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Pokemon Ultimate Evoultion Season 2, Episode 6, Shader's Bait

by dark

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language, violence, and mature content.

"I'm still not buying what you're saying, Donna." Jason said, crossing his arms. "If Ryan was taken to another world, or Alex's personal little forest, can't he just escape from it?"

"Is not that easy, kid. There's a bunch of crazy things that have to be done for Ryan to escape. The only way I got out is through Alex. It's either you have to destroy all of his power sources."

"What are the sources?"

"Well, I don't remeber off the top of my head, but I know one is the mansion's grandfather clock, the generator at the back of the mansion, and something else..." Donna said as she continued to twirl her hair. "It might have been something that was under the mansion. I'm still not sure."

"Well, how are we going to get this information to Ryan?" Cristina interrupted. "Unless someone can get in there and find Ryan, then the chances of him actually being able to destroy that place is very slim."

"The only way for one of us to get there is for Alex to take you there...." Donna's frown twisted into a wicked grin. "I think we could trick him into it."

"How?" Jason asked.

"Cristina, he's only going to come after you."

"Me? Why?!"

"According to him, the dreams of little girls are the tastiest of them all. He's not going to be able to resist you."

"N-no. I'm doing that!" Cristina exclaimed. "I'm not going to let some perveted freak take me to his insane little home."

"Do you want to help your brother or not?!" Donna yelled.

"Of course I do, but I still don't trust you. How do I know you don't still want me dead?"

"I don't give a crap about that anymore. Okay, I trapped you in a shop with a bunch of misfit toys, sent my pets to try and attack you, and even went as far to ally with a bloodthirsty, creepy, perveted ghost type freak, just so I could get close enough to catch you by suprize give you a punch in the face." Donna explained. "Yeah! That did all just happen, and I feel really bad about it! That's why I want to help you now! Yes, I know it's very sudden and hard to believe but I'm telling you the truth about all of this!"

"No need to scream, Donna. Huh, you really do have the attitude of a moody 17 year old girl." Jason snickered.

"I am 17, kid."

"Really? I guess Ryan was serious when he told me that you made yourself look 30."

"Can we get back on topic here?!" Cristina interrupted once more.

"Right." Donna nodded. "So, we'll need to have you asleep and alone in a short time, Cristina, that is, if you're willing to go through with it."

Cristina thought for a moment and let out a long sigh.

"If it's for the one person who's given me more than anybody else in this world ever could in such a short time, then I'll do it. Just remeber your dead if you're lying to us."

"I promise, I'm giving you my word." Donna pulled a tiny vial with a black fluid inside of it from her back pocket. "This should help speed things up a bit."

"What is it?" Cristina asked, taking it into her hands.

"It's a little something I learned to make from my mentor, Tracey Davis. I guess you could say she's some kind of magical witch who makes potions hahahaha! This one in particular induces drowsiness. Since you're a child and this small dose is meant for someone my age, it should make you fall asleep almost instantly. It's very powerful, mind you."

"That's good actually. The faster I can get to Ryan, the better. I just hope it doesn't make me feel extremely sick."

"It won't, I promise. Tracey made extra sure that this thing had no side affects, other than a harmless quirk of not being able to sleep for a day or two after it wears off."

"Wait," Jason spoke out. "Does this mean that Cristina will have to find Ryan before it wears off?"

"No, don't worry. She's gonna wake up after Alex takes her. That's just how that place of his works. Even after drinking that, you won't be able to fall asleep while inside of that place for almost four days."

"Oh, well good." Jason sighed. "Well, Cristina, I hope you're ready."

"I hope I am too..."

Cristina walked up to the bedroom and lie down on top of a bed after drinking the mysterious fluid. "At least it tasted sweet and not like some disgusting liquid." She thought.

Her eyes shut very quickly after she rested herself on the bed. She was soundly asleep a few seconds after.


"Gah, that damn spider is teamed up with Ryan!?" Alex said, angrily. "Damn, I was sure he would at least slow him down. Unbelievable. It's my fault for trusting this with a married 10 year old." He contained to stare at the cracked monitor that viewed what a hidden camera was projecting. "I'll need to send out the Shaders hopefully they'll be able to slow him down..." Alex stopped to smell the air around him. He instantly started to drool and he shifted into his maniacal nature.

"What is that delicious smell?!!" His eyes flashed red as recognized the scent in the air. "Oh yes... I finally get to get closer to that little girl. Mwhuhuhu..."

He quickly phased over to Cristina, who's dream was giving off the scent. He placed his hands on her neck and phased back to the mansion's monitoring room. As quickly as he could, he shackled her wrist to to the wall and let her dangle off of the ground.

