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The Descent

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Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:17 pm
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Elinor says...

Link to the DT: topic62571.html


The King of the Realm was nearing the end of his days. The King had no children to assume the throne when he dies. When that occurred, the law stated that the throne will be given to either of the two current KiT (Knights in Training).

When it was clear that the King would die, the current Knights in Training were Elisabeth Ferring and Dinah Duskbloom. In their last official training lesson, the King told them that he would announce his selection at the Annual Bonfire which celebrated the founding of the Realm.

The choice seemed as if it would be an obvious one, at least to Dinah. She was strong and excelled in her studies, whereas Elisabeth did not.
However, Dinah was publicly embarrassed when the King-struggling to stay alive and be present at the ceremony-announced Elisabeth as his successor.

Before the King dies, he takes Elisabeth to a room with five vials, each representing an elemental power. The King tells her that four of the five vials can be used on various faeries to transform them into powerful elemental warriors. The yellow one for light is locked and cannot be used, and will bestow itself upon the faerie who deserves it. The king also tells her to only use them in a time of need and that once they're gone, the powers cannot be replaced.

Meanwhile, Dinah has found refuge with the outcasted Dark Faeries of the south. When it becomes clear that Dinah has recruited the entire population of Dark Faeries and is leading them toward the Imperial City for a full-scale, hostile takeover, war ensues. And Elisabeth uses the vials and recruits the four who she has selected to join her at the palace.

As the death tolls increase greatly on each side and small villages get burned to bits, Elisabeth is the last hope for the realm.


-You are all soldiers on either side, and this RPG is leading up to the war.

-Keep the Gender Ratios even

-YWS Rules Apply

-This storybook is limited to 12 people, including my character. I will be RPing as Queen Elisabeth.

-If you want to join the storybook, please PM me with your character stencil and I will will either approve or deny your application. If you are approved, then post your stencil in this thread.

-Romance is allowed, but nothing graphic.

-Violence is definitely allowed, as this is an RPG about war, but if your character is going to maim or decapitate someone, don't describe it in detail.

-Allow characters to respond before injuring them, so if they want to dodge, they can. On the contrary, don't dodge everything that hits you. Your characters is not perfect.

-If you wish to kill a character off, PLEASE CONSULT THE PERSON FIRST. If they do not want you to kill them, then don't kill them.

-This SB will end with one of the characters being granted the element of light. Don't beg. I will chose the character in due time.



-Queen Elisabeth (Elinor Brynn)
-Elemental #1 (Earth) (RedBird)
-Elemental #2 (Fire) (Squall)
-Elemental #3 (Wind) (Brea)
-Elemental #4 (Water) (Apple)
-Knight #1
-Knight #2


-Dinah Duskbloom (WhiteTiger93)
-Princess Persephone (Firearris)
-Dark Faerie Monarch (idratherbeagnome)
-Knight #1
-Knight #2

Character Stencils

Everyone either plays a Faerie or a Dark Faerie, the latter of which stemmed from the former due to various adaptations they had to make to their rocky, desolate environment. They have many things regular faeries don't have; including sharp teeth, pointed ears, paper white skin, dark hair, and ragged long dragon wings instead of graceful ones with intricate patters. As similar as the two species are, they are very different and have very different views. Both species age at the rate of humans, although they live twice as long.

Code: Select all
[b]Appearance: [/b]

I will post my bio later. Good luck, and PM me if you have any questions.
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Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:12 am
WhiteTiger93 says...

Could I have Princess Persephone? :) I'll post the profile later, in an hour or so hopefully.
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Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:42 am
WhiteTiger93 says...

Name: Dinah Duskbloom
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Faerie
Appearance: She's got long, ink black hair that reaches her waist and a narrow hear shaped face. Her eyes are as black as her hair and seem to harden when she's angry. She's tall for a woman (5'11") and slender. Dinah has an aura of power and respect about her. She is considered beautiful by many people but very frightening. She has an almost dark, cruel beauty.
Personality: She's eaisly enraged. And when she's angry you'll know. She wants to kill anything and everything near her. She strives for power because it's everything she's dreamed for. She will do anything to have her own way.
She's not a bad person though. She just believes that she deserved to rule as queen much more than Elizabeth. She is often pelted with guilt at what she's doing by going to gain support from the dark faeries. However, she believes what she's doing will benefit everyone.
Side: Dark faeries
Rank: N/A
History: Well, as said, the King choose Elizabeth as his predecessor. And that publicly humiliated her. Now she'll do anything to take down Elizabeth.
Other: Nope, not up for love.
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Hermione, shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting! 20 points from Gryffindor. You know, for the brightest witch of your age you can sure be a dumba** sometimes. *smiles* 10 points to Dumbledore!

