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The Round Table Wars *DEAD STORYBOOK*

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Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:43 am
Shadowlight says...

Come my children to the day before yesterday, and the year before that. To a time of cloven shields and broken swords and animals that talked. To a time of grand adventures when knights were bold, when deeds of valor and chivalry was the rule.To a time when enchantresses, wizards and the fairy folk roamed freely through the green wood and fantasy was reality.

Come my children to Camelot, the birthplace of chivalry and honor. To Camelot, the graveyard of shattered dreams.

King Arthur has been crowed now for several years, and Camelot is prospering under his rule. Merlin the wise Magician is still the young kings counselor and adviser, but others of his knights are also proving to be indispensable to the monarch.

The round table is flourishing, new knights are clamoring to join every day and the deeds of those knights already excepted just serve to spread the fame of the Knights of the Round Table far over the country. Some of the knights stay closer to Camelot serving the king closely, while others go far afield searching for new challenges to test themselves against. For it is well known that the land is still crawling with the unsavory beasts of lore.

The King is betrothed to Guinevere, the daughter of a close ally and is to be married within the month. Many are shocked at his sudden move, and there is a rumor going about that the lady in question may not approve of this turn of events- but as to the truth of this? only the lady herself knows.

The court is also flourishing and growing at an amazing rate. It has grown from just being a gathering of warriors, to being the birthplace of Camelot's more gentle nature and its culture. The ladies of the court are at the heart of this and strive to create a place of chivalry and gentility amid all the marshal gallantry. The arts and learning for the first time are being encouraged. Learned men and women come from all corners of the kingdoms to the great library, to study and exchange ideas.

All seems peaceful within this flourishing and growing utopia of society, but something is very wrong within. As the renown of Camelot spreads, the enemies of the young king begin to move. The game has changed dramatically, throwing those within off their balance and causing many to rethink their loyalties and pick sides.

To add to the chaos the intrigue in the court has flared up, as shocking and horrible rumors circulate. Are they true or false? No one knows but the damage they cause is felt keenly. Friendships will be broken and loves tested as the strain of looming war threatens like a dark cloud on the horizon...

What will happen to Camelot to the dreams of so many? Will they break apart, like a ship upon the rocks- or stand firm and withstand the storm that is fast approaching?

Only time will tell...

Character List (so far):

~Sir Bedivere- Shadowlight
~Morgan le Fay- Leahweird
~Lunet- KindredSpiritBee

Spoiler! :
I would prefer if all characters have some connection to the Arthurian tales, or are characters within other similar stories (such as a “Sir George and the dragon”, Celtic mythology, or something along those lines.)
if you are not familiar with the characters of this large group of legends -this is a wonderful list of compiled characters. ... characters
I would encourage you to try to pick a character form this list (or form any other Arthurian tale or related stories)- they are quite a colorful cast!

There are also characters that may have many different persona's (lots of different names or roles depending on what story you read.) If two people want to play a character that fits into this above mentioned role- I might make the two different persona's, two different characters, BUT it will be my call to make- thanks

Kings: There are many kings within the realm of the Arthurian legends. Some are quite famous and others are not (more unobtrusive.) King Arthur of course, but there are several others that might be fun to play! Remember in your profiles to say of what kingdom they are ruler of (if there is no set kingdom have fun and make one up)- but try to make sure it fits withing the world of the Arthurian legends.

Queens: Same as with the kings- have fun with this one! there are so many wonderful leading ladies!

Knights: There are over 100 known knights of the round table and many have interesting back-stories and might prove to be really fun to play! There are also countless others with very vague back-stories, have fun and flesh them out! If you want to play a knight from another kingdom (or who is a rouge knight- not in service to a king) that is fine too- just make sure to say that in your profile.

: Again same as the knights. There are many Ladies within the legends, and there are plenty of daughters and sisters that may not have a clear background- go to town and have fun!

Magicians/magic users
: This is the one thing I am going to be a stickler on- we will NOT be adding more magic users that do not already exist within the legends. So if you really want to play a magic user claim them now!

Other: There are countless characters that are within the Arthurian legends, that don't fit into the above categories, flesh these characters out and have fun with them. We want a diverse and colorful cast for this Storybook!

Original characters: If you can't find any character whatsoever within the Arthurian legends or related tales- I will stress that you try to though- you can ask me about creating an original character. If you do, you must complete a detailed profile and include how you see that character fitting within the Storybook- it will be my call to decide if the character will be added- please don't take offense.

