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I am looking for young writers !

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Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:48 am
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bluemoon says...

Hello , I am looking for young writers from USA, Canada, England und other english countries to write short stories and dialogues with the words i provide and record them in order to help Chinese students learn Englisch better, Please do me a favor, if you are interested in it!

could you please do me a favor to write a story with the following words?( a story or a dialogue must only contain some of the words)
A, afternoon, am, and, apple, are, bag, banana, bike, bird, birthday, blackboard, book, boy, cake, chair, Christmas Day, class, cow, desk, do, dog, doll, egg, eight, elephant, eleven, Father
Christmas, fifteen, fine, fish, five, fly, football, four, fourteen, frog, giraffe, girl, good, goodbye, great, hand, happy, have, hello, Here you are, hi, hippo, how, I, I’m, in, is, it, it’s, Jeep, jigsaw, jump, key, leg, let’s, magicube, many, may, meet, merry, Miss, monkey, morning, mouth, Mr, my, name, new, nice, nine, nose, oh, OK, old, one, orange, panda, peach, pear, pen, pencil, pineapple, play, please, pupil, quilt, rope, ruler, school, seven, sheep, sit down, six, skateboard, stand up, strawberry, sure, T-shirt, taxi, ten, thank, that, these, they, thirteen, this, those, three, to, toe, together, too, tree, twelve, twenty, two, vest, want a go, watch, what, what’s, what about you, year, yes, yo-yo, you, You’re welcome, your, zoo, Alice, Bruce, David, Mike.
All right, an, basketball, bed, box, bus, but, by car, cap, carrot, cat, cauliflower, Chinese, classmate, classroom, come, crayon, cucumber, don’t, draw, drum, eggplant, English, excuse, fat, father, flute, for, friend, glad, go, go fishing, have a look, have got, he, home, jacket, kite, know, library, like, lot, maths, me, mother, much, mushroom, music, no, isn’t , on, on foot, onion, our, over, picture, ping-pong, playground, potato, rabbit, schoolmate, see, she, shoe, short, skirt, sock, sorry, sweater, swim, swimming pool, tall, teacher, thank that’s , the, thin, tomato, trousers, trumpet, umbrella, under, very, violin, we, what, where, who, whose, wow, Helen, Jack, Robin, King, White.
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Please do me a favor, if you are interested in it!

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Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:03 am
Snoink says...

A fun challenge, to be sure, but one that is not suited for this forum. ;)

*Moved to Writing Activities*
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Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:57 pm
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Jamie_rocks says...

Do you want us to post the story here, or PM it to you?
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