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Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:00 pm
noha2004 says...

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first thermal energy(heat energy) :smt004
At its most basic level, thermal energy is energy in motion, which is known as kinetic energy. This energy is created from the movement of atoms and molecules. Although invisible to the naked eye, these particles constantly move and generate energy.The faster they are moving, the more thermal energy they possess.Thermal energy is also related to the temperature of an object.particles move faster at higher temperatures and motion increases so thermal energy increases.Adding ice to a glass of water causes the temperature of the water to decrease because the thermal energy in the water causes the ice to melt.
The joule is the unit used to measure thermal energy.

second chemical energy :mrgreen:
Chemical energy is the potential energy stored in the arrangement of atoms within molecules.
Examples include batteries, food, gasoline, and etc.. Basically, any compound contains chemical energy that can be released when its chemical bonds are broken. Any substance that can be used as a fuel contains chemical energy. Examples of matter containing chemical energy include:food - digested to convert chemical energy into other forms of energy used by cells.wood - combustion reaction converts chemical energy into light and heat.

third electrical energy :smt020

Electrical energy is a form of energy resulting from the flow of electric charge. It is also moving of electrons particles of atoms which have negative charge.Electrical energy may be either potential energy or kinetic energy, but it's usually encountered as potential energy, which is energy stored due to the relative positions of charged particles or electric fields.When our bodies break down food to produce ATP energy, our bodies convert the ATP energy into electrical energy. The electric charges move through our special nervous system cells to make our heartbeat.

fourth sound energy :smt020
Sound energy is a form of energy related with the vibration of matter. The SI unit of sound energy is the joule (J). Sound is a mechanical wave .A vibrating drum in a disco transfers energy to the room as sound. Kinetic energy from the moving air molecules transfers the sound energy to the dancers eardrums. Notice that Kinetic (movement) energy in the sticks is being transferred into sound energy.

fifth light energy :r2d2
Light energy is a kind of kinetic energy with the ability to make types of light visible to human eyes. Light travels in the form of a wave when it travels. However, no matter is essential to carry the energy along to travel. This is the reason why light can travel through space where there is no air. This is not the case with sound waves since they have to travel through solids, liquids or gas. Light energy is very quick and travels faster than anything. The light speed is equal to 186,282 miles per second.

sixth nuclear energy :smt023
Nuclear comes from changes in nucleus of an atom.Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat. All that power and potential from a tiny atom.In other words, we get the most useable energy from smaller amounts of nuclear energy sources. Examples of Nuclear Energy:A fission reaction at a nuclear power plant provides enough energy to give electricity to large cities.

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