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GT Character Thread

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Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:46 am
Griffinkeeper says...

Please post your Character Bios for GT here, along with any planned Character interactions.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:17 am
deleted6 says...

Full Name: Adrian Temperast

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthplace: The Temple of Justice

Father's Name: Lorunst Temperast(Grand master)

Mother's Name: Ariel Temperast(Grand Mistress)

Race:Enlightened Human

Eye Color: gold

Height: 7.5

Social Class: Enlightened

Class Type: Paladin

Appearance: Tall with a strong build finely crafted features on face calm gold eyes. Long black hair coming down to his ears. small mouth with fine straight teeth.

Clothing: A suit of gold armour emblazed with the hammer and scales of justice. A large helmet made of iron with a visor.

Character: Not very open, finds it hard to believe he did his best. Only real friend within group is Becky. A man, who once ran from battlefield. Is starting to finally make up for that. Fights for what he believes.

Weapon(s): Dagger and Bastard Sword encrusted with valuable gems. The blade has designs that grow blue. Also a shield with the same crest as his armour

Spells:Healing and Destroy Undead and Ghost swords.

Special Skills: Mediatation

Natural Abilities:A aura of enlightenment surrounds him

Brief History: Adrian was born in the temple of justice. His parents didn't want a child for it was against the temple rules for intimate relationship to exist. Especially with Grand master for at an early age Grand Masters exprienced the higher plain making them enlightened and good. Adrian was born like any other baby but after a few years he slowly became more intrested in armour weapons and war. His parents beg him not to fight but he ran off.

In the battlefield he saw the true horror of it all people begging for death no glory no way for him to help. From that moment on he swore to protect those less unfortunate than him. He learned the magic to heal so he help as well as serve people. Through the years he become more like his Dad and now for no selfish reasons he decides to help the king in this endeavour.

During the year before. He went with a group, who's purpose originally had been to help settlers. They all then found out more, they were suppose to kill an order of monks.

He has feelings for a young woman called Becky, but yet to understand them.

Alignment: True good.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:34 am
Dynamo says...

Name: Zel

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral/Good

Appearance: Blond spiky hair, a glazed over look in his blue eyes, black leather jacket with no undershirt, brown pants that are cut off just below his knees, sandals, fingerless leather gauntlets with knuckle protection, carries a small jug of wine tied to his belt.

Powers: If you can call "Drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol and not dieing" a power then yeah.

Skills: Zel aspires in several types of martial arts, but he is a master of Drunken Boxing. Drunken Boxing is a fighting style where the user sways around as if he was drunk. Because of this this style has no set stance and is near impossible for an opponent to track the user's movements. Incidentally, this style of fighting becomes stronger when Zel is tanked.

History: After losing his parents at a very young age Zel was taken in to a temple by monks. During his childhood he learned many forms of martial arts as he trained with the monks. At the age of 15 he was thrown out of the temple after drinking all the sacramental wine in the cellar. After wards he trained with a master of Drunken Boxing until the age of 23 where he left on a journey of fame, self discovery, and beer.

Bio: Zel is one of the biggest drunks you could ever meet, but that doesn't mean he can't fight. He always has a glazed over look in his eyes, even when he's not wasted. He is usually friendly to others unless given a reason otherwise. To him, beer is the most important thing in the world. If he were in the middle of a fight and saw a sign that said free beer, fights over because he ran off to find the beer. He becomes more focused in a fight depending on how much he drank. To make things simple: Beer + Normal Situation = Bad, Beer + Fight = Good.

As far as I can think, I don't think there's any planned character interactions with him other than the main characters meeting him in a bar during a bar fight.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:46 am
Ego says...

Full Name: Lord Seraph Belfast Wyrmsbane, Eighth Son of Belfast

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Birthplace: Bloodfire Keep, in the barrens of the Bloodplains.

Father's Name: Lord Dmitri Belfast (Human...ish)

Mother's Name: Lady Mali Belfast (Human)

Race: Undead Planetouched

Eye Color: none (eyes removed)

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 250 lbs.

Social Class: King of the Blood Plains

Class Type: Baneguard

Appearance: Physically powerful--Seraph retains much of his previous physique. His skin color has diminished from an unearthly, almost glowing tan, to a deathly palor. He is covered in Banic Runes, which are permanently burned into his skin by the Evil god. His physical body is dead, killed by the power of the curse bestowed upon him. He wears a blindfold covering his eyes, behind which shines an infernal crimson glow.

