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Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:46 am
DivinePrincess says...


In this Storybook, I really wanted to capture the impression of greed and lust. But then, I thought again. Celebrities experience this often, whereas normal people have trouble grasping the term greed. Lust on the other hand is something that everyone can experience, but mostly normal people urging to catch the attention of someone that barely even knows who they are. So, instead of grasping the ideas of greed and lust, I have decided to focus more on what two traits they both can relate to: Jealousy and Sabotage.

Let’s imagine you were famous. People know who you are, almost too well. Your face is all over the internet, and one step out of the house into the paparazzi is a normal morning. You have personal trainers, infinite connections, and most of all: FAME.

I want you to create a character and give them a famous profession. Whether it’s an athlete, actress, or singer… I want you to be creative. Let’s create a world together where we can live through these characters. Let’s be famous for a little, shall we?

Here’s what I want you to fill out regarding your character:

Code: Select all
Age (20-30):
Profession (SInger, Athlete, Movie Star, Etc.... Be Creative):
Appearance (Please add photo and description):

I'm looking for the minimum of 5-6 people, so please reserve a spot in the DT!

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