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An Attempted Speedrun At Drawing Album Covers

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Tue Aug 16, 2022 11:20 pm
Kelisot says...

Morseland E.P.

An Extended Plan I plan on releasing soon, and this is its current WIP progress (might have to upgrade it), and as you might've guessed, this was quite inspired by Camellia's Cyphisonia E.P. lmfao.

Morseland E.P. has a theme of "cryptic" and "mystery" in some and most of its songs, as seen with a monolith with encrypted letters as the album (it's decodable too!).

One of its songs, "Wrathful Wraith" is a Camellia-inspired song of Ghost! Its melodies are different, so it isn't considered as plagiarism (I hope I don't get in trouble or anything...).
I like Gabber. I recommend that you should also listen to it.


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