--Crimson hued plate armor, trimmed in gold
--Medium Shield emblazoned with the Blood Moon

--Belfast Blade

Spells: none

Special Skills: Proficient swordsman, novice strategist. Highly trained in the art of war, and gifted with a natural sense of justice. His sense of law and order is uncontested; he bows before no man, and serves only Falthyr, the god of retribution.

Natural Abilities: Drain life force, Sacrifice, Weapon Enhancement (details on request)

Brief History: Born in the Bloodfire Keep, Seraph learned from a young age that he was different from other boys. He had an affinity for blood, the sight of it invigorated him. He knew he was a born warrior. He was taught the ways of the sword by his father, former Avatar of Retribution and Templar of the same god. Upon reaching his 18th birthday, he was cast out of the keep and forced to wander the barren wasteland surrounding his oasis home. By sheer willpower, he made it out of the wastelands and into the nearest town. He collapsed at the border of the two countries, his arm falling over the boundary and onto green grass. In the blackness of his mind, he was visited by the God of Retribution. Sometime during the events of JiN, he changed sides, reverting back to Bane's side. After stealing the Wizard's Tome from the group and killing stabbing Alden in the back, he disappeared. He has not been seen or heard from since. Mysterious deaths in the area, however, hint at his presence.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil--Seraph has succumbed to Bane's influence.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:19 am
Twit says...

What's GT? 'Scuse my ignorance.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:18 pm
Jennafina says...

Full Name: Becky Stillman

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Human

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'6" average build.

Occupation: none yet.

History: Sedegely survivor. She ran away and hid at the first sign of trouble. Becky and her siblings were trained by her parents. She followed the hero's group away from Sedegely because of her shame at her cowardice. She was apprenticed to Alden the Gryphon, and was learning Combat skills from anyone willing to teach her.

Personality: Before the destruction of Sedgeley, she was carefree and social; occasionally cruel to outcasts such as Finn, and generally normal. After, she is focused. Her ineptitude bothers her, and she is constantly trying to improve herself. She never notices when she is getting better at something, instead she obsesses over losing her flaws. Becky admires solitary characters, and does her best to imitate them, but invariably fails.

She acts like she doesn't remember Sedgeley, but it's always on her mind.

Appearance: Unable to control facial expression, so she always looks how she feels. Her face isn't pretty at all; her eyebrows are too thick, her nose is freckled and her mouth is small and full of crooked teeth. She has a cute smile though. Sandy brown hair.

Speech: When Becky talks she is understandable, but doesn't quite have the hang of grammar.

Clothing: Normally, leather vest over brown tunic, brown pants. During her apprenticeship, she wore a mended, canary yellow tabard with matching pants and a wide leather belt.

-- father's sword, with decorated sheath.
-- dagger

Spells/magic: Minor. She can magically repair things some of the time.

Special Skills:
-- Easy to forget. Because of her plain features and clothing and quiet manor, she is often ignored, and isn't perceived as a threat. She can gain information this way.

-- Doesn't get bored. Becky has an amusing brain, and can thus entertain herself for hours without needing to do anything physically. This is interesting for others to watch, because it appears that she is just sitting there making faces.

-- Not very gullible. She had lots of siblings.

-- Proficient with a blade, but inexperienced in combat. Angers very quickly while fighting, because of her need for revenge, and loses control. Sort of like a barbarian, only more reckless and less talented. She'd be a liability until she gains more experience.

-- Her face. She can't control it at all, which makes it near impossible for her to conceal her emotions, or to lie.

-- Afraid of animals, including horses (or anything not humanoid.) She can overcome this, but not until she's sufficiently determined.

-- Distant until she knows someone well, and then overly clingy and emotionally needy.

Alignment: unsure. It could depend on what happens in this storybook.
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Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:51 pm
sabradan says...

Full Name: Lord Valin Norovir, Crown Prince of the Elves (Just goes by Valin to his freinds, and Milord, Your Lordship, etc, to those who aren't)

Gender: male

Age: 532 (looks about 22-ish...its the elvish equivalent)

Birthplace: the elven stronghold of Tor Arcana

Father's Name: ? (somebody help me with these)

Mother's Name: ? (somebody help me please?)

