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Romance Story Started

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Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:33 pm
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Audrey718 says...

Hello! Ok, before you read this, I want you to know two things: 1st, I've never been in love before. 2nd, This is my first romance. So all in all, this is probably really elementary. Anyway, here is what I've written so far.
If you want to add something that is for someone over age 16, feel free to do so! Just please e-mail or PM me, so I can change the age level.

This storybook will just consist of folks writing together. No profiles, no conventional things. Just continue from where I've left off.

Chapter 1

Sloane drew his face again. The brown hair, the dreamy brown eyes, the firm jawbone, the half smile on his perfect lips. Those lips which her artistic hand could never get quite right. His eyes could never be drawn with just the right glint in them-the mysterious and loving glint. His nose was perfectly proportioned with his face. Sloane’s phone vibrated in her pocket. She stealthily pulled it out of her pocket and read the message from her best friend Samantha. You’re out of it again. Sam scolded her. Sloane smiled and met Sam’s gaze. Zack, who sat between Samantha and Sloane in class rolled his eyes and shook his head as the girls gazed at each other—sharing a silent message. Zack casually leaned forward on his desk as if interesting in Mr. Dret’s historical lecture. The movement broke the girls’ connection and Zack looked at them meaningfully, silently saying ‘Focus guys. We’re in class right now—not in dream land.’

May, Friday 13, 2011:

Dear Diary,
I had a really weird dream this morning. Not a nightmare; it was a good dream. It was about a boy. He seemed like he needed help or something. His eyes cried out to me and his mouth moved like he was calling me. But I couldn’t hear anything except the beating of my own heart-a drum beat so loud I couldn’t hear his plea. While my heart pounded harder and rushed blood through my veins. My heart pumped keeping me alive he faded away into the air. I woke up gasping—sweating through my tank top and shorts. I pushed the covers off my body irritably. My clothes were drenched like I’d dipped them in a bucket of water. I got up and pushed a button on my watch. It glowed a bright blue color and my eyes took a second to adjust. It was three in the morning—way to early to start my day. I changed my clothes and lay on top of my covers thinking. Who was he? He sure was handsome! I giggled softly—my first romance. Well maybe not my first. I’d had about two crushes in my fifteen years—both died soon after I made them because the boys choose a different girl or something like that. I lay on my bed, willing my self to go to sleep, knowing that I wouldn’t sleep again. At 5:00am, my parents left for work. At 6:00am, I got up and dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue plaid shirt. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee accompanied with a bowl of cereal. I ate my breakfast, gathered my books and slid them into my backpack, and headed out the door. I grabbed my street bike and headed to school. It was a fifteen minute bike ride to school, but the bike racks were filled.
“Damn.” I cursed under my breath and hooked my back to the side of the bike rack hoping no one would steal it. I walked briskly to my locker and found Sam and Zack waiting for me.
“ ’morning.” Sam said casually as she watched me place my books into my locker.
“Good Morning, Sloane.” Zack greeted me in an unusually formal way. I glanced at their faces to get a clue of what was up with their weird attitudes. Sam has a small smirk on her face; Zack was biting his lip to keep from bursting out some news. I laughed silently and casually finished putting my books in my locker pretending that I didn’t notice anything different about them. Only a minute later, I shut my locker and walked off to Mrs. Gremier’s Algebra II math class, with my math notebook in hand. Sam and Zack walked with me.
“So, what’s the good news?” I kept a calm uninterested voice even though I was very curious as to what was so exciting that Zack was about to burst like an overfilled balloon. We walked into class, and the clock read 7:59am as we took out seats. We sat in our usual formation: Zack in the middle of me and Sam. The seat next to me was empty and I was glad—some people got really annoyed if you moved around or stifled a yawn during the lecture. Mrs.Gremier walked in the door dressed in her usual black suit and high heals at 8:00am sharp.
“He’s in our math class.” Zack whispered to me just before class started. I glanced around the room with a confused look on my face—there was no one new in the class so I treated the comment with a grain of salt and desperately tried to focus on the Algebra lesson. We were reviewing quadratic equations and I had a hard time resisting the urge to yawn. I clenched my teeth against a yawn. Who ever invented Algebra II is my biggest enemy. I thought as my eyes threatened to close. My brain began to close down and its defense against sleep weakened. Don’t go to sleep, Sloane. You need to listen to the math lesson. I was just about to drift off into a light sleep when the classroom door creaked open softly. Mrs. Gremier’s lecture stopped in mid-sentence and everyone, me included, turned in their seat to stare at the late new comer.

