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Welcome to the Roleplay Hollow!

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Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:51 pm
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JustPerks says...

Written by @LittleLee

Welcome to the Roleplay Hollow!

This forum is designed for casual roleplays (RPs) with your fellow YWSers. Here are some basic things to keep in mind:

Rules for the Roleplay Hollow

  1. No sexually explicit writing.
      Regardless of whether or not your fellow RPers are okay with it, NSFW posts should be avoided at all costs. While there are age-based tags on the threads, nothing stops someone very young from opening a thread and reading NSFW content. Sexually explicit writing is absolutely not allowed.

  2. Be respectful to your fellow players.
      This includes basic in-game courtesy. For example, if your character is in a fight, and all the other players' characters are getting injured, you should be gracious and take a hit, too. It simply isn't fun for the others if you don't respect everybody's situation and preferences. The exception for this rule is if the RP consists of players who have explicitly stated they are fine with overpowered/Mary Sue characters.

      Never abuse, threaten, or otherwise harass your fellow players. If someone is being rude or unreasonable, please contact a roleplay moderator immediately and avoid entering the conflict yourself. Here is a link to the YWS Team.

  3. Avoid god modding.
      It is not fun for your fellow RPers. This may depend on what everyone in the RP is comfortable with, but please try to avoid giving your characters skills and/or powers that are unfair to everyone else. Avoid writing in a power or skill after your character profile is up, unless it is something minor, like making pasta. (See the thread On Godmod for more information.)

  4. Do not control other characters.
      In the Hollow, you are not allowed to control someone else's character unless you have their explicit permission.

      If you're the one conducting the RP or creating a situation, make sure to keep the events detailed but vague enough so other RPers can respond accordingly. For example, if the characters are fired upon by archers, do not say where exactly the arrows hit them. It may be best to just say, "An unavoidable hail of arrows fell towards them," especially if you are keen on ensuring there are injuries/deaths.

      Now, if you're the player, you need to have the etiquette of acknowledging these arrows. Unless there's a reasonable explanation, don't let your character miraculously be unhurt, or find cover if it has been established that there is none.

  5. Consult with your fellow players before making something major happen.
      This applies to basically anything that involves other characters. Communication is important if you want to create something major in the roleplay. If you want to kill off a character, make sure everyone is all right with it. But, it depends on the RP itself, and its players. Communication is key!

  6. Look out for any specific rules or conditions the creator of the RP establishes.
      If the creators of the RP have not specifically mentioned any of the other rules, it can be assumed they go unsaid, so be sure to follow them.

      If, say, there is an RP where all the characters are superpowerful vampire demigods and the players are all okay with god mod characters, feel free to play as you want.

      But suppose the RP has characters that are possessed by a spirit that controls their body, and the creator specifically mentions that they will occasionally take over your characters when this happens. As a player in the RP, you must abide by this. If you think there is a reasonable explanation that this shouldn't happen, make sure to communicate it with the creator! But if they don't want to make accommodations, that's okay! Remember that being rude to others is not allowed, so if an RP creator is rude to you, please let a roleplay mod know.

  7. Have fun!
      YWS and all its forums are meant to be safe, happy, and welcoming places. Enjoy yourself, and try to make sure others enjoy themselves too!

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