Race: Elf (mixed High elf with Grey(mountain) Elf

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6 feet

Occupation: Jack of all trades. Elven noble, adventurer, assasin, sell-sword
Class Type: Warrior/Assasin minor spell caster

Clothing: Usually wears black and grey cloth tunics with a simple (by elven standards, thus, still somewhat intricate) black cloak with a hood over the tunics. Under his tunics, he wears Elven mail armor.
Weapon(s): two daggers, bow, two long swords of elven forge, poison

Spells: as an elf, he has the innate ability to control basic elemental magics without any formal trianing. His preferred element is fire

Special Skills:nightvision, exceptional swordsmanship and horsemanship, also survival in adverse conditions (i.e. long expeditions into the forest)

Natural Abilities: ability to control basic elemental magic, nightvision

Classification: Rogue/Fighter with a smattering of ranger. Rogue was primary, now rogue and fighter hold about equal importance.

Brief History:Valin was the first born and only born son of one of the last of the great elven families. When he was very young, his father and mother were murdered by a band of usurpers who wished the title that his father held, and that he was to inherit (his father was a lesser-noble). His nanny quickly took the babe out of the home where his parents were murdered, and took him to live with his uncle, who raised him. He taught him the ways of the sword, and the forest, as well as many other things. He taught him the truth of his parent's death, and what his inheritance was, and that when the time was right, he must take revenge.
He has a tendency to be a smartass, and a womanizer, and enjoys the drink, but not to the point where it (completely) overwhelms him. He is freindly with the people in town, and talks with them, but that is about it. He has a small group of dedicated freinds that he is often seen with, but other than that, not many "Freinds". His enemies typically don't last very long

Alignment:true neutral
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Fri Apr 27, 2007 2:11 am
Griffinkeeper says...

Name: Lady Ria Pliara

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5'4"

Race: Human

Weight: 120 lbs.

Class: Keeper

Bio: At the age of sixteen, she became Alden's Keeper, and has taken care of him ever since. She is of noble birth and being Alden's keeper allowed her many doors not available to other ladies.

For the last year, she has been taking care of a young gryphon known as Kira and waiting for any news from Alden. Unfortunately, she has heard nothing. When she heard that a new party was being assembled, she insisted on joining it.

Personality: She has a very forceful personality, which is very shocking to those who aren't used to it. She is very perceptive, except when she's angry, which occurs often enough. She is also a control/neat freak. She demands the best of people and often gets it. She is also well educated.

Speech: She speaks clearly. She'll tend to use more sophisticated words and speech patterns. She uses slang or a profanity, only when it is appropriate.

Spells/Magic: None.

Special Skills: Ria is skilled with the Rapier, a good cook, and also knows a bit about medicinal herbs and bandages. Her strengths are more for after combat than during combat.


Doesn't work well with others: Ria prefers being in control and that alienates other people frequently.

Combat: While she can use a Rapier, it is mostly for her own defense. She also possesses a dagger, but she is less skilled with that.

Superiority Complex: She believes she is better than she is and this causes her to bite off more than she can chew.


Name: Alden Novoir

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Gryphon

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5" on all fours, significantly taller on hind legs.

Wingspan: 10 feet across.

Occupation: Sky Ranger.

Class Type: Hero.

Clothing: Typically a flight harness.

Weapons: Fighting Claws.

Spells: As a gryphon, he can feel the area around him by using air magic.

Special Skills: Can fly long distances, is an excellent observer, and is a skilled warrior. Able to think strategically and tactically. Able to carry 200 lbs of stuff.

Bio: For the past year, he has been in hiding, recovering from a massive wound inflicted on him by Seraph. General Harris is focused on finding him, so he has had to go to extreme lengths to avoid being found, especially in his weakened state. He's been training up, so that he is almost at full strength.


Name: Kira Novoir

Gender: Female

Race: Gryphon

Age: 1

Height: 4 feet.

Wingspan: 8 feet.

Clothing: Flight Harness

Class: Fledgling

Bio: In Kira's young life, she has been taught continuously by Ria. While very bright, she is inexperienced. She doesn't know how to fly, her flight feathers have only just grown in. Flying itself isn't easy for her.

She's child like, but her vision and claws are still formidable. Her speech patterns will be very careful. When she makes a mistake, she quickly corrects it. She won't know a lot of words, so she will often ask for clarification, then try to use the word in a sentence.

While she isn't useful in combat or after combat, she is extremely talented in magic. She has no instruction, nor has she been able to do more than make weird lights wink into existence and fly around in patterns. Strange things may occur when she's around.
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Fri Apr 27, 2007 5:46 am
Dargquon Ql'deleodna says...

