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Fri Jan 29, 2021 8:32 pm
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Omni says...

Welcome to the Roleplay Section! This is a rundown of the general rules for all roleplay forums. Just as a reminder, here is a link to the Official YWS Rules, since these rules apply to all sections of the site.

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Roleplay Section Rules

  1. All non-story posts must be family friendly.
  2. If your roleplay will contain swearing, violence, or mature content, please tag it appropriately with 16+ or 18+. (See the thread on Topic Tags for more information. )
  3. If your post contains swearing, violence, or mature content in the first paragraph, please censor it.
  4. Absolutely no sexual roleplaying of any kind is allowed. Kissing, lying together, non-sexual nudity, and so on are fine, but a sexual relationship should only be referenced, not described. (See the thread on [url=link]Intimate Character Relations[/url] for more information. Coming Soon!)
  5. Do not harass or attack other members. If you have an issue or dispute with someone, always try to resolve it respectfully and in private. If you cannot do that alone, please contact a member of the Roleplay Crew for assistance.
  6. Do not attempt to solicit personal information from other members, because this will result in a ban from YWS. Only share information that you are comfortable with. (See the thread on Internet Safety for more information.)
  7. Do not plagiarize other writers' works. If you like someone's idea, ask for permission to use it, or take inspiration from it and make your own.
  8. If you are allowed to control other characters, always respect their writers' intentions. If they ask you to edit your post, please do.
  9. Roleplaying should be collaborative. Do not write drastic character or plot developments (like murder!) without communicating with the other writers.
  10. Respect any additional rules and guidelines a roleplay creator sets. If you disagree with them, please refer to the rule on dispute resolution.
  11. All non-story posts belong in the roleplay's out-of-character (OOC) thread. If you submit an OOC post in the roleplay, the roleplay creator can ask for it to be moved.
  12. Do not post in archived roleplays. If you want a roleplay restored to the main forums and most of the former participants agree, please contact a member of the Roleplay Crew for assistance. Otherwise, it is better to create your own spiritual successor (or a remake with the original creator's permission).
  13. If you decide to leave a roleplay (especially a storybook), please try to give the creator advance notice. Do not delete any of your profiles or posts without the creator's permission, since this can be very disruptive to the story and the other writers.
  14. If you delete any posts or profiles submitted to your roleplay, please do so with caution and first send a copy of the material to the writer via a private message. This applies even if the writer has left your roleplay.

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