Chapter 2

I first saw a pair of tennis shoes. There was nothing really special about them—just black and blue high tops. The laces were black, and slightly covered by a pair of jeans. My eyes moved upward and I acknowledged his biceps and muscular torso. My eyes continued to move up to his face. The lips were curved up in a beautiful smile that would hurt a lot of movie stars’ ego. The jawbone was firm, and his cheeks had a healthy color. My eyes grazed his perfect nose and I froze. He’s in our math class. Zack had told me that—now I realized what he meant. There he was—walking into our math class. His brown eyes seemed to hypnotize me. I didn’t want to look away, afraid that if I did that he would fade away like in my dream. His hair was handsomely short, and he walked in casually like he had gotten to class early. All eyes were on him as he walked down the classroom’s main aisle up to the whiteboard. Mrs.Gremier looked him in the eye with a stare that would have intimidated any student. Any student but him, that is. He returned the stare and spoke with a husky voice.
“Mrs. Gremier?” He was stating a fact more than asking a question, “I’m your new Algebra II student.” He said with clarity and confidence.
“Oh, yes—I’ve heard of you. Class please welcome our new Algebra II Student..umm.” Mrs.Gremier said flustered. I stared amazed that the boy that had withstood Mrs. Gremier’s killer gaze and not only that but made her flustered! How did he do that? I wondered to my self. My brain froze as I watched him and I remembered my dream. His eyes had a different glint now—a soft, happy look. His mouth moved so smoothly. You’re him… I thought and at that exact thought, his eyes meet mine. We both froze. It was like a movie. Everything faded out and it was just him in the other room. His eyes changed. They took on the mysterious, loving glint. His perfect mouth separated, speaking. My heart beat wildly and I began to hyperventilate. All I could hear was my heart beating—I could not hear anything his lips said. Then, I heard a voice breaking through to my ears—through my heartbeat and blood rush.
“Ms. Leptimiser!” Mrs.Gremier’s voice called out. I blinked from the impact. My eyes flashed to Mrs.Gremier.
“Uhh…” I blundered and glanced at Zack and Sam for help. Zack flashed me a quick smile and Sam gave me a slight nod, “That w0uld be fine.” I smiled. Mrs.Gremier ushered the new boy forward towards the empty chair next to me.
“Don’t worry about to day’s lesson—just get comfortable. I’m sure Sloane will be only to willing to help you through this week’s classes.
“Thank you, Mrs. Gremier.” his husky voice said. I had to focus on breathing as he sat down only two feet from me. I took a side glance at him, and he looked down guiltily. He was staring at me! My brain screamed in excitement. I glanced at my friends and smiled an excited smile. Zack rolled his eyes and Sam smiled back at me. Not until after school did I learn his name. Sam and Zack refused to tell me because they wanted me to go up and ask. I was terrified of such an idea. It would have been so embarrassing and scary! I was afraid I’d never know his name, though and almost gave in to the idea—exactly what Sam and Zack expected to happen. I slid my history book into place in my locker and shut it glad I wouldn’t have to see it for a week.

Chapter 3

“So what are you guys up to this spring break?” I asked, slinging my empty backpack over my shoulder and heading outside of our boring school building.
“Oh, I’ll go to the mall. You know, get some cute spring dresses. Why don’t you come? You could use some cute dresses.” Sam subtly hinted. I blushed crimson red, and giggled nervously like a love-sick girl. Oh wait, I am a love sick girl. I rolled my eyes at myself.
“No thanks you know I hate shopping.” I replied, “How ‘bout we meet up tomorrow?”
“Sure.” “K.” My friend agreed.
“K-10 tomorrow at my house.” I arranged.
“We’ll be there.” Sam agreed for both her and Zack.
“Okay. Don’t be late!” I scolded teasingly.
“Ten o’clock. We got it!’ Zack said before both he and Sam rounded the school building corner. I walked to the bike rack to bike home. An awesome shiny blue bike stood next to mine. No lock kept it latched to the bike rack. The bike made my all the miniscule scratches and dents on my bike stand out. I slowly walked to my bike unlocked the latch. I placed the lock and chain in my backpack and gently pulled my bike away from the rack. But my bike would come out! Stupid bikes. When you most want to get out of this place you can’t. I growled softly under my breath and inspected how my bike had gotten stuck. As it turns out, my bike was wedged with another bike. Oh this is just great. I thought. I cannot get my bike out because Mr.Fancy Shmancy’s bike is completely intertwined with mine. Just lovely. The sparkling bike seems do be laughing as the sun shimmered of its frame. All I needed to do to free my back was pull the other bike away but I didn’t dare touch the bike. Wish I had a new bike.
“Sorry. Is my bike in your way?” A husky voice asked behind me. My heart fluttered and I felt my cheeks blush deeply. I smiled shyly as I looked at the new boy’s handsome face. His eyes were apologetic and he quickly grasped his bike and gently pulled it away from mine. he stared at me as I picked up my bike.
“Thanks.” I smiled shyly and pulled my bike off the rack.
“ You sit next to be in math don’t you?” Slight recognition appeared in his eyes as he stared at me.
“Yeah. You’re the new boy, right?” I asked.
“Yes. Aaron Berton.” He put his hand out to shake.
“I’m Slone Leptimiser.” I shook his hand. His hand was warm and comforting. He had a firm handshake and my fingers hurt slightly after we grasped my hand. Please don’t notice my nails! I desperately hoped. I hope I hadn’t openly bitten them in math. If he did see my horrid nails, he didn’t mention it and I was only too thankful. We biked home together—a bike ride I’ll never forget. I learned he played the guitar, drums, trumpet, and violin. His parents were divorced and his father’s a neurological doctor. I told him I played the piano, and that my mom was the manager of Scrapbooks—the local arts and crafts store. I also told him that my parents for divorced eight years ago. It was easy to talk to Aaron; he understood all my feelings without me having to say them. We happened to be neighbors and I invited him over tomorrow at ten to meet my friends. He agreed and we went into our separate homes. I raced up our house stairs to my room, and tossed my backpack in its place on the ground by my door. I turned on my radio and wrote to you, Diary. I cannot wait for tomorrow. Spring vacation has begun with a great start.
Noble Strength

Why should Caesar just get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar, right? Brutus is just as smart as Caesar, people totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar, and when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody because that's not what Rome is about! We should totally just stab Caesar!
— Gretchen Wieners