Name:Sirloaz Tranleen / Zaolris

Race:Human (demon soul sealed inside him)



Eye Color: One Blue (right) and one Black (left) (when possessed clouded over)

Height: 5'11"

Occupation: Renegade


Description: Pale/gray looking skin (dead looking), toned muscles. Short Grey hair, small goatee are generally what his hair is like (currently long grey hair due to captivity). Body covered in undecipherable writing and symbols. Two eyes one blue one black. Wears leather armor (its simple, mostly smooth except for a large cut along the back), Gloves have spikes on the knuckles and side of the arm. Boots have climbing spikes. Arms and hands badly scarred.

---3 Long thin daggers
---Black, charred looking longbow.

Characteristic Traits:Looks at ground often (as if looking for tracks), tends to disappear, blends in with nature, and very quiet. When possessed he forgets most forms of caution, but does not jump into a fight blindly; also he has no thoughts of friends all are foe (when possessed).

Back story:Tran was found out in the woods covered in strange tattoos.
Cared for by villagers; later in his life village was set on fire by some creature. Lived in forest and mountains, occasionally visiting small towns and villages, hardly ever went to big cities. (new) The tattoos are a seal containing the soul of a demon within him, not much is known about it other than it is extremely dangerous. Due to his broken mental state after an encounter with a Priest of Bane's mind rip the demon can possibly take control at any moment of mental trauma.

alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:02 pm
misspriss says...

I WILL be joining, I shall commence to making my character bio as soon as I can!
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Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:51 am
Ego says...

Shadow-- GT stands for "The Greatest Treasure"--it is the third in a trilogy of storybooks we've been running. Please note that no previous knowledge is needed of the preceding storybooks to participate.
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Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:47 pm
misspriss says...

Full Name: Alana Kunahara (Uh--lane--uh Coon--uh--har--uh)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Race: Human

Height: 5’7”

Occupation: Nothing permanent, but she sometimes works at taverns and bars in the town she is.

Alana was born out of wedlock. Her father disappeared when she was born, and it is obvious he abandoned her and her mother. When she got old enough, Alana, headstrong and spoiled, ran away from the small village where she and her mother lived, to go to a large, exciting town. She left on terrible terms with her mother, who only really wanted to protect her from the harsh realities she herself had gone through.
She lived in town for quite some time, and the time on the streets molded her into the hard person she is now. So she basically goes where she wants, doing what she wants. Traveling, she creates quite a picture, frolicking from town to town like a gypsy.

Strong-willed and stubborn, Alana sees what she wants, and takes it. At her best she is fun to be around, energetic, and carefree. On the other hand, she has a hot temper and a sharp tongue. She can be cold, uncaring, and even cruel sometimes.

Tall and slender, Alana has beautiful liquid gold eyes that flash when she’s angry, and long, curly, dark brown hair, with ringlets that frame her oval face. She has With her lips stained red, and the gold jewelry she wears, you might mistake her for a whore at first, and yet you wouldn’t be too far from the truth!


Weapons: She is very good at throwing daggers, and always carries several of them with her. She had to protect herself from drunks and robbers in the city. She can also wield a sword, if given one, but she is definitly not a master at it.

Clothing: Usually some ostentatious clothing. A corset with a long brightly colored skirt.

Alignment: Neutral. As I said before, she sees what she wants, and grabs it. No matter what the cost.

What I Have In Mind For This Character: I basically really want to develop her character well, how unfeeling she can be. She'll have a man for usually a couple weeks at longest, who will nobley give her his heart, and then doesn't have the least care what happens to him when she loses interest. He could be dead for all she cares.

I'd love it if she actually finds love, and is completely bewildered and confused. Here is this uncaring, unfeeling person, who suddenly DOES care about someone. :) Plus I, myself, am a hopeless romantic.

EDIT: I finally finished! Go me. :D

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Sun Apr 29, 2007 7:02 pm
Fand says...

Full Name: Fionnabhair (finn-a-vair) "Finn" Chant

Gender: female

Age: 23

Birthplace: the village of Sedgeley in the Blackwode Mountains

Father's Name: Conleth Chant (deceased)

Mother's Name: Mabina Chant (deceased)

Siblings' Names: one younger brother, Liam Chant (deceased)

Race: boring ol' human, but she's certainly *cough* one of a kind...

