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The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

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Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:44 am
ShadowPrincess16 says...

I just finished this book and I fell in love. I've read - and own - Rin's previous books. Girl in the Well and the Suffering are also among my favorites and so I was pretty excited to read this one. It's the first in a new series and, after finishing the first book, I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to the next book.

The entire book is filled with excitement and plot twists. There's an especially exciting twist at the end that I totally didn't see coming. It's told in a dual point of view. The first part is through the eyes of an unnamed Bard who comes to find the MC, Tea, because he wants to tell her story. This part takes place after the events of the book. The other part is Tea's point of view as she tells her story to the Bard. It switches off between these points of view every chapter and I enjoyed it immensely.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of a darker fantasy sort of book. Rin's writing is lyrical and just brilliant.
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