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Is time travel possible?

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:34 pm
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Po5eidon says...

I need some of your opinions: If it is, isn't or if you are not sure

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Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:58 am
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zaminami says...

No. To make a time machine, you would need to suck up all of the resources in the world. That's just not possible. It might even extend to various planets and drain those resources out as well. It's just not done.

But check out this article by NASA. You might like it.
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:22 am
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alliyah says...

Time Travel, ah a fascinating subject.

Well, I can tell you, with 100% certainty it is not only possible but I have have accomplished it! As I started writing this comment it was precisely 9:14 pm February 11, 2018 according to my computer, but by the time I click "submit" it will be closer to 9:20 pm (February 11, 2018). I have confirmed this with not only my computer, but my phone and alarm clock to make sure. This is pretty much a regular occurrence for me actually. Unfortunately, I have not yet came to an explanation for why it occurs. But every day, the same thing happens, time moves forward, and I travel forward with it.

I wake up. Time passes. I do something else. Time passes.

For instance, I might wake up at 8:00 am on one day, only to find that in about 60 second I've traveled forward to a completely different time - 8:01 am, same day.

I'm not sure how many others experience this sort of time travel. But generally I would say that it's not only an interesting phenomenon, but a good one. I can't imagine being stuck in the same time for all of eternity. It would be very strange indeed. I hope that answers your question. I hope to chat again, only... in another time!

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:36 pm
Mathy says...

Is backward time travel possible? Maybe. If our actions are burned into the quantum foam as we perform them than yes, but otherwise no. We could not travel to the future or change the future. We could only revisit past events and see what caused us.

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:01 pm
Feltrix says...

Like @izanami said, I suspect a time machine isn't possible. You don't necessarily need a time machine to time travel, however. Wormholes, for example, are completely possible and could allow time travel. Black holes warp spacetime around them, so I don't know if you could actually travel through time this way, but you could affect your passage through it.
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Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:28 pm
bhargav says...

it isnt. its only possible for one dimensional objects, like photons and electrons.

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Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:00 pm
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Zolen says...

Well now. That is a question for the ages.

The correct answer is, we do not know.

We know we can move forward in time. A mixture of motion, gravity, and special rules of relitivity make that easy to spot.

Say you are moving near the speed of light, time would be moving slower for you, then for everyone else.

Along with that, if you get close enough to a powerful form of gravity, like a black hole, again time would move differently. The closer you get, the greather the time difference.

Beyond that I imagine you want to be able to go back in time, to go 'back from the future' as it were.

According to the conversation of energy rules, you can't. The energy for that past event is being used for the current event, as energy can not be in two places at the same time, anything resembling time travel would simply be you stealing energy from the universe to re-create something. Not only is that not time travel since its something new, but you could potentinally be destorying the universe depending on the mechanics of your attempt.

There is no past to jump to in this understanding of the world, so time travel would not be possible. This is the version of our understanding that I imagine other people are telling you about.

However mathmatically speaking, there are several other ways to time travel, or ways to create a point in the past to travel to.

The first is not really time travel, but there is a theory that every possibility in existance does in fact exist, including ones where the universe simply didn't expand for a little bit longer then it did in our version of the universe. In this case, there might be differences, but close enough that you probably won't notice the difference.

The second is based on our understanding of wormholes. Basically, if you make one you are making a sticky note in time effectivly. As in, you a locking energy around those worm holes, creating jumping off points where someone can enter and exist from any point in the lifetime of that wormhole.

The third is the idea, one popularized by things such as doctor who is the idea that time is irrelevant and all stages of the universes existance all are functioning at the same time, that time is simply another dimension of reality, like the xyz that is 3d space. The idea that gravity and motion are simply pushing us along, and that a higher dimensional being, or a special tool could push us anywhere we want, with the proper knowledge. This is the version everyone would like to be true. But was treated as very unlikely until recently when we noticed photons and electrons were doing some screwy things, as if they were skipping forward in time.
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Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:50 am
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ChrisCalaid says...

Time trouble : Yes
Time machine : No

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Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:53 am
StudentAH says...

No, I do not think time travel is possible. We tend to almost imagine time travel as rewinding a video: We represent data on computers similar to how our minds interpret it. We made the computers, after all.