Alex stood close to her and just stared at her body until she began to wake.

"Well well, look who's waking up?" He snarled.

"Dang, so much for that plan." Cristina yawned with heavy eyes. "What exactly do you want?"

"Isn't it obvious? I wanted your dreams sweetheart. And now that your here, I finally get to taste them. And maybe if I have the time, I'll get to toy around with you."

"I'm already awake, so you're too late."

"Oh hohoho, not just yet, cutie. You don't know this, but dreams can persist for a very long time after you wake up from them. And since you don't have Ryan to protect you now, you and your dreams are all mine."

"You're a sick freak, you know that?!" Cristina snapped. "Who are you!?!"

Alex placed a finger on her lips.

"Shh, don't speak little girl. The less you squirm, the easier it is for me to devour your delicious, withering dream." He pulled his finger off of her lips and licked it. "Hmm, just as tasty." His quickly shifted into a pure shadow and jumped onto Cristina's head. He started at the monitor and sighed. 10 shadow figures split off of his shadow body and quickly morphed into exact clones of himself.

"Shader's, you know what to do. And I swear, if any of you touch this girl you'll going to answer to me." His voice yelled. In his Shadow form, Alex instantly became apart of the mansion, and its voice. "Now hurry up and dispose of Ryan Spakrer! If you need me, I'll be enjoying a sweet feast, mwhuhuhu..."

Alex slithered into Cristina's mind, causing her to scream as loud as she could from the unexplained pain. The Shader's watched for a moment and looked at each other.

"Master Shader is having the time of his life." They all said at the same time. "Ugh, but... We have to get this done before we can have our share of the fun. Let's move.." They all phased out of the room, leaving Cristina to all alone with her audible sobs.


I held Gavin's Krystal Ball in my hands as I readied myself to slide down the gaping hole Gavin had first crawled out of. I couldnt go up the stairs in the center of the hall because of their extremely fragile state. I stopped to listen for any other sounds before I leaped into the hole.

The murky opening in the earth was clearly a temporary home for Gavin and Jillian, as there was a ton of webbing smacking into my face as I neared the bottom. I quickly hopped the away from the wall of the hole and landed in some kind of dark room. I tore all of webs pff of my clothes and clicked the button on the Krystal Ball to let Gavin out.

"What's this place?" I asked.

Gavin didn't here me because he was busy sleeping. I plucked him on the head to wake him up.

"What was that for, sir?" He asked as he quickly woke up.

"I was asking you if you knew what this place was."

"Oh. I'm not real sure. I think it's around where that ghost guy lives."

"Speaking of him, why was his blood on the glass door?"

"Oh, Jillian beat the crap outta him a while ago. She's not a spider that you'd want to take on. That is unless you knew you could beat her. Did it catch your eye?"

"Yeah, I thought that Alex was at home and protected here, so it was odd for me to see evidence of him getting injured."

"That makes sense. You know he got beat really bad. And after he was limping to get away. You know because he was beaten and all, and some body came to get him."

"Who?" I asked with a puzzled look. "There's other people here."

"I think so. The thing is theat the other guy and him looked exactly the same, like it was a clone of him."

"He his a ghost so maybe he can creat clone of himself using shadows. I have no ideas why he'd want to do that though."

"Me neither. I remeber them talking about having a mass feed. They eat dreams right?"

"Yeah, they do."

"Yeah, yeah, so they he might have made them so they could all eat someone dreams and then when they merged back together, he cloud taste all of the dreams they ate!"

"Ugh," I groaned. "He's a Gengar, so it wouldn't surprize me if he goes out of his way just to eat dreams more efficiently."

We started walking together down one of the eight long, dark corridors at the bottom of the hole. It was decorated with red lights that were planted deep into its sides, giving the corridor an ominous, fight scarlet hue.

"Crazy, crazy guy, sir. How do you know him?" Gavin asked, walking along side me.

"Long story short, he pretended to be my cousin so he could learn more about me and possibly my weaknesses. Now that he's revealed his plans, I have to dispose of him."

"Oh, cool! What are your weaknesses?!"

Heh heh, this kid is really funny. Out of all of that, he only payed attention to the weakness part.

"I don't know, Gavin. I most likely don't have any weaknesses, and if I do, I don't know what they are."

"Wow, you must be pretty badass."

"More or less." I chuckled. We reached the end of the corridor, but there was nothing at the end. "Let's check to other hallways, there's nothing here."

As I turned around I heard a long, low growl in my ear, and a very familiar voice.

"Oh, Ryan, you're wasting your time."

