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Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:54 pm
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Sheyren says...

Classified: Document 37

"Can you see this symbol?

If you can, report to District E, 1822, tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. EST."

You could always see the symbol, and it was always in your mind. Doodles on your homework, designs in your sketches, and so on. No one else ever saw it. You asked about it, but they simply thought your imagination was vivid. And you always assumed it was connected to your psychic ability. Maybe you could bend metal with your mind. Or hover in the air. Or enhance your vision. No one believed you, and eventually you began to believe them. It was all in your head. There was never any magic to it. Don't be foolish. This isn't some children's show. Grow up.
19 years old. You've been suppressing your ability for 19 years, and you've almost forgotten about the symbol. But then you see the ad in the newspaper. You see the symbol, and the ad implied there were more like you. You've always wanted to find people like you. And so you go to District E, 1822. It may have been the among the most dangerous slums in New York City, but you were willing to take a risk.
That's when you meet him. Leon Eberhardt. He tells you about Project 37, the scientific experiment that created your psychic power. He tells you that there are more like you, including himself. You find out about his sister, who's been taken prisoner by Luyse Corporations for trying to make the truth public. He asks for your help. You hesitate. Going against Luyse Corporations? They control everything. How could someone oppose Luyse Corporations. But before you can think anymore about it, you say yes. You'll be able to freely use you powers, he says. Why shouldn't you help people like you?
You expected that one "yes" to be life-changing, but you had no idea just how drastically it would rewrite your life.

Rules and Info

- This is set in the year 2047. Keep that in mind when writing your character. If you wield a weapon, it has to be a gun or a knife, not a classical Scottish claymore or a Japanese katana.
- Everyone has two abilities, both similar. The first is the weaker one, and the one you'll have from the beginning of the story. The second you'll "unlock" throughout the course of the story, and is much stronger. You cannot have both abilities unlocked, and the first can't be particularly powerful.
- This is not supposed to be a fantasy story, so please keep your magic within the realm of grunge sci-fi. If you want to be an element bender, be a metal bender, not a water bender. Healing magic is off-limits. Likewise, two characters cannot have the same magic. Electricity bending and technology manipulation are off limits.
- Be prepared to write cooperatively. That's what makes storybooks fun.
- I don't want the pace of this storybook to be too hectic, and so it won't be. You can join, even if you live a busy life. Slow-burning candles light the room for longer anyway.

Character Template:
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[b]First Ability[/b]
[b]Second Ability:[/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] (Keep it short, and use your first post to establish it in more detail.)
[b]Brief History:[/b] (The keyword is "brief".)
[b]Other:[/b] (Optional)
"Also #2:
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"I give you permission to use 'Sheyster. Sheyfia. Shey Boss. Don Shey.' as a signature quote. XD
- BrumalHunter"

- AstralHunter

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— John Patrick, The Curious Savage