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Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:12 am
Cspr says...

Hey! So, Cspr here and ready to review. Clearly, I'm totes doing this for points and to be, well, nice. Also, this way I can find things I want to r&r a lot easier than just wading through the masses hoping for half-decent grammar, perhaps some characters I like, and a vaguely cohesive, interesting, and fresh plot.

Basically, I'm asking for too much, but I've read a lot. I expect plenty. In other news, this means I'm pretty knowledgeable, at least. I'm not perfect, same as anybody and I doubt you thought I was, but I do know my shiz most of the time.

What I will Review:

    Genres: Fantasy (dark, high, urban, etc.), science fiction (soft-core, steampunk), general (realistic, horror, police procedural, handful of others), non-cliche-romance, paranormal, and multiple-genre.
    Length: Short story with definite beginning and end, novellas, novels.

    Free verse
    Length: Not over 3,000 words.

    Television series, movie-length, play.
    Genre: Drama, fantasy, science fiction (soft-core, steampunk), paranormal, romance-as-subplot, police procedural, general, multiple-genre.
    Length: N/A

*Though I won't be able to nitpick the formatting quite as much as the other two, I can review these for creativity and sense-making, plot and characters, etc.

Things I Don't Really Like to Read:

    Very religious/anti-religious things--unless you go Song of Ice and Fire or Supernatural, then that's okay. (Yeah, I don't make sense.)

    Bigoted shiz. Basically, your characters can be hateful, but if I get the feeling you want to go lynch people, I will be fearful.

    Lots of language, gore, or adult scenes. I can handle some, but--I mean, make it have a purpose? And fit the genre? And what you want to achieve with the literary work?

    Romance. Unless it's angsty and dramatic and sort of sub-genre-y. Not woe-be-to-be-with-my-lack-of-a-SO or I'm-so-hot-without-glasses-look! or I-so-hate-him-oh-heck-lets-make out.

    In relation to everything, I'm not very emotional. Hence, reviewing things with someone crying/screaming/whatever all the time will just confuse me.

Yeah, basically you can format your queries however you like, just remember to leave a link to the piece or pieces you want reviewed and, if novella or novel, leave me a brief plot overview I can go from to help with plot. I can do novel-follows, too--from chapter one to the nth chapter. Of course, if I find I cannot review a piece for personal reasons, I'll tell you and explain why. Otherwise, ask away.

Also, know I'm pretty good with helping with grammar, spelling, plot, pacing, character, description, etc. As mentioned, nowhere near perfect, but I think I have firm footing. Oh, and, be warned; while I'm generally nice, I can be a pretty harsh critic. I try avoiding it, but I'll be honest.

Oh! Also, I would love, love, LOVE to review me some novels. I crave them. They're my favorite form of fiction, I think; apart from well-thought out British-style TV drama (they're a form of fiction, okay?). So, yes. You need a NOVEL FOLLOW? I am here. (Be warned I will be picky still, but, yeah, novels or novellas? That's like an automatic one-fourth of a yes or something.)

Some Prior Reviews of Mine**:

**I'm aware they're pretty short, but I can certainly go more in depth for a piece that requires more work or the author's told me what to look for. They are also sadly not very nitpick-y, but I didn't want to scare anyone off with my long lists of suggested edits I make. o.o Plus, that'd be heck to read through. Basically, I'm doing this because it's expected and you can get a small taste of my tone when reviewing.

Spoiler! :
1. "Very good short story. I would have loved a bit more . . . hm, description, maybe, but it was good. I liked the sort of vivid violent element and the sort of shock of it. It's surprisingly. I suppose, in its own way, I shouldn't suggest more than grammar changes (but that's already been done above).

I mean, most stories? They make you fall in love with the character. This one makes you want to know more about Jenny, about the baby; the character's death means nearly nothing, other than you wonder what made him decide, with his dying actions, to become a murderer--if he wasn't already. Because he was hurt, and knew he'd die--so he wanted to take him out with him? Or for some other reason?

It's intriguing, certainly.

I so hope you write more in this 'verse. But, if not, I hope you have awesome luck with all those future projects." (In relation to: post915888.html#p915888.)

2. "Very beautiful. While it could be said you could add more detail, shadow- and light-wise, it's very cartoon-y, so I won't be too picky. Otherwise, like mentioned, it's very beautiful. The contrast (of colors) is jarring, but it draws you in. I also like the vague Egyptian theme you have going (it looks Egyptian to me, anyway)--and I'm a fan of manga, so this is cool.

Hmm. The mouth might not be quite right.

I don't have much else to say about it, other than the fact I now want to try my hand at glitter glue to add some more interest to my artwork. Gah, you tempt me with new medium--as if pencil, ink, pastel, my special paint, and fancy papers weren't enough.

Anyway, keep up with this good stuff." (In relation to this art piece: post910234.html#p910234.)

3. "So, this was good. The writing style was pretty interesting and unique, even if it felt odd to my brain--I sort of had to keep rereading certain sentences and such. However, I liked it.

Yet, I have the feeling that this will go in a general way--girl has abusive boyfriend/male figure in life, lies to protect him for reasons unknown, and is a hidden genius. It's sort of two tropes, really--cliches, almost. Now, if she moonlights as a gladiator fighter or alligator wrangler, I might be surprised, but . . .

Anyway, I can't wait to see where this goes and I agree with the people above. Some of that stuff should be fixed up; dialogue most importantly." (In relation to: post901311.html#p901311.)
My SPD senses are tingling.

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180 Reviews

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Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:04 am
Cspr says...

No one? Meh.
My SPD senses are tingling.

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Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:38 am
creativemuse1 says...

I have 'a tale of an automaton.' you can review.
:)Life is full of hard times and good times. Lift your chin up, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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