Alex... He's trying to taunt me isn't he? Hmm hmm hmm, let's see how he'll decide to go.

"Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, you're anxious to find Alex, aren't you? Well I hope you don't rush yourself. The master is busy snacking on your hot little sister's dreams. I hope he doesn't take it all for himself."

"What? Hmm, there's no way he could know about her, they haven't even met her.." I whispered to myself.

"What's that, sir?" Gavin spoke out.

"Nothing, stay here. There's a chance we won't have to check the other hallways after all."

"Umm, okay than, sir."

I spun around a punched the wall behind me. It shattered quickly and lie on the ground in front of me, now as crumbled rubble. Behind the wall was the rest of the corridor. I saw 11 brief flashes of figures that looked identical to Alex, before they phased into the walls.

"Gavin, I need you inside. I things might get real lively around her." I said, holding the his Krystal Ball in front of him.

"Okay, sir. Hope everything goes well." He tapped the Krystal Ball with his forehead and let it absorb him. I stuffed it in my pocket and slowly made my way down the remainder of the corridor.

The mysterious figures silently snaked up behind me in the forms of shadows and slugged me to the ground all at once.

Rr!! I actually felt that...

The shadows rose up out of the ground and took the form of Alex once more.

"Oh, you seem to be a little hurt, Sparkey." One of them sneered. "Would you like us to help you?" The rest of them on me to keep me on the ground.

The one standing alone was the true Alex.

"I see you've already met the shaders, Sparkey. GAH! Will you ever quit?!" He yelled. "I cannot even devour your little sister's dreams without having to keep an eye on you myself. How rude of you to just storm into my home and expect me to let you kill me."

"Well, you haven't been real nice yourself, Alex. Tell me, how exactly did her dream taste?" I asked, thinking he was bluffing

"Like a heavily frosted cake with smooth and creamy vanilla filling..." He said, licking his lips of the remaining essence of the dream. "Smoother than her skin. Its as if you don't believe me." He materialized a tablet monitor out of the darkness around him, and turned the screen to show me. On it was Cristina hanging by her hand. I soon realized that he was actually speaking the truth. I tried my best to not release my rage too early. It was better for me to bottle it all up until I only had Alex to deal with.

"Hmm, this isn't too good is it. Ah well, time to get serious."

I took advantage of the Shaders growing tired as sprang up from underneath them. The surge of electricity I expelled destroyed them completely, making them return to their shadow forms and absorb back into Alex's body.

"Oh no..." Alex whispered before speedily phasing away. The tablet in his hands fell to the ground and burst into a tiny cloud of dark, murky mist.


Cristina struggled to free herself from the shackles on her wrist. All she could do was cut and scrap her wrist from the rusty metal they were made out of. She ceased her struggle and continued to hang there in silence. Her face was stained with dried tears. She turned her head to the wall when she heard Alex phasing though it.

"Hey, did you miss me?" Alex said, coming through the wall.

"You already know the answer to that..."

"Aw, don't be some glum." He rubbed a palm on her cheek.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Cristina asked, angrily.

"Hey, I didn't know that it would hurt you if I fed on your dream while you were awake." He explained. "I'm truly sorry."

"Well, if you really didn't know, than I forgive you for that, but I'll never forgive you for trapping me here like your slave, I mean come on, if you really like the way I look so much, you could at least tell me your name first, I don't even know you."

"It's Alexander Shader, But that's not important.?! And only humans had slaves, and they don't exist anymore. You.. Heh heh... You are just on display. I would keep you for a little bit longer and enjoy the company of a hot little girl like yourself, but I can't risk firering up your brother's rage."


"Exactly. Ryan is like a ticking time bomb, only he can control when he explodes. That is, if things don't get too crazy on his side. Unfortunately, he now knows that you're here now, which mean that he's getting closer to releasing his rage that he's had bottled up for so long...

"Ha!" Cristina exclaimed. "There no way you're going to survive this. Your chances are even slimmer because you're afraid aren't you!?"

Alex, couldn't stand Cristina being right about his fear. He slapped her as hard as he could, leaving a sharp red mark on her face.

"SHUT UP LITTLE GIRL!!!!" Alex screamed, his body transforming into a deep black shadow and his stuck with the red hue. "YOU'RE LUCKY THAT YOU'RE GOOD LOOKING, OR YOU WOULD BE DEAD RIGHT HERE!!!"

Cristina shook with a rage of her own while Alex stared at her while her head was down.

".... Don't you EVER touch me again." She growled.

"As if you could do anything to stop me. Even if you were to get free and attack me, you can't touch me while I'm in this form, you stupid fool."