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Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:27 am
Elinor says...

Name: Queen Elisabeth III (Elisabeth Ferring)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Faerie
Appearance: She has pale, cream-colored skin with a curved, hourglass figure. Her complexion is somewhat rosy, and she needs little make-up. Her full, wavy blonde hair falls to her shoulders, and a simple silver circlet rests upon her head. Her wings are white with a line of purple spots that get smaller as they reach the edge. She dresses in simple silk dresses and woven sandals.
Personality: Elisabeth is somewhat modest, and she doubts her abilities. Nonetheless, she is beloved by the faeries of the Realm for her quiet guidance. She'
Side: Imperial
Rank: Queen
History: Elisabeth was born in the small, isolated village of Emerald Isle. Her mother was a painter, and her father a weapons forger. She was brought up in relatively modest surroundings and focused her time on hunting and fighting. This was what led her to become a candidate for Knight in Training along with her best friend and neighbor, Dinah.

Elisabeth was overjoyed by this prospect, and as the two journeyed to the imperial city, they chattered mindlessly over the possibility of them getting selected. They doubted it-since there were 98 other candidates. When they were chosen, it was like a dream come true.

During the years of their training, their friendship was stronger then ever. Only when Dinah's greed and ambition for power kicked in did they become enemies.
Other: She is not up for love, and carries a scepter and a horn which she can use to summon help.

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Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:37 am
Firearris says...

Name: Princess Persephone
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Faerie
Appearance: Persephone has mostly pale skin with the light hint of pink on her palms and cheeks. Her hair is a dark auburn and reaches the center of her back. Persephone's wings are ragged and a maroon color with black edges, making the wings look somewhat burnt. She is slender and has sapphire eyes.
Personality: Persephone is manipulative and cares for few people, though it seems otherwise. She enjoys the challenge when someone disagrees or doesn't believe her on something, and often respects and somewhat cares for the ones that do more.
Side: Dark Faeries
Rank: Princess
History: Persephone lived her entire life with the other Dark Faeries, occasionally going to the Imperial City when she needed to. When she found out what Dinah was doing, and joined immediately without hesitation; she had expected Dinah to be queen as well and felt Elisabeth wasn't worthy of it. She has had more followers than friends, and has never been in a romantic relationship.

Other: Possibly up for love - but it'll take a lot of work for her to like your character.
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Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:39 pm
RedBird says...

Name: Isabel Burrns
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Faerie
Appearance: Isabel is of average height and build, and is quite pretty, in an outdoorsy sort of way. She has frizzy red hair, bright blue eyes, and lots of freckles. She usually wears sturdy boots, and practical clothing. Her wings are reddish-brown, with an orange border.
Personality: Isabel is generally cheerful, and tries to be friends with everyone. She'll also go to any length to save those that she loves. She is a good fighter, but never brags, even about her new Elemental power.
Side: Faerie
Rank: Elemental
History: She lost her parents at age 6, and lived on the streets for about 5 years before entering into squirehood with a knight. She found that this was something she enjoyed, and so continued studying and training to become a warrior. She was quite surprised to be chosen as an Elemental warrior.
Other: Up for love.
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Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:55 pm
Apple says...

Name:Ashlin "Ash" Waint

Age: 16



Appearance: Ash has long light blue hair that comes ot her waist in a series of flicks and waves. She has a small heart shaped face with large sea blue eyes, framed with thick black eyeslashes. She is a tall young lady (5'8) with a slim figure. She has long wings that are to big for her. They glimmer different colours in the light, though they are and aqua brown with silver and green swirls spidering her wings.

Personality:Like an egg Ash has an outer and inner personality. On the outside Ash places on a bubbly and happy person ready to help anyone in need. On the inside she is a sad, depressed girl with rather nasty emotive issues.

Side: Faerie


History: Ash never really had a home, being a vagabound she would travel around the realm in hope of finding her mother. Her father, a travelling tradesman, never told his daughter that her mother had been killed by dark Faeries.

When he finally did, at thirteen, Ash ran away with a personal vendetta on her mind. Slaying as much of the dark faerie she could, she would infiltrate their numbers and destory them from the inside.

She never showed her face, or told anyone her name. Always faking her identity, she was and is one of the best rogues in the land.

Other:Ashlin is up for love, and carries a heavy sword with a blue hilt on her back.
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:24 am
idratherbeagnome says...

