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Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:04 am
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Gender: None specified
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Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:05 am
PoetryWorkshop says...


The following are the journals of those who are participating NaPo, all in one place for your convenience!

NaPo Jouranls

a bucolic meadow, Nikayla

[insert flowy, poetic, NaPo title here], SpiritedWolfe

All I Want To Do Is See You Turn Into A Giant Woman, Audy

evanesence, Falconer

the entire history of human desire takes 70 minutes to tell, LadySpark

In transit, TriSARAHTops

Fowl Play (previously titled 'Ducks'), Hattable

cocoa hands, hexglass

I'm going to shave a dog and name it Bruce, Willard

Life is Mysterious, Remembrance

a girl swallows a lunar eclipse, Pompadour

you are here, Sonder

valley walk, silverhanded

Sadbox, Nightshade

spectral canyon, Morrigan

paper and ink monsters, Aleta

merlot footnotes, Demeter

Daylight is for people who don't know how to use flashlights, Holysocks

war-torn, lovestruck, Autumns

i am not afraid anymore, Iggy

kintsugi ~ a call to arms, Apricity

bedside manner, StellaThomas

Let's see if I can do this [Fat cat scribbles], Lava

honeymoon vibes

caffé mocha with a side of heartbreak, marmalade

a tarot spread for nonbelievers, Sachiko

but colored shapes still move by, Hannah

reckless history, Steggy

fork, soundofmind

a collage of mismatched contemplations, alliyah

Drought, Meshugenah

Inkstand Musings, PrincessInk

the girl with the origami heart, bluewaterlily

lizz's lyrical landing, ElizabethLovelace

as the rain patters on the roof, fortis

This is Not A Poem, Lareine

you and me and the dark make light

How to Deal with the Buzzards Poking at Your Eyes, TheSilverFox

walk away;recover; Lumi

Into the Stars, Aley

Pillow Fights and Kaleidoscopes, RoseAndThorn

buried under the coffee table, niteowl

you know what this is, PenguinAttack

Wishful thinking, Auxiira

magyk spell, Mage

Lifekus, Snoink

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