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Sword and Storm DT

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Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:08 pm
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sylverdawn says...

all right here's the discussion thread for Sword and Storm. We can figure out the plot and everything here. I'll also post a list of characters right now so that people don't have to keep back tracking as the story progresses.

sylverdawn- Rai, a half-god with the ability to use lightning and wind. Was once a Krayan slave but escaped and joined the rebellion.

Maybe- Tristan, a half-god with the ability to make illusions. Remembers nothing from before he was enslave by Kraya. He side's with neither Kraya or the Rebels.

TN Cowgirl- Sena, a fairy with control of the natural world, she can also grant you a wish if you do her a favor. Imprisoned by one of the provincial lords, who are just Kraya's figureheads. Currently sides with neither Kraya or the Rebels.

Aedomir- Aedomir, a human who was exiled for reasons unknown, is trying to return to society. Has a sword that he uses to channel elements fire, wind, earth, water. Travelling with his horse, Rothorn. Sides with the Rebels.

Sishbee- Finn, a human whose village was destroyed has been lost in the forest ever since, trying to get back to civilization. Has a sword that can change shape and return to her like a boomerang. One of the Rebels.

Maki-chan- Jasmine, a fairy who's been alone almost all her life, is trying to find her big brother. Can control the moon and manipulate water. Sides with neither Kraya or the Rebels.

Leo, a fairy and Jasmine's older brother, can manipulate the sun and control fire. Sides with Kraya.

piepiemann- Gin, a human who's village was destroyed for believing in half-gods. can manipulate lightning, though his control is poor, and move at high speeds. His powers only appeared after his village was destroyed. Sides with the Rebels.

kittykat- Genevieve, a half-god who has no memory of her old life. Wants to avoid Kraya. Uses an ice/water sword. Sides with neither Kraya or the Rebels.

Alright that's everyone so far. If you have ideas for the plot and stuff please post here.

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