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ALM Reviewing Contest

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Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:15 am
Aley says...


Reviewing Contest

This contest will be running from Today, February 23 to March 8th.
Results will be posted by March 15th at the latest.

The Rules: If you would like to participate you need only pick something to review, and review it in the style suggested by ALM the new YWS literary Magazine trying to get on it's feet.

ALM Style wrote:2. ALM Style

While it is not concrete, and not like a school paper, it does require several things. First, the aim of these articles is not to provide helpful feedback to improve, but to discuss poems or prose for what they are doing, and how they are accomplishing their affects.

2.2 What ALM Does
ALM [will hopefully] strive to provide YWS with information on literary devices, discourse in the feilds, and interesting comparisons. Some topics could include
One work for the devices used, and reasons to read it
A subject which has been popular on YWS
A writer and their different habits or styles
A prevalent style emerging on YWS

Most of these things will be chosen by the writer instead of submitted, reviews on individual works [probably] can be solicited [depending on work load and participation].

When a review is published in ALM there will be a link to any works discussed at the end of the article as well as tags to anyone included in the review.

For examples please read the following reviews:

CowLogic: The Backyard Review
Falling Under: Episode I: "Wonderland" (Sneak Peek)
Anything marked with "Backyard Reviews" by CowLogic will do.


Submitting to this Contest

Post a review of one work up in this form.


1st place: 2 reviews and a chance to join ALM
2nd place: 1 review and a chance to join ALM
3rd place: 200 points and a chance to join ALM

If there are multiple stellar reviews, and they fill out more than 1st - 3rd, I will offer a place in ALM to anyone who impresses me.

The reviews will be done in ALM's style by myself or ALM volunteers.


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— e.e. cummings