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Dance With Me (Once Upon a Time)

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Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:21 pm
Sassykat says...

Ultimately cheesy, but hey, I wrote it at 1:00 in the morning...

Once upon a time
I danced around an empty floor
Alone without a lead
And then you walked in the door

You watched me spin
Fall and rise again and again
Then you offered your hand
Smiling as you stepped in and said

Dance with me
Like there's no tomorrow
Just dance with me
And forget your sorrows

Once upon a time
We danced across the azure sky
Pranced in the rain
Waltzed in the sun and you were mine

One day you let go
I flew away dizzy and fell hard
I watched you leave me
And I couldn't help wondering why you'd

Dance with me
Like there was no tomorrow
Why'd you dance with me
When you'd only have to go

I've forgotten how to dance
I guess life gives you just one chance
To love somebody true
And now mine's wasted because you

Danced with me
Now there's no tomorrow
'Cause you danced with me
My life's sunset's been set aglow

Because you danced with me (3x)
Shakespearian tongue-twister:

To sit in solemn silence
In a dark, dank dock
In a pestilential prison
With a lifelong lock;
Awaiting the sensation
Of a short, sharp shock
Of a cheap, chippy chopper
On a big black block.

Oh yeah. Blame it on the assistants Jack.
— David Letterman