Here are the Storybook Rules:
Spoiler! :
-This is a "permission only" SB. So if you would like to join (and I hope you do) Please PM me and include a completed Profile OR a reasonably descriptive outline for your character and ideas. Thanks!
-The creator of this SB (Shadowlight) is always, ALWAYS right. If there are any disputes over ANYTHING the final word will be mine. (don't worry I don't bite)
- No Godmodding, it isn't fair to anyone.
- ALL posts must be readable,co-relate to previous posts, and have correct spelling- That means no chat speak please.
- 800 characters minimum or about 165 words for those of you using MS Word or other writing programs. Use this if you're not sure. (don't worry-it isn't really that long of a post.)
- Swearing; it's allowed just don't overdo it. And certainly No F-bombs!
-Violence- It's allowed just use common sense- no guts on the floor or extremely graphic descriptions please.
- Romance; it is allowed (encouraged even) but no sex scenes please- no one needs to read that!
- Can claim up to 2 characters and no characters Under 16--without permission.
- Don't God-mod. Please, it's not fair. And no Mary/Gary Sues either. They are not a good characters to play- no depth.
- Please don't double post unless there have been no new posts for at least 24 hours.
- Please have a name and place at the top of each post. Such as Name | Place OR, for example; Tom/gatehouse (we don't want characters being in two places at once.)
- Please do not kill another person's character without permission; it's unfair, and is godmodding. We really don't like that. And besides, no one likes it when they're randomly killed.
- All NON-SB posts to the DT please.

The DT I ask that everyone participating in the SB please post in said DT, so you can stay up to date with all the ideas.

Character sheet:
(please PM me completed character sheets BEFORE posting them in the SB. (I would like to look them over first. Thanks!)
Code: Select all
 [b]Name:[/b] (Also if an unusual name, please include a pronunciation key- thanks!)

    [b]Age:[/b] (16 or older (all knights have to be over 21- for historical accuracy reasons.) )


    [b]Rank[/b] (King, Queen, Magician, Sorceress, Knight, Lady, Other?)

    [b]Allegiance:[/b] (Self/Camelot/other?)

    [b]Appearance:[/b] (description and picture-and please no anime pictures- digital painting and sketches are fine though.)

    [b]Personality:[/b] (Include likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses)

    [b]Flaws:[/b] (every character has to have them- they make them interesting)

    [b]Power(s)/Skills:[/b] (Powers if you are playing a magic user- skills  if playing any other character.)

    [b]History:[/b] (Every character has one, please give us a history of  reasonable length. If character is a legendary figure please include (in spoilers) a link to the legend (Wikipedia is wonderful for this.) )

    [b]Up For Love?[/b] (yes/no- reason?)

    [b]Other:[/b] (for anything that doesn't fit within the other categorizes.)
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Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:11 am
Leahweird says...

Name: Morgan le Fey

Age: 26 (Can be moved up or down easily, depending on how old Arthur is. Since she obviously needs to be older)

Gender: Female

Rank Sorceress

Allegiance: Arthur, but not Camelot

Spoiler! :
Morgan is tall and thin, almost wraith like. Her skin is pale and she has long strait black hair. She has strangely elfish features, which just one of the reasons for her epithet. She likes to wear long gowns in dramatic colours and lots of jewellery.

Personality: Morgan is patient, but ruthless. She can and will hold a grudge for years, but she’s been known to relent if someone begins to interest her.
She loves to be in the centre of things, and to be the one with all the cards. Similarly, she hates being kept in the dark. She also doesn’t like weakness, although she tends to label perfectly normal and healthy personality traits as failings. She denies having any such softness (though this is not necessarily true). She tends to pick on other women the most.
She can be cold and standoffish, and she is rarely simply nice to anyone. She uses charm only if she has a goal in mind.

Flaws: Morgan has a very twisted moral compass. She’s willing to do just about anything to get what she wants, no matter who gets hurt.

Shape shifting: she can turn herself into a hound, a snake, or a raven at will. Everything else requires time to prepare and recover, but she can conceivably take any shape.
Potions: she can do just about anything with her mixtures. She can make you fall passionately in love or die a horrible death. Sometimes her tonics do both.
Healing: as an offshoot of her skills with potions, Morgan can heal things that a simple mixture of herbs shouldn’t be able to.

