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A Pair of Wolf Drawings

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Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:06 pm
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Cspr says...

Missus Howling Wolf:


Mister Peeping Wolf:


Notes: Yes, Mister is a bit small, but my only other option was him stretching the page. Also, I'm beginning to think one of his eyes is a bit squinty.

My SPD senses are tingling.

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Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:50 am
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FermentingFruit says...

Ok, gotta do this quick, must. Beat. Sheep. I like these, you like wolves? I like wolves. Anyways, onto the review(s).

1. Holy goodness, this one is like super dooper good! What did you use to do this? This looks really good. The wolf looks really, well real. The proportions are really good, I like the color(s), I like the way you made the fur (hair). But probably my favorite part of this was the wolf's air. I just love how it makes a cloud of air, like when it's really cold. But what really struck me about that was how it also looks like a fire, which I thought was really cool. My only complaint is that I thought that you made the fur too dark in some places, but other than that, really great job.

2. This one was good, but I didn't like it as much. I didn't really like how you had the wolf peeking. It just looks like he is cut off, which is what it looks like you did. If you wanted him peeking, I'd draw like a log or a snowbank or something in front of his face. The other thing with this was how you just made all of the fur go straight down, unlike in the first one, I saw some going in each direction. I liked this one though. My favorite part was the shading, especially in the eyes and facial features.

Great job, keep me posted.


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Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:54 am
Audy says...


Ooh, I love the first one, it looks kind of like a painting that I'm familiar with. I really like how the wolf is posed/howling at the moon, and you can really feel that coldness/crisp in the air, possibly through the colors and the little faint breath lines, haha :3 I also love how you did the shading and the colors. What did you use to draw it with? The textures too were particularly interesting to look at and I like how it led the eye so to speak, it wasn't just mindless little crisscross, but there's a great attention to detail and where the coat thickens/thins.

There are some lines in the neck area and in the leg area that kind of go at a horizontal that are supposed to be folds of the skin, I think? Or like scars? I didn't particularly like this, I like having it there, but I think the line is too thick/too horizontal? It needed more of a curvature to really show that delicate neck. I couldn't find a good example, but:


here, the folds were more fur-folds, like zigzag-y, rather than a straight line.

Peeping Wolf

I like the style there xD It looks neat, it reminds me of those wood sculptures. I love the shading here too. I think what you see in that picture is that the left eye is more round, and the right eye is more almond-shaped. So maybe that's where it gets the appearance of squinting? I liked how you made the eye have a kind of glassy appearance though, I thought that was neat.

I agree with Fruit though, I didn't like it so much as the first and I wouldn't have gotten the idea that he was peeking if it wasn't mentioned in the title. I thought the cheeks too were a bit too puffed out? If that makes sense.

Let me know if you have any questions :3 I love your drawings, this is good stuff!

~ as always, Audy

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Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:06 am
Rydia says...

So I love wolves. I think they're really beautiful creatures and there's something so noble and yet also fierce about them. But because we're so familiar with the dog species, I think that helps affect our perceptions of them. Let's take these one at a time!

1. I like the concept for this one, though I don't think you need to show the 'howl' as a physical embodiment of lines. Or if you do want to, maybe do something cool with it like turn it into a smoke drawing, maybe of a miniature wolf or a rope? I don't know, but think about doing something cool and abstract there. Your ear is a little long and the head perhaps needs to be bigger to accommodate such a large mouth. Good work on the fur though, I'm glad you're got your lines going in more than one direction. People often forget that!

2. I like this one as well and one of the eyes is squinty, but I kind of like that! It gives him a slightly mischevious look, very fun. Maybe have the ear on that side flat to match it, then we'd get a better idea that he's looking at us sort of sideways. Also! I think the ears need to be lower down/ further apart as they don't sit on top of a wolf's head. More toward the sides.

Thanks for sharing these! Now draw me an adorable wolf cub ;)

Heather xxx
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