Name: Aellion de Patris
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Faerie
Appearance: Aellion has a tall, frail stature. Her dark hair cascades down to her hips, and though it shines, it is ragged with dead ends and tangles everywhere. Her skin is pale, her cheeks gaunt, and her lips a blue-ish color. Her teeth are sharp and white, and they appear above her bottom lip even though she rarely smiles. Her body is thin. Her back is used to hunching over and staying in bed for long periods of time. Her dragon wings are torn at the edges and there is a jagged rip through the middle of her left wing. Her fingers are long and thin, with a dark opal ring on her middle finger of her left hand. She appears weak and fragile from a quickly deteriorating health, but her authority and confidence and power leak out of every pore of her body.
Personality: Aellion has been weak all her life from a sickness passed down her family, but she is far from weak on the inside. She is power-hungry and cannot settle for anything less of number one. She takes in all the experiences of the Dark Faeries around her and it further burns her hatred of the Faeries. Them, and their beloved land and Kingdom and Queen, spoiled with riches while the Dark Faeries must be punished in their rocky desolation. Aellion has little compassion for anyone that is weak. She has a passion for war and triumph and making a better life for the Dark Faeries. Inside her mind, she formulates plans and ways to succeed. Her manipulation skills take her far in the world, making her become the ruler of the Dark Faeries. She is the type who will plot in the background, waiting for the perfect chance and capturing it and everything that comes with it.

Twenty-seven and still fighting for her own life to care much for an heir or husband, Aellion was just as infuriated by DInah's rejection as if it was her own. She sides with the (former?) Faerie just to conquer the Faerie kingdom and take what should be rightfully theirs. Her commanding presence may lead great numbers for the oncoming battle, to assist Dinah and Princess Persephone in their quest.
Side: Dark Faerie
Rank: Monarch
History: Aellion has suffered long and hard from a sickness within her family that allows her to fly only short periods of time, or not at all, forcing her body to become weaker and weaker and unable to carry the wings that carry her. It's as if she was almost human.. but she is not, and will never be. Aellion has gone through the bullying and harassment and troubles when young, but grew from it. Her passion synced with many of the Dark Faeries as she grew older, and found them on her side as she rose in power to become a Monarch.

She has never had a love, detests it really, and ever since she caught site of normal faeries and their pleasants, her hatred has grown. She maintains a cool nonchalance of everything around her, and her weak state cause people to underestimate her, but she's shown through and through of their mistakes.
Other: Not up for love. Always dresses in dark colors, doesn't care for looks, finds the warriors in the battle childish and young--would rather have fought the King. Carries a rough wooden staff and has a wooden whistle/horn around her neck to alert of enemies.

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Sat May 01, 2010 4:17 am
Squall says...

Name: Jacy Sonata

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Appearance: Jacy has wavy, layered cut hair with bangs. He has fair skin, hazel eyes and is of average build. His wings are somewhat ragged and is mostly crimson with streaks of black. He also likes to dress up in simple red trench coats and jeans.

Personality: Jacy is a very laid back and relaxed person. He enjoys the thrill of doing dangerous and crazy things and isn’t afraid to trash talk or brag about his talents. He is also a skirt chaser and isn’t afraid to flirt with a pretty chick if the opportunity arises. However, he can come off as rather arrogant and smug at times which may test the patience of his allies. He prefers to do things first, ask questions later. Because of this lack of patience, he can sometimes come off rather aggravated and impatient. He also doesn’t like it when people do not get to the point, so he tends to ignore the more subtle details of a task, a piece of information or whatever someone tells him.

Side: Fairy

Rank: Elemental

History: Jacy is a thief that works for a traveling Theatre Troup, brought up by its stocky but strong leader and his crew. He remembers very little about his parents and sometimes wishes that he had the chance to get to know them better. Because of this, Jacy considers the Theatre Troup to not only be his close friends, but family too. In their free time, they would go hunt for treasure or hang out in places like bars, talking with one another and flirting with girls.

This Theatre Troup is well known throughout the kingdom for its showmanship, skills and talent. Even Elisabeth herself is a fan of their work and would from time to time to attend their performances. She knows Jacy very well- though not in person, and sees fighting potential in him. She decides to invite Jacy to her palace and to ask if he’s interested in joining the fight and possessing the power of fire.

Jacy accepts her invitation, though he is more interested in using his new power to further his career than for the sake of Elisabeth and her kingdom.

Other: Being a performer for many years, he is able to manipulate his power in a more theatrical manner during fights (e.g: forming fiery swords, rings, firing balls of fire in all directions etc. Also, he has a deep knowledge of treasure hunting and tomb raiding and carries a small dagger with him, hidden in his boot.

And yes, he is up for some loving lol.
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