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Jade Empire: Chapter 1: The Lotus Blossom School DT

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Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:48 pm
KinetaAlettaThyra says...


(Yes, this Storybook was inspired by the old X-Box game 'Jade Empire'. I do not own Jade Empire. If I did, there would be a Number 2! :lol: and for those who have played the game:
Spoiler! :
This is in before the start of the game, y will end when the dark hand arives. But that won't be for a while

Plot Line:

You were selected or sent at birth to train at the Lotus Blossom School of Martial Arts in Ancient China. Here, you are trained for your future, whatever you choose it to be. Here, you will choose the path of the Open Palm, or the Closed Fist. There is something strange going on at the school, an unexplained tension. The talk of Demon stories are spreading. Some students are disapearing, no one knows why. (The rest is up to you)
Who will stand by you?
What will you learn?
What path will you take?

What you need to know:(This is in fictional Ancient China, with an emporer and everything. There are dorms, 2 girl, 2 boy. I will tell you which one you are in when I accept you :D )

The Two Paths:

Path of the Open Palm: This path is basically good, and help the ones who need help, but so they can learn how to take care of themselves in the future and can help themsleves. The Path of the Open Palm is also known as the 'High Path'

Path of the Closed Fist: This path is mostly associated with evil, but there is a difrence. If an evil person saw a homeless person begging for food, he would leave the man to starve out of evil. But one of the Closed Fist would leave the man becuase he should be able to take care of himself. Not just out of evilness. This is also known as the 'Low Path'

Styles of Fighting:

Hand To Hand:

Leaping Tiger:Those who have seen this move, and lived, swear seeing metal like claws coming from the fighters knuckles (Like Wolverine from X-Men). This style is mostly a mix of
Thousand Cuts:When using this style, it is like hav eing a thousand hands cutting all at once, hence the name. This style is focused on speed.
Legendary Strike:This stire is a powerfull blow, and is said to break bones. This style is mostly focused on precision.
White Demon:Basically, you charge your enemy in such a mater that they sometimes run screaming. This is focused on ferosity


Blades:Usally curved and light
Stafs:Usally long and heavy

Magical:(You pick ONE and you can't use it too much, cause it's very draining.)

Rushing River(Water):(OPEN PALM ONLY) The ability to project balls of water from your hands.
Demon Fire(Fire):(CLOSED FIST ONLY) The ability to project balls of fire from your hands
Eternal Earth(Earth):(OPEN PALM) The ability to raise small balls of earth rise from the earth
Tempest Tossed(Storm):(CLOSED FIST) The ability to create balls of storm form your hands

Character Profile:
Spoiler! :
Name: (Something like: Li the scholar or Rushing Fou or something)
Age: (6-18)
Apperance: (PLEASE keep it black or dark brown, We don't need a chinese school of blonies)
Picture: (Please put in 'Spoiler')
Personality: (please atleast a basic summary)
Path: (can't be changed ...)
Fighting Styles: (One hand to hand, one weapon optional(please describe weapon) and ONE magic power.)

>NO being another persons charecter often please! I know I hate it alot when someone uses my character as a randomm doll that has the opposite personality (s)he's supposed to have. But, if you need to you can, but KEEP THEM IN THIER PERSONALITIES!
>NO 'Physical' Romance. PLEASE! there are younger kids on this site! But romances are allowed, even encouraged
>NO goddmoding! We don't need all that stuf! Please keep it fair
>PLEASE post often! If you join, please post! :)
>NO killing another persons character uless you get permission form the person incharge of the character
>Limit TWO charecters per person. And only few will have two. The rest, one.
>All the other basic Storybook rules

People In Storybook:

Open Palm:

Closed Fist:

Curiosity killed the cat,
But Satisfaction brought it back! :D
If that never happened,
How do you think I'm still here? ;)

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