Cristina lifted her head and stared at him with the eyes of a true Zekroa. They were deep black with a blood red ring in the center of them. Cristina roared uncontrollably as loud as she could and took a sharp bite out of Alex's wrist with her teeth that were mysteriously growing to match mine.

Alex screamed from the pain and quickly reacted by slamming the back of her head on the wall and knocking her unconscious. He pulled his wrist out of her mouth and backed up against the monitors, shaking with extreme fear.

"T-T-That should... Should not have been possible.... How did she do that? No, no, no, no, no, if she could do that... I have to escape... I have to...

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41 Reviews

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Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:21 am
TwinkleStar wrote a review...

Hey! Nice chapter. I could sense the intensity of your characters' emotions. It has become even more intense. The best part about the whole chapter is Alex. The way you portray this character seems to be perfect and fits the scenes. The way he licks his fingers, just like someone abnormal, someone creepy. His dialogues, his actions, when he was talking about Ryan being a bomb that explodes. He tries to keep his cool. Compared to all the villains that you've previously had, this one is the best at portraying his hatred and malice towards Ryan. Also showing fully his dirty thoughts and nature to the readers.

Apart from that, I liked the entire scenario with Christina hesitating to go help her brother at first which is quite predictable as she hasn't quite yet gained her confidence. I like how you completely turn the conversation around when she thinks about her brother and what he has done for her after which she agrees.

It is quite scary when you think about Donna carrying something so affective in sending people to sleep, she could rob the wealthiest person's house with this. Even though she clearly stated that she doesn't have any evil intentions towards anyone anymore, you've still managed to make her seem scary. Which is good. Had she completely been jolly, that would have been abnormal. =P

Again, I have to say that the parts with Alex were pretty good. And that you ended with an awesome cliff hanger. Finally, it seems that Christina might gain her confidence, when she gains consciousness again, that is. I am itching to find out how Ryan will get out of this one because this is the longest you've let them cope with a problem. (Don't stop now)

Good luck on the next chapter, and as always, keep it up! =]

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1313 Reviews

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Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:54 pm
Hannah wrote a review...

Ohhh yay! Girl power! Haha. You are pretty much a master at choosing where to end your chapters at. This is another awesome cliff hanger: we want to know if Cristina can finish Alex off all on her own and prove that she doesn't really need to be taken care of, that she's more of a partner. That's what I'd like to see. She has the same power as Ryan. I hope she realizes that!

Now, what is not so clear and awesome to me is what Alex's plan is. In order for him to be a good villain that we're scared of or that seems like a threat, he has to be competent and maybe have a plan of how to take Ryan down. I think he had a general plan -- get him to the mansion -- but from his actions after that, he seems kind of scatter brained and distracted. One moment he's watching on the screen, the next he phases in to taunt Ryan which seems to have no point, and the next he's back with Cristina to get bitten. What did he want to do originally? How did he think he would defeat Ryan originally? I think if the reader knew this, they'd be able to either root for Ryan to avoid all the traps OR be able to watch and see how bad Alex fails compared to his plan. Something you might consider!

I did like, however, that Gavin was a necessary character. I liked that he could give advice and root for Ryan and participate more than being some quiet pokemon stuck in a pokemon ball. We haven't yet seen his wife, right? Haha, there's even more girl power. Maybe Alex's weakness is in fact his love for pretty sweet girls, and because of that, they can more easily destroy him! YAY!

I'll see you at the next installment.
Be sure to PM me if you have any questions or comments about my reviews, dark.
Thanks, good luck, and keep writing!

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213 Reviews

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Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:05 am
dark says...

Now it's actually done now. :pirate3:
I bet none of you where expecting that ending now where you?

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241 Reviews

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Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:52 pm
Jonathan wrote a review...

Hello dark. Jonathan here with another review for your amazing story. I hope it helps.

I think you may have to much punctuation in this chapter sometimes that is a good thing but sometimes it is not so good.

you wrote:or Alex's person little forest,
Um... this does not make sense at all, are you trying to say "or Alex's personal little forest,"?

you wrote: I trapped you in a shop with a a bunch of misfit toys,
To many A's.

There were a few other mistakes but overall this was great even though I feel sorry for Cristina who I am guessing is going to be saved by Ryan.

Something a bout this chapter I think you rushed it a little maybe I would advise you to take more time and to look through it when you have finished writing it THEN publish it, I'm just saying that it might help.

Keep writing.


dark says...

Wait, wait. How is this published!?? I never published and I don't even have the points for that to happen, I'm nowhere near done with this.

Jonathan says...

Sorry I thought it was published I never could have noticed that it was not though.

I love how we all band together to break things...
— Kelpies