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Sneak a peak!

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Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:41 pm
Charlii101 says...

A little insight to my Rose Weasley story!

Christmas 14 years later

Snow stuck to the windows, as icicles became to form under the window ledge. Everything out side was shrivelled outside; as the cold wind swept through and shook the last dead leaves off. Everything house down the street had their windows all shoot off. Not a single living thing stirred as children snoozed gently in their beds; awaiting Santa to bring presents.

But one house on the street had a warm fire blazing with wonderful different colours. Christmas lights were on and were dazzling with sparkles. A beautiful woman, with flaming red hair that was tied into a smart bun with a pen walked into the room. Her smile was so beautiful that it would catch anyone’s eye. She hugged herself as the fire turned to a bright green colour. Her bright brown eyes lingered under the tree; where colours of blue, red, yellow and pink laid, with gifts underneath. The woman walked over to the velvet sofa. She sang into it feeling full of calm and peace. Slightly hidden underneath her hands were a dark blue book with a red silk bow tie; binding the book so it stayed shut. Her hands ran over it and slowly she undid the tie and flicked to a new page. Her soft gentle hands reached up to her hair and she pulled the pen out letting the soft red waves flutter down onto her shoulders.

Dear Diary,
The days seem to be getting shorter and the weather colder.
I feel like all I have these days are my memories.
I feel completely pure and content, and everyday seems to open up a new adventure.
It feels almost alien settling into a muggle life once more, with so many years of being completely different. Yet I welcome the alien with open arms.
Sco always tells me I can be so dramatic now days, he thinks I should become a muggle actress. A gentle laugh flew out of the women’s lips as she spoke the lines in her head.
There is so much to this world that people do not even understand. I feel like I am only discovering the truth about everything and everyone. Like a new born opening its eyes in bright light.
I have a feeling that next year is going to be so extraordinary, I have so much to look forward to and so little lines to write it all in. I just hope with me putting on all the lights down stairs I haven’t woken Sco up. He’s so tired these days that a full quiet night is like heaven to us. But I couldn’t sleep. I feel too content to sleep. Too happy, it may be just because it’s Christmas but I can never be too sure.

A creak of a floor board brought the woman out of her diary. Her head turned towards the door of the living room and she saw a handsome man. His light blonde hair was sticking up all over the place. His eyes had dark shadows underneath then yet they showed such love in them as he gazed over at the woman. His broad arms crossed over his chest and his head was cocked to the side. “You should be getting some rest.” The man said. His vice was so clam and low it sounded like a lullaby to the woman. Yet he had always had that effect on her ever since they were young children. The woman smiled and closed the book lightly. She pushed it off her lap and onto the sofa. “I did try and not wake you” she whispered. The man’s eyes adverted away from her face and to her hands. Something had sparkled in the light and had caught his eye. A gold ring sat there plainly in sight. It held so much beauty but not as much as the woman’s face held. A smile swept over his face and he moved away from the door.

He looked down at the women. Even with his face aching with the tiredness, the woman could see his purity and his love flooding through his eyes as he gazed at her. He held out a hand and slowly she took it. He pulled her up. His head turned to the side as if looking at her in wonder. He brushed back a spot of red hair “What is it, Rosie that makes me feel this way, whenever I look at you?” he asked, his lips drew back showing a full row of white teeth. Rose, laughed lightly and shrugged. She looked into the man’s eyes “I have no idea.” she answered. Suddenly the man placed his arm around her hip and spun her around as if dancing to music. He bent her down to the floor gently. She couldn’t help but laugh. She felt like she was in her teens again and at a ball. “I love you.” he whispered into her neck as his lips softly caressed her neck. His lips slowly moved up to her chin, before he pulled away and looked deep into her eyes. She didn’t need to say it back to him as her face could never lie to him. And he knew it.

“Mummy.” The couple quickly retracted and the man placed his arm lightly around Rose’s hip. They eyes had travelled towards the door. There stood a young child around the age of four. Her hair was in neat little blonde curls. The little girl’s cheeks her ruby red, and her little chubby hand her rubbing her brown eyes. Rose took a step towards her daughter. “What’s Wrong Nymphadora?” Rose asked crouching down towards Nymphadora’s level. The little girl looked up at her mother “Thomas is crying again” she said through a thick and sleepy voice.
“I’ll see to him” Rose looked towards the man who was swiftly going up stairs towards their son. Rose looked back towards Nymphadora. “Go and follow your daddy, mummy will go to bed soon.” Nymphadora nodded and sleepily dragged her feet towards the steps where her dad took her hand and they went upstairs together.

Rose settled back down on the sofa and flicked open her diary.

I have finally found out the reason for my feelings.
It’s because I am so lucky to have a husband and two young children. Even if one isn't magical I know she can become anything she wants to become. I now feeling quite tired and is going to let sleep concur me.

Rose closed her diary slowly and as she did a small slip of paper fell out. She bent down slowly and picked it up. It was an old diary entry and her eyes drew out every word that was written.

One day, and I mean one day I will marry Scorpius and I know we will be happy no matter what!
No one understands him unlike me and my family will just have to put up with it!
I love Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! <3
She smiled to herself and she knew how right she was at a young age. She did love Scorpius.

A shadow drifted over Rose and she looked up into the eyes that she loved “are you coming to bed?” Rose smiled and stood up. She didn’t need a diary to tell her she was happy she knew it.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:13 am
PotterGeek101 says...

I would just like to say that i am a harry potter fan too! :D
Anyway on with reviewing; i would just like to say that you have captured this love very nicely and that it makes me smile reading it. But what i would love to more of is description and JK Rowling adds loads in her book. (However she seems not to make it boring) So if you work on your description it may expand the readers imagination. also i think that it needs a bit more depth. What feelings were going through Rose's mind when he kissed her. Joy, happiness, love?
I believe, that all of this will help add to story that you are unravelling.
But keep it up and i would like to see more! :P
Life is full of Mysteries, but you can never solve them if you go looking for them. You can only solve them once they escape your mind and are right under your nose!

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