So, as much as we think that life is linear and can somehow be made to go backwards, it can't. Where would the 'data' to store the previous states of our existence even be?

It just doesn't make sense to me to time travel.

However, this is how I would imagine time travel if it WAS possible: If you could time travel, I would imagine that it would feel like death or nonexistence. As in, we don't know what its like to die. We don't know what its like before we were born, either (we don't know how it feels to not exist before we came into existence).

If someone time traveled backwards, I don't think they would even ever remember being forwards. Furthermore, if they time traveled backwards, my idea of it is that they would not be able to change anything. Because, if you went backwards in time and still remained in your current state, where would you be getting that energy from? How would the changes have ensued? For example, you are 40 years old. You time travel back to when you were 15. Are you a copy of yourself? Or do you take your 15-year-old-self's place? Even if you aren't present there by 'magical means,' how did the new 40-year-old you, who is much taller and bigger than your 15-year-old self, acquire the resources to be bigger and larger? Matter cannot be created or destroyed, and you're adding matter to the system by time traveling.

Therefore, if you traveled back in time, you would not notice it, and then just proceed forwards again. So even if we are time traveling back and forth, it feels linear. On top of that, we would all travel together. As in, the 'entire universe' would be going back and forth. One person can't go back without everyone and everything else coming along, otherwise in the ways of physics (which I know very little about) it doesn't make sense.

And everytime you go back and forth, nothing changes. So it actually feels like nothing. If I ever did go back, I wouldn't remember going forwards so I would just continue from that point as if I had already started there, because in a sense I did.

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Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:03 pm
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Necromancer14 says...

Time travel IS possible, and here's how:

You have to go almost the speed of light, and then you will travel into the future. It won't be like in movies though; it'll be you're in the almost speed of light spaceship for a year and then you get out and realize that 100 years have gone by.

The other way involves you dying and also makes you go into the future. It's called jumping into a black hole, in which the further in you go the faster time outside of the blackhole will go, until you get to the middle (you'd've died long ago though) and time is basically frozen.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to go into the past.
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Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:00 pm
Shadeflame says...

I say no. I guess theoretically it might be possible if someone went through a wormhole or a black hole without dying...but that's probably never going to happen.
Also, even if you somehow managed to make a working time machine and you keyed in the coordinates then when you traveled back to the past, or the future, you'd be stuck in space. The Earth continuously orbits around the Sun, and there is no way to know exactly where the Earth was or will be at a particular moment. Added to that there's the whole paradox of time travel, so no, I don't think that it's possible.
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Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:57 pm
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Elfboy says...

So of course this a very complicated topic with no right answer, but I shall give you my favorite theory on the matter, which is paraphrased and expanded upon from a theory given in C.S. Lewis's unfinished novel The Dark Tower.

So people are, of course, made up of matter. The universe, as far as we know, has always had the exact same amount of matter in it since the big bang. And the matter that makes up a human once made up something else, such as a rabbit or a tree or a rock, and will someday become a part of something else, for example a chair. Insofar, we have only simple fact, no theory.

So if you were to take a human, or anything else comprised of matter, and put him into another time where the matter in his leg was now part of a couch, what happens? My theory is that either one of the mirrored particles would be pushed out of existence, or perhaps that the fabric of reality might tear/explode because it has too much mass, which isn't supposed to happen.

There may be work-arounds to this theory, for example if the future you go to is the one where you and your machine stopped existing the moment you left, but this still may cause a hole in reality caused by the sudden removal of matter.

I said it really poorly, but I'm too hungry to rephrase it, so sorry if this is confusing. But it does make a lot of sense if you can parse my bad explanations. Also, The Dark Tower is definitely worth reading if you can get ahold of it. Even though it doesn't have an ending.

Anyway, hope this helped!
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Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:34 pm
Haraya says...

I have an answer based on science. I don't know if this counts as time travel, but according to the Theory of Relativity, you can travel across time not at the same pace as other people. This happens when you move at the speed of light. I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

There was a video by some student (you can find it online) where she introduces a photon clock. Imagine a see-through box with a ball of light that keeps on bouncing against the ceiling and floor of the box. Each time it hits either the top or bottom, it counts as a second.