History: The daughter of Duke Gorlois and the Lady Igraine, Morgan is one of Arthur’s half-sisters. She was sent to a nunnery when her mother remarried, but she ended up learning magic instead.
Spoiler! :

Up For Love? Yes, but she’s a complicated woman. It might take some doing to earn her respect and attention. She wants to be swept away but she makes it hard.

Other: Grew up jealous of Arthur, but ended up becoming one of his supporters despite herself. Her goal is to make herself his most valuable ally, whether or not he agrees with her methods. She still considers Merlin to be her arch nemesis. She blames the wizard (somewhat unfairly) for her father’s death.

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Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:56 pm
KindredSpiritBee says...

Name: (Also if an unusual name, please include a pronunciation key- thanks!) Lunet

Age: (16 or older (all knights have to be over 21- for historical accuracy reasons.) ) The legend never specified so I'm going to go with 20

Gender: Female

Rank (King, Queen, Magician, Sorceress, Knight, Lady, Other?) She's a handmaiden, and advisor to Laudine, the Lady of the Fountain

Allegiance: (Self/Camelot/other?) Her mistress, although she favors Camelot and when she was accused of treason and turned out by her Lady she went there...

Appearance: (description and picture-and please no anime pictures- digital painting and sketches are fine though.) She's got dark hair and hazel eyes, and she's tiny! 4'10" with a build to match and always has a smile on her face.
Spoiler! :

Personality: (Include likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses)Cheerful and clever, Lunet loves to socialize, but hates to gossip. She forgives easily and is a genuinely nice person all around!

Flaws: (every character has to have them- they make them interesting) She is TERRIFIED of fire. Not even just campfire sized, but candle sized as well. After dark she retires to her room where she waits until morning, she simply can't be anywhere near it. That's the biggest one... Oh- she can't read or write!

Power(s)/Skills: (Powers if you are playing a magic user- skills if playing any other character.) She is an accomplished musician, and can play nearly any song after she hears it and is willing to try any instrument.

History: (Every character has one, please give us a history of reasonable length. If character is a legendary figure please include (in spoilers) a link to the legend (Wikipedia is wonderful for this.) ) She became Laudine's handmaiden at thirteen, and when Laudine's husband was killed she convinced Lady Laudine to marry Sir Ywain. At eighteen, Sir Ywain fell out of favor with the lady and with him fell Lunet for getting them together. She was soon after accused of treason by the seneschel and was going to burn at the stake. Sir Ywain freed her and now she is living in Camelot while trying to trick the stubborn couple she served for so long into reconciliation.

Up For Love? (yes/no- reason?) Yes, she's always dreamed of falling in love!
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Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:34 am
CelticaNoir says...

Grabbing Nimue!
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Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:24 am
gleek456 says...

Name: Elaine of Astolat/Elaine the Fair/The Lady of Shalott

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Rank: Lady

Allegiance: Self, Camelot

Appearance: Elaine's appearance most definitely fits her alias Elaine the Fair. With the dark curly locks and big brown eyes to match, she is who she is. Elaine is a tall woman with long, slender legs. She has a healthy toned complexion. She has a bright smile and rosy cheeks and lips. Elaine is often seen wearing simple, yet regal clothes, and she always has the lily flower in her hair.

Spoiler! :

Personality: Elaine is known for falling in love too fast, and too easily. She is a very naive and innocent girl, she doesn't think about her feelings that much. Elaine is kind-hearted and sweet, and she's usually taken for advantage when she least knows it. Let's say that she's like Autumn by Vivaldi (you should listen to it, it's beautiful). Elaine always obeys orders, and never really tries to stand up for herself. She loves flowers, horses, and classical music (she can play the violin), and absolutely hates the rain, she prefers the sun.

Flaws: She hates bugs. Ladybugs, crickets, even ants... she'll run away screaming. Elaine believes in love at first sight, exaggeration on first sight.

Power(s)/Skills: Elaine loves to ride horses. She will get on one and ride away if she could. Elaine can play the violin very well, and usually does so when she's up for it. She isn't afraid of the dark, she thinks it's just when the sun is sleeping.

History: Elaine was born to Bernard of Astolat, and an unknown mother. Because of her father's rank, Elaine gained the title of Elaine, the lily maid of Astolat. (Note: Elaine doesn't really have a history, they just explain the legend, which is here):

Up For Love? Yes! Elaine always wanted love.

Other: N/A

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