Eye color: grey-blue

Hair color: auburn

Height: 5'3"

Build: the sturdy side of petite

Class type: Ranger

Occupation: Guide and scout, occasionally a tracker, though she's only mediocre at the latter.

Appearance: Sturdily built, but petite; she’s barely five-foot-three, which is handy in the forest. Auburn hair which, if down, is unbrushed and wild with a high probability of “decorative” leaves; if up, usually escaping from a messy braid. Pale complexion, pale blue-gray eyes. Her face, though it wouldn’t win any contests, is pleasing enough when it isn’t set in its habitual scowl.

Clothing: Eschews feminine styles, much to her mother’s dismay; wears her brother’s hand-me-downs more often than not. Buckskin trews, oversized hunting shirts, vests and muddied boots. She’s particularly fond of a large, floppy-brimmed hat featuring an enormous feather that her father received as a gift once from a nobleman he served. Always carries at least two pitching daggers when she’s away from home, and rarely leaves without her quarterstaff (six feet in length, ash tipped with metal caps).

Weapon(s): She’s quite talented with a quarterstaff and a little better than proficient with pitching daggers and knife-fighting. As she’s rarely the one doing the hunting, but rather the one leading the hunter to his game, she found no reason to acquaint herself with the bow and arrow. As a few of her cockier customers found out, she also has a good punch for a man, let alone a woman, and kicks hard.

Spells: She has no magic herself, and no experience with it, coming from such a small town.

Personality: Incredibly willful and independent; the only person she’ll accept the word “no"you saplea from is her brother, and occasionally her father. Luckily for the people around her, Finn also harbors rather antisocial tendencies. Has a wicked tongue and rarely curbs it. As antisocial and caustic as she is, though, Finn also tends to attach herself to others—especially those whom she particularly admires and respects. For these people, she’d do anything short of commit suicide, literally or in a roundabout way (her sense of self-preservation is very much intact). Once her trust is broken, it is rarely—if ever—gained back. Soft spot for music, and though she wouldn’t admit it under pain of death, children. Loathes the very concept of marriage and has never experienced love beyond the filial or fraternal, or even strong attraction.

-- Sneaking. Having to work in the forest, often tracking large, shy game for wealthy hunters from the city, Finn has always had an innate penchant for sneaking about unnoticed.
-- Agility. Again, a must for a guide and scout.
-- Sense of direction. She could find the airts on a cloudy day in a foreign land without much thought.

-- Willful to a fault, as mentioned above.
-- Often doesn’t think before acting, especially in relation to other people. This tends to land her in trouble.
-- Distrustful. This especially applies to any man who shows interest in her, as she automatically decides that he’s either been put up to it by her mother or is up to no good. She also isn’t overly fond of authority figures, who she sees as being unacquainted with the “real world.”

Brief history: Her family is small and comes from an equally small town, where her mother Mabina makes dyes and her father Conleth guides hunters and travelers through the mountains. Her brother, Liam, apprentices under the village’s blacksmith, while Finn has followed in her father’s footsteps—and seems to be well on her way to surpassing his skill, as she has a natural talent for woodsmanship. She has had little in the way of formal education, but a few of father’s more regular customers have paid him in books, and she has a natural intelligence that, if it had been cultivated, could have been formidable. As it is, she’s merely a clever girl with truly awful speech patterns. Some might consider her life to have been lonely, as she has very, very few people she would call friends, but Finn has almost always found the company of her family enough. And though she’s trekked the Blackwode Mountains up and down many times in her young life, she’s never felt the need to leave them before. Lately, though, she’s had the worst case of wanderlust…
During the course of JiN, Finn's hometown of Sedgeley was destroyed, and she turned her back on her past without looking back (except to shoot dirty looks at Becky). She also began to develop rather strong romantic feelings for Seraph Belfast, but is uncertain of how to deal with them--or, for that matter, him.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Finn (and yes, she's wearing a dress, but bear with me ;)):
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Fri May 04, 2007 6:10 pm
Ego says...

