was at my side, looking down on me. My breath turned into silent moaning, that amused him.

He took of his clothing in front of the camera without hesitation and threw them on the floor. He had the eyes of someone who had the power to take, do, whoever, whatever he wanted.

He bent down, took hold of my jaw, forced me to look at him. Before he pressed our lips together, into a soft kiss with a taste of cigarette. It was my first. Even when I had my eyes closed, I could feel him making holes through my soul with his gaze. My hands sought after something to take a hold of, the only thing they found was the white sheet.

He stopped the kiss. His hands, now friendlier than before, pressed me down on the bed. Holding on the place where he could feel my heart beat. He smirked, " I´ll make you cry out. Scream until you have no voice left." his words whispered in my ear with a dark but soft tone. I forgot about the camera. And let him sweep me into the pleasure and pain of feeling loved for one night.


When I woke up, then man was gone. But I didn´t care. My throat was free from the collar, but it still felt hard to breath. The bed creaked when I moved to the bedside. Slowly, as if I was going to step on glass, I sat down my foot on the floor. I quickly collected my clothes, but stopped after hearing sound from the bathroom that caught my attention.

Suddenly the man got out from the room. It took me a while to realize that he just had a thin towel around his waist. His very good built made me blush in embarrassment. I pulled the clothes tighter to my chest, trying to hide my body from being exposed. He smirked at my reaction," You know," He walked over to me," I´ve already seen everything I need to see." he laughed. Making me grow even redder. I turned around, didn´t want him to see my embarrassed face. But he made it worse when he got behind me and laid his arms around my small body.

"Next time, let me fuck you more, harder, faster."

He was clearly enjoying this...

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Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:04 pm
niteowl wrote a review...

Hi there lovewrite and welcome to YWS!

First off, as a moderator of the site, I have to say that the rating was a bit low, so I edited it. We don't change or censor literary works, but we do have a wide age range so we ask that things be rated appropriately. The use of the f-word and the sexual content bump it to an 18+ rating in our system. No big deal, just wanted you to know that.

Now, on to the piece itself.

I tell you

What to do

I tell you

Lie instead of true

Just a grammar thing here--"Lies instead of truth" would be more correct for the last line. I like the idea of opening with a poem, though.

Now, I'll be honest with you: I'm not positive what this story is intended to be, so it's difficult to offer comments. Is it supposed to be pure erotica (i.e. sex with minimal story) or is there supposed to be a plot that the sex/romance works into? If the former, then that's fine, but this site may not be the best platform, as we have a lot of younger members (we range in age from 9 to mid-20's), so you might not get the feedback you desire.

However, I do believe this scene could be worked into a larger story, but it seems like a bit much for Chapter 1. The scenario is rather implausible, so some more buildup would help make it more believable so it advances the story.

A better starting point might be Kyle's descent into this shady underworld. What did he do/say that lead to this capturing? How did he catch the attention of his "Master"? Was there some prior interaction between them? Even a pure romance novel doesn't start straight into the juicy stuff. There's a buildup, an anticipation, a plot that exists primarily to heighten the tension between the characters. A few chapters of buildup makes that first encounter all the more satisfying.

Overall, I'd think about what direction you're taking this story, then develop the plot to put this scene a bit further in. Keep writing! :)

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Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:59 am
Dreamy wrote a review...

Look who is here to review :P Hi~

Okay, with your "Mafia Love" title I expected something dark, but definitely not darker like this.I liked what you said in here,not very descriptive and exposive of the dirtier things but cold vibe lingered in the air of how bad the situation was. You really pulled it out well. And that little poem in the beginning was really good. And I really liked, it gave me a dark feeling. I found very few mistakes, let me point it out.

It got shivers start running down my spine.

You can rewrite it as," The shivers ran down my spine"
I guess that's all I could find, because you were good in what you did! :) I'm looking forward to more of this chapters. Keep up your good work!

Keep writing!!!

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