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Rules and Regulations

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Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:10 pm
Rydia says...

Please note that any advertisements which don't meet these rules will be removed.

1. State clearly whether you are Buying/ Selling/ Exchanging. Please see this post on How to Make a Listing.

2. Do not post a listing which you do not yet have the points to fulfill or post multiple with the intention to only fulfill one. You must already have the points available when advertising to buy.

3. First reach an agreement in the thread before exchanging points/ services. When selling/ buying, the service should be completed first and then the buyer will donate the points to the seller. To donate points, go to the profile of the seller and click 'Donate'.

When exchanging services, the person who made the listing should go first.

4. If one party does not meet their requirements, please contact a moderator. They will approach the party to help find a resolution. If a resolution is not found, that member will be added to the Blacklist and you will be compensated for any points lost.

5. Those added to the Blacklist are not prevented from making posts or responding to them. It is up to you if you are willing to take the risk of trading with these individuals. If you are on the blacklist and would like to petition for your name to be removed, please contact a moderator.

6. Only services available on YWS can be traded. These include but are not limited to: reviews, storybook posts, art commissions, club membership/ posting, literary commissions etc. If you have a question about a particular service, please contact a moderator.

7. There are no limitations on what you set your price as, so long as you have the points to fulfill it if you are the buyer. We encourage exchanges to be made at a 1:1 rate and a list of guideline prices can be found here but ultimately you may set your own prices.

8. Once an agreement has been reached, the parties are tied in and must fulfill their part so long as they are able. If you are no longer able to fulfill your part please try to make other arrangements with the other party. Only contact a moderator if you are not able to reach a resolution yourselves.

9. Please use the 'Expired' tag to mark a listing as closed, either once it has been fulfilled or if you have changed your mind and an agreement has not yet been entered into.
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Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:59 pm
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IacanusNegraeus says...

Other than the Blacklist rule, these aren't even really regulations. My inner Laissez-faire-loving-liberal is jumping for joy.

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