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Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:27 am
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Nate says...

Okay, so you're brand new and you just posted that first story or poem. So now you're sitting back and checking every minute to see if someone has reviewed it or not. Well, maybe a day or two goes by and you still don't get a review. Or maybe just an hour goes by, and you're becoming extremely upset that you're not getting a review.

It happens to the best of us, and always will. Getting reviews can be extremely aggravating, but here are some tips that if followed will help you in getting either that first review or more reviews.

    Start reviewing other works posted on YWS. This is extremely important, and probably obvious, but it's not always followed. If you want a review, you're going to have to review some other works. Now a general rule of thumb is that for every five reviews you write, you'll get one. But, that ratio will get much better as you become more well known and someday you may even get five reviews for every one review you write!

    Concentrate on reviewing works by just a few people. That way, they get to know you and will be strongly inclined to review your work.

    3. Only post one story or poem every few days. Posting a whole bunch all at once annoys people and is the best way to ensure you do not get any reviews.

    4. PM the people whose stuff you review. Just ask them something like, "Could you please review my story?" Be sure, though, to give them the link and title as well.

    5. Make some posts in The Lounge or Randomness. That's a fast, easy way to get your name out and to let other people know who you are.

    6. Thank people who do review your stuff. Just PM them with something like, "Thanks for your review! I appreciate it!" That goes even for the bad reviews.

    Do not yell at somebody who gives you a bad review. Instead say, "Thanks for your criticism. I'll remember your suggestions next time I revise this or the next time I write something new." That shows maturity and is extremely impressive to the reviewer.

    Check out some of the threads in The Lounge and Randomness. There are many members who have made threads where you can request a review.

    And finally...

    9. Just be patient! YWS is a relatively large site and pretty active, but it may take as long as a couple days to get that first review. So never give up!

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Thu May 01, 2008 4:39 pm
Eimear says...

Ironic or what?

I guess this is your first review Nate, so good job being patient!

Seriously though, thanks for this.

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