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FEZ - Video Game Review - In Progress

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Thu May 03, 2018 6:08 am
Hattable says...


So, I started playing FEZ today, as it was on sale on Steam. It's an interesting concept for a game. The player character, a little nondescript fella named Gomez, believes he lives in a two dimensional world. But after being called to visit an elder of his village, he learns that there's a way to explore the world in three dimensions.

Immediately after receiving the titular fez that seems to be what allows this shifting of dimensions, the game appears to glitch out and then restarts from the studio developers biz at the beginning. At first, I thought my game had been corrupted somehow, but once it started up again I realized that's-- just how it goes.


So then you can spin the world around and explore in 3D, and you go about collecting these cubes that, once gathered up, fuse together and allow you to unlock a door that whisks you to places far beyond your village. As you continue playing you encounter more such doors, each requiring even more cubes than its predecessors.

I'm only about an hour into the game, which might seem like a lot, but every door is a wild rabbit hole of an adventure, and each new door leads to another, and another. Exploration gets the best of me in these kinds of games, so I ended up going a long ways into these rabbit holes, barely managing to explore each new area fully as I just dove into the first new door I'd see.
It's kind of stressful, personally, how much there is and how much I could miss and how long it must take to traverse every section. Though the cubes themselves, thus far, have been pretty easily-found. No spelunking necessary just yet!

Interesting concept, pretty good execution, fun game. The controls are a bit bad, but easily adjusted, and playing isn't such a hassle anymore. There's also been at least two The Legend of Zelda references that I've caught.

Current standing: 7/10

All that said, I'm still a short ways into the game, and there may be more to touch on as I go along, so I plan to return to this as I continue playing. If anyone else has played this game, though, what're your thoughts? I'd love to hear other opinions!
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