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Picasa playtime!

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Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:24 pm
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ERZA says...

Well, I recently found out my laptop has Picasa in it so I just took some random pics with a normal cheapo cam and then spiced up those pics. plese take a look at them and let me know how they look. :D :D













PS:- As soon as my crashed PC is fixed I will start working on my GIMP line art.
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Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:56 pm
FermentingFruit says...

Oh hey, these editing jobs are really good! I'll just review each photo, but I'll only do the edited ones, since that is what this is about :)

1. I didn't really see much editing with this one besides the blur on the outside, but I think that it helps. Before, you can tell what the focus is, but you can't really focus on it, because there's a lot distracting, but when you put the blur in, it lets you focus on the subject matter, but you can still see the other stuff without it distracting. You did a good job with this one.

2. To be honest, this one was my least favorite out of the three. My main problem with the editing on this one was with the editing, you can't see all of the bird, and that bugged me. I also didn't really think the color change or the blur worked very well with this one. I like the original, but I don't think you did the editing job very good for this one (No offense).

3. This one was definitely my favorite out of the three. I think the original was kinda dull, all I could really focus on was the brown tint on the left side, but when you edited it, you got rid of all of my problems with it. With the editing, you really made the plant pop, the colors really worked well, and the water crystals (or they look like that at least), add a while new dimension to the picture.

Overall, you look like you know what you're doing, and I'll try to get to some of your other GIMP works soon! Keep it up!

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Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:08 am
Rydia says...

I should really check this section more often, I forget how much I love photography!

1. You need to set your picture up before you take it! The green shoots are interesting and I love the texture of the plant that's half in shot, but you have too much in this scene so your reader doesn't know where to focus. The plant pot edging in on the left should have been moved and in your edit, you lost a little too much of the lovely detail of the plant on the right. The soft overlay looks good on the rest of the image, but is there a way to make that part softer and then pick the detail back out? Because while I agree the green shoots should be the focus, that was my favourite part of the photo!

2. This one doesn't interest me as much. I like the changes you've made and they improve the image, but the photo itself doesn't interest me. There's no subject and I feel that a palm should be used to border a subject, but not as the entirety of the image. Point your camera somewhere more fun ;)

3. The edits to this one are beautiful! They're so subtle but give it a kind of mystical sparkle that I really like and pick out working focal points. This one's my favourite!

My advice for next time is to spend more time looking for a good photo before you take it. Remember, you can edit a photo for hours but if it hasn't got a good composition when you take it, then you can't change that through editing.

Thanks for sharing!

Heather xxx
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