Now imagine holding this box while you walk at a constant pace. From your point of view, the light is still just moving vertically, up and down. However, if I was looking at you from your side and look at the photon clock, I would see it's moving diagonally in a zigzag motion. Notice that while the vertical displacement of the light is the same in both our points of view (assuming the box doesn't shake or move around as you carry it), the light has a horizontal displacement in mine but not yours, since I see it moving diagonally.

What this means is that I see the light travelling a longer distance every second (because of the added horizontal displacement in my perspective) compared to how you see it in your point of view (since you only see its vertical displacement). Since I see the light travel a longer distance every second compared to how you see it, this means I see it move faster. As a consequence, I see you move faster as well because you are carrying the photon clock, but in your perspective you are moving normally. So in a sense, you are moving ahead in time much faster than I am.

Summary: Theoretically, time travel is possible.

But think of it realistically. Do you think it will eventually be possible to move people at the speed of light?

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Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:51 pm
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fatherfig says...

I'm not sure how to start this in any other way so here goes-

From my fairy point of veiw time travel is possible and impossible.

But that doesn't make sense, Gem. Think harder, really wake those braincells, because it does make sense.

Our technology at this point in time isn't capable of creating the power it would take to put a rift in time or even condense materials to the point they can safely pass through the only time tearing thing known to man - the black hole.

Not only can we not do those unorthodox things- but we also can't predict if we ever will or if we ever won't be able to. So time travel is still a graspable and untouchable thing.

Every person can nitpick other opinions on this as 'too optomistic' or 'too negative' or 'too fact based' and I might just be 'too fact nonreliant', but that doesn't matter. Just as we now currently can't walk into the future, we can only look back on our past with open eyes. We can't look at the future, therefore we can't judge the future. We can only see the present. And at the present, with our technology we can only move through time minute to minute.

Therfore we clearly can't mark time travel as a possibilty in the present but we can't mark it out in the future. (Though my thoughts are if it does develop, it will definitely take a while probably a couple dozen centuries.)
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Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:03 pm
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yoshi says...

Hi! Yoshi here. This is a comment for everyone here.

Okay, so Time Travel, eh? Is it possible or not? It depends on how you define time travel. Most people here are talking about time travel as some type of technology. That's not how I think of it.

From what I know Time travel is not possible. If you want to know why, just read on.

If you think of it as some type of technology to break a rift in time or go through wormholes or some crap like that, you wont get anywhere because no one really knows how any of that works. I know this sounds ignorant, but we should be using the knowledge we have already. We aren't expert scientists on condensing molecules and dimensions and quantum mechanics (If you are, then why are you even bothering reading this? :P), but we can use the information we already know.

If you use some things you already know, time manipulation is possible. Philosophically, we are always traveling through time-- forward. But what if we could actually slow down time? It's possible.

For example, if you run down a flight of stairs, you momentarily slow down time-- for yourself, but it's so slight that you don't notice it. You might be laughing at this, but it's true. As you get nearer to a large force of gravity (In this case-- Earth), time slows down. For example, theoretically, if you get really close to a black hole for twenty-four hours (in your perspective) and survive it, you'll come back to see that everyone you know has aged more than twenty-four hours.

Because the black hole has an immense gravitational pull, it grabs anything that goes near. Light, sound, stars, even time. Now, if you actually got that close to a black hole to experience abundant time change, you wouldn't be able to come back, obviously.

The same goes with the opposite. Run up a flight of stairs, and you'll age faster. But not enough to notice.

Again, move away from a black hole, you'll age faster.

You can slow down time, you can speed up time, but you can't just teleport from one point in time to another. That's what I'm saying.

Maybe you're mad at me for saying that time travel isn't possible. Well, how about I talk about an opponent's argument.

What if time travel . . . was possible?

Let's say we magically go to the past. All cool, right? What if you went to the past and killed yourself? Think about that. If you killed yourself in the past, you wouldn't be there to kill yourself-- because you're dead. So travelling to the past is impossible.

Now, let's say we magically go the future. No problemo. You stroll around in the future of the world. But if we use the rules of "Past Time Travelling", which can't be possible, that means we wouldn't be able to return back to our normal time. Basically, future time travel is theoretically possible, but when you think about it-- wouldn't be physically possible.

Based on my knowledge, this is my answer. I'm relatively young, so much of this information could be false. This is just my two cents on time travel.


Why do you want to travel through time anyways? Enjoy the present! :D
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