Name: Dreffan
Age: 19
Height: 6’
Weight: 170 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Rank: Arrow of Bane (cavalry)
Country of Origin: Blood Plains of Nemana
Religion: Bane
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Olive
Physique: Lean but muscular
Ability Scores: 15 str, 17 dex, 15 con, 12 int, 8 wis, 12 cha
Appearance: Muscles honed to perfection, very low (<3%) bodyfat, hair cropped close to
his head so as to not get in his way in combat, always clean shaven, no body hair. His face is almost that of an elf, with slightly feminine features that manage to look masculine on him.
--CombiSpear-- a standard issue spear that comes in two, five feet segments that may be
assembled quickly (10-15 seconds) to form one, ten foot long spear, or left apart
to form a five foot bo stick or five foot short spear. A secondary spear head is
also able to be attached at the end of the bo stick, to form either a second short
spear or a double headed long spear. The spear itself is reinforced at each end of
the segment by steel plating, to prevent the ends from being taken off during a
parry in battle. The shaft itself is made of stained, polished mahogany, specially
treated to reduce friction on Dreffan’s hands while he uses it in battle. The
segments are stored in specially crafted loops on Dreffan’s back or on the saddle
of his horse.
--Horseman’s Mace-- a simple, four flanged head crafted in the sign of Bane sits perched
atop a sturdy, steel shaft. Used primarily as a secondary weapon, should Dreffan
lose his spear. Stored on a loop in Dreffan’s belt.
--Studded Leather-- the leather of Dreffan’s armor (which is standard for all warriors of
his unit) is dyed a dull, deep black. The individual studs are made of steel,
designed to deflect the shashing weapons usually used by foot soldiers.
--Tabard-- Crimson red with a white stripe down the center, adorned with both the crest of Bane and the Belfast Coat of Arms.
--Black Tunic/Pants
--Knee-high Black Boots-- spit-shined to perfction.
Misc Possessions:
--Belt Pouches
--Sewing Kit
--Replacement Spear heads (3)
Personality Profile: As with all Nemanic children, Dreffan was trained in warfare and academics, as well as the Dogma of Bane—power, dedication, and freedom of will. Unfortunately, as with all Nemanics, he was also taught to be paranoid. Taught that world was against the Blood Plains, and that each and every country in the world would kill them, simply for worshipping Bane, whom they believe to be a benevolent god. As such, he has little knowledge of the outside world, and has little desire to. However, there is something about him that sets him apart from other Nemanics. Instead of his fist, he prefers to fight with his tongue. Not to say that he isn’t skilled with his weapon of choice, he merely prefers to fight battles where few know how to—in the depths of one’s wit. His mind is as sharp as his spear’s edge, and he uses it with more finesse than an olympic class fencer. He can read people as if they were an open book, written in his native tongue. Dreffan is largely untested in physical combat, however. He has been on three Wyrm hunts, and has battled against the undead that roam the Blood Plains, but he has yet to fight a cunning opponent of his own skill level. Dreffan, while an extrovert by nature, puts out very little of himself for the world to see. His personal beliefs, emotions, and thoughts are buried beneath an air of cool confidence and the sound of his wisecracks. He is slow to anger, quick to smile, and ultimately guiltless when it comes to killing those he feels are a danger to himself or his country.
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Shadowsun says...

Name: Sighard Janason

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Birthplace: Askam

Father's Name: Jana Tolinson

Mother's Name: Ida Ragnarsda

Race: Human

Appearance: Light blonde hair that is flattened beneath his helmet, green eyes and a slightly misshapen nose from a barfight when he was a teenager.

Class Type: Soldier/Guard

Clothing: A brown leather tunic with a set of iron chain mail on top of it. He wears a pair of brown trousers with a set of brown leather overalls on top of them, an iron helmet, a black leather belt with a longsword sheath attatched to it and a pair of black leather boots.

Character: A very intelligent person, but he doesn't give it away because he fears promotion. He can be quiet at times when he is deep in thought but he is normally a talkative person.

Weapon(s): A steel longsword with small chunks missing out of it in places, a wooden circular shield with an iron centre, a long dagger in his right boot and a long spear with a leafshaped steel tip.

History: His father served in the army and was posted in the garisson near the town of Askam where Sighard was born. Sighard was raised with a sword in hand and was playind with knifes and daggers before he could walk. At the age of twelve he began to train with a sword and shield managed to become his fathers equal in that are after five long years of hard training. He quickly mastered the spear after that and then tried to master the bow. He failed miserably at this and decided he would avoid bows whenever he could.

Sighard joined the army after his father died, following in his footsteps. He was posted to General Harris' division after leading the defenders of the town of Askam from a bandit attack. He was quickly assigned to Harris' bodyguard after proving himself time and time again in battle.
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