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High human

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Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:43 pm
Oxara says...

The world- Humans needed to evolve, to gain power; there were new dangers that demanded it. Those dangers being beings called spirits, creatures with magic often with a animal based form. We developed slight powers, some called it magic or witchcraft, they died quickly. Some developed the ability to control the water or some could blend into the shadows. In essence each family or tribe developed different type of magic. However rarely a more powerful non animal based spirit was born. This lead to rarely having a human born with large amounts of power called high human, some believed they could fight and win against even gods. However even after these large spirits were killed, or disappeared these high humans still appeared. These high humans are believed to be unable to die from age, making them near immortal. After a while territories developed, each ruled by a high human.

Courts- Often these territories, called courts, were nicknamed after their high lord. Each court had many tribes within its borders. Peace came and went, but the few cases that a high human did die, that high human’s court was throw into chaos and a power race to see who was the new high human begin, often the old high human offspring winning partly due to being born of large power and partly because their powers are fully compatible with the court. Moreover there are upwards of sixty tribes in each court. However not all humans have the same rights.

Social standings- Clearly the high human and his inner circle have the most social standing. Then it goes by power and wealth, power coming before anything else. However there is a major difference between the “warriors” or those who have the abilities to fight to a given level and the “lesser” humans who do not met that power or combat level. This terms comes form when humans first developed powers to fight spirits, and those who could not help were labeled as “lesser” or though they are more lesser humans than warriors. The lesser humans tried to change the name, or change the warrior class as some “warriors” humans did not even now how to fight, but just had large amount of powers. But no one ever changed it, perhaps it being easy to use the historical terms. However the biggest difference between these two is the secrets the “high warriors” keep which are the warrior class who have are the most powerful of everyone in the warrior class. These elite warrior, have trained one power that every human has, however it takes extreme power to fully control it. And that power is the power to bring a spirit into the world, controlling it. They can fight and can travel at extreme speeds, making it near impossible to track you or fire at.

Tribes- Despite this nearly all tribes and courts have a beneficial relationship even between warrior and lesser humans. They have emissary to talk to each other and trade with one another, even though each tribe makes their own laws for the most part as long as they don’t disagree with the high human’s laws and will.

The plot- However now a high human has slaughtered two other courts, capturing and controlling them, and he strives to capture every last court. We, our charcters are fighting for the power hungry high human. He says he fights for peace, by bringing everyone under one person’s control then their will be no war. However, as our characters discover, that is not his motive. He has tortured and killed people, who present no threat to him, even those in his own court. The most dangerous thing about the king though is, we know nothing about him, not what he looks like, what he sounds like, nothing but the bits of information his generals have told us. Even his real name other than “The king” is a closely guarded secret. Soon after this discovery, a high ranking officer approaches us, and offers to help us escape, in exchange we had to fight against the mad king army. We agree, pleased with the chance to bring peace to our home (or maybe your conflicted, up to you). We head off to another court, to begin our new fight agaist the person we were just fighting for.

Discussion plot- This is world building, plot and other information that is not set it stone but I would like to talk to all the writers who sign up for this story book, as it it not vital to the story and is mainly related to my character. So the few ideas I would like to discuss with you are is what if the tribe where my character came from was hidden (by my character's father a high human) form the evil king and that he has been using that as a place to help people escape this would allow me to write a little bit of this story line. Moreover the tribes that I have included below is part of this, however as it only deals with character creation I put it below. So if once we get a few writers, we can discuss the powers, world and plot together and if we want to change anything. However this a general idea for you to decide if your interested.

Note, this is not a apocalyptic world, this is just a world where before humans only learned to make spears and basic weapons, the spirits showed up leading to this world.

Character sign up-
any additional information

Tribe notes- As of release there will be three tribes for you to chose form, one is form the tribe my character is form allowing for simple shape shifts. The second would be the main tribe, where we were stationed before leaving. They have the power of energy manipulation. The third and final tribe, would be after we landed, which would be a nomadic tribe whose powers tend to focus around nature. As the storybook continues we will add more tribes, and you can pick form them as well. You can also create your own powers, however we may not dedicate a entire tribe to your character backstory, due to me wanting the story to be easy to follow. And I'm afraid that if everyone creates their own tribes it may be confusing. This just means that it may take a little bit to get your backstory which is the most likely choice, or if we get overwhelmed with too many tribes we may chose to not dive into another tribe. If you need clarification, ask me please.

Rules- If you are going to post something that is a major change/ plot development or deals with another person characters make to sure to let us(if it's a plot or major update) and in the other case let that character's author, know and that he/she agree to it.

Any other questions you are free to ask to me directly.

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Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:38 pm
Rydia says...

Hi All, this storybook has now been locked and moved to the archives due to there being no activity in the last three months. This doesn't mean it has to stay here though and if you'd like to rally and give it another go, please let any storybook moderator know and we'll move it back for you!
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