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Step right up to get yer Tiger reviews right here!

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Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:54 pm
WhiteTiger93 says...

Hey there!

So you want a review, right? NO! :) Kidding, I would be honored to review your work. Before I get into what I prefer to review, let me warm you about myself. I am sometimes very blunt. I don't try to be mean, I swear, but I don't have the "candy coat" filter in my brain. XD So just know, that sometimes I can be harsh.

With every critique I give, however, I will tell you something that I liked about your work. I don't do the nitpick thing very well, but I will point out what I do notice. Just know, sometimes I don't look too hard at the spelling cause my critiques are generally on the story, characters, plot, etc.

Now, for what I can review for you all! :D In order from my preference.

-Historical Fiction
-Romantic Fiction
-Fantasy Fiction
-Science Fiction

-Narrative Poetry
-Lyrical Poetry


-Artwork (meaning paintings, drawing, etc.)

If your genre is not on there and you ask for a review chances are I won't review it. Not cause I'm trying to be mean, but because it honestly wouldn't help you at all. I promise. Oh! Before I forget!

If your genre is a PARODY I WILL NOT touch it, even if it falls under one of the above genres, simply because I really can't do it. They are good for making me laugh, of course, but honestly I can't take it seriously enough to review it, even if it is well written.

I'm also not good with poetry, but I do like narrative and lyrical, so I'll try just for those two. ;)

So hit me with your best shot! Bring 'em on and I hope I don't disappoint you. :)
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Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:16 pm
captaindomdude says...

Hey, I saw your thread and was wondering if you would what I've written of my novel. It's called Apocalypse: what now?. I'll post a link at the bottom of this mesage, because I think that's how this goes. Anyway, I'm looking for a second opinion really, mostly on my latest chapter. I had someone tell me that it was good, but that I needed to flesh out my character more and do something about my ending. I'm not sure about the character, I can probably do a little more to him, but I thought my ending was decent. Second opinion please? There are only three chapters and a short prologue, so don't worry if I sounded like I'm asking you to read up to chapter 22 or something. Heck, you can even just read chapter 3, though you would be missing a lot of context in that regard.

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Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:39 am
UrbanNomad says...

Hi there,
if you want to review my poem

it is called "Clouds" and is about writers block
Thanks, Oliver

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Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:30 am
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SerenityCross says...

Hi. I am in need for someone to re review my novel, because I have edited it and added the next chapter. Both constructive and negative critisism is welcome and I would really appreciate it. :mrgreen:

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Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:51 pm
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polinkacreations says...

Hey Tiger:)
Would you spare some time to check out my recent attempt at a novel?
I will be putting up a chapter 3 soon, but before that, I want to see how the other two are:)
It's a fantasy novel of *only* two chapters (for now), about a war (which is still on its way) of humans and the supernatural, something humans have conquered, and now it's striking back...

Here it is: novel.php?id=1934

If you need a review from me, feel free to visit this link: topic88569.html
I'll be nice:)

Thanks in advance,
polly xx
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