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Bib Lit Survey

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:59 pm
Cole says...


For my Bible Lit class, I need to ask people a few questions for a survey:

1) Have you read the entire Bible?

2) What is your favorite Biblical story?

3) What book in the Bible do you think is most important?

4) Which book/story in the Bible do you think has the strongest moral lesson?

5) What Biblical story (or stories) do you think end up as allusions in movies, books, or music the most?

Answer honestly please. Thanks : )

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:08 pm
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Snoink says...

1) Not yet. Close though! :)

2) I love 1 Samuel 3 to the point where the next book I am writing will likely be based on that scene.

3) The gospels. There's a lot of overlap here, so I can't really choose. But they pretty much transformed Western Civilization, so let's give them some credit!

4) David and Bathesheba and that whole mess. Also, I think I am going to throw all the psalms that David wrote during this too. It was altogether a fiasco.

5) Probably the parts where it deals with Hell. There's a lot of Faustian tales about.
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Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:27 am
Cole says...

Thanks Snoink,

You're the only one that has answered so far : )

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Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:36 pm
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BlueAfrica says...

1) No, but I'm in the process. A very slow process. Each year at the silence retreat I go to, I read a new book. So far I've read Genesis through Leviticus, plus the Book of Ruth (because it's so short and I saw an opera about it and then wanted to read it), whichever of the Gospels is first, and then I skimmed the other Gospels and read the stories that were not present in the first Gospel.

2) I like any story about Jesus and his teachings, just because he was all about loving your neighbor with no stipulations. There was no, "Love your neighbor - unless he's gay," "love your neighbor - unless she's had an abortion," "love your neighbor - unless he's a drug addict." None of that. He just said, "Love your neighbor." So I really like reading/hearing about him and his teachings, I don't even need to hear about his miracles, just all the goodness he did and inspired.

3) For Christians, the Gospels SHOULD be the most important (obviously if you're Jewish, well, you have the Torah, but as far as I know that is made up of the Old Testament, so in that case some book in the Old Testament is more important), but I notice that when Christians are being close-minded or judgemental or are trying to gain religious support for their causes, they go back to the Old Testament and pretty much ignore Jesus' messages....

4) I think...well, I don't know how much you'd call it a moral message or what you consider a moral message, but I love the story about Jesus meeting Mary Magdalene, where the people are going to stone her and Jesus says, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It's all about not judging others because you've sinned yourself, and it's okay that you've sinned as long as you're not hypocritical and you don't condemn others when you're a sinner yourself, and as long as you truly repent.

(Someone at a university I was thinking of going to - it was a terribly expensive university, though - wrote a short story about that, but their story was from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, which was cool.)

5) I think the story of original sin is alluded too a lot - there's a lot of mention of apples and temptation, etc, etc. I mean, the cover of Twilight IS an apple with a bite taken out of it. (I'm not a fan, though I don't HATE those books. I just happen to know what's on the cover. I was unimpressed with the writing starting with the climax or lack thereof in the first book. Also, as one of my friends said, Twilight is abstinence porn.)

I also agree with Snoink that hell is mentioned a LOT (would you include just the word "hell," as a swear word, as an allusion? if someone says "damn you to hell," anyway?)

OH, and David and Goliath is alluded to a lot - it's the story of the underdog, right? Which is a very popular idea, and often they actually do make mention of either David or Goliath, if not both.

So I hope that all helped, and I would like to say, thanks for doing this on here, because honestly it made me stop and think about being Catholic and about the Bible. Which I should think about more often. :)


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Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:14 am
AlfredSymon says...

Al here for an interview! Lemme give you quick answers!

1.) Not yet. I read based on a Biblical calendar which says which verses are to be read. It'll be a long time before I can read the whole library (Yes, the Bible is a library).

2.) Not exactly a story on itself, but I do love the story told by 'Song of Songs', 'Psalms' and 'Proverbs' which can be considered poetic rather than story-told. The story I like best, I think, is 'Sermon on the Mount'. Something like that. I runs from Matthew chapters 5-7, if I can remember correctly.

3.) The Gospels ARE the most important books. They contain the most important stories and facts from Jesus' times. Out of the 4, Matthew's and Mark's works are, in my opinion, more important above the two. Although, in retrospect, every book in the Bible is important and should be put to heart.

4.) The Gospel of Matthew contains a lot of parables told by Jesus in his time.

5.) Revelations. Actually, this book can be considered as one story itself because it focuses on one topic, the end of the world. This particular topic is discussed in a lot of movies like 2012, the most recent. By far, though, Armageddon and Knowing seems to be loosely based in the book.

I hope I helped! And I also hope I'm not to late with my Homework Help!

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