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Malfunction DT.

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Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:58 am
Firearris says...


Or view the storybook here: topic61296.html
[Griffinkeeper] 10:45 pm: The guard appears "We have weasels now!"
[Firearris] 10:45 pm: askes the guard for the weasel!
[Griffinkeeper] 10:45 pm: The guard gives Firearris the Weasel.
[Firearris] 10:46 pm: aquires the weasel and renames it "Cat"

Take that, Lumi.

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Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:36 am
Lethero says...

Ok, I did some math using items that will be invented around 2016 that will help us.

First off: out of our solar system, I propose we use solar sails. They uses radiation and photons from the sun to pull us along like a kite surfer. I don't know how fast it says it will go but I want to say half the speed of light which would get us to pluto in about a day. Then on pluto we could get a fuel up at a specially made station with a rare fuel(doesn't have to be real) and we can say it can get us to 75+% speed of light, which will get us to the nearest planet outside our solar system in 14, or less, years. Now that's a long time, but that would still be better than what we can do now.

I'm not saying we have to do this, but I propose it because it uses technology that will be in use by that time.
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