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Wink Murder Rules

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Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:46 pm
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Iggy says...

Wink Murder is a game that can be played different ways with different rules, but to avoid general confusion and annoyance, here's one way we play on YWS!

For those of you who don't know, Wink Murder is a chat game usually played in the Cloakroom, a secondary chat room we have for games. To reach it, go into chat as per normal and press the + to the left of "The Lounge" tab. This displays a pop-up window asking which room you would like to join. Select The Cloakroom to enter it.

There are three roles besides the player role: the Overseer, the Murderer, and the Deceased

The Overseer, usually the person to suggest a round of Wink Murder, is the person who will essentially watch over the game. They are the bridge between the Murderer and the suspects. They will decide who the Murderer will be and will privately message that person, letting them know that it's okay to begin killing people. They will be the ones to say if a guess is right or wrong. Their font color is black. They cannot be killed and cannot be the Murderer.

The Murderer is chosen by the Overseer. Once chosen, the Murderer will privately message someone and tell them how they died. That person will declare publicly that they have died by announcing how they died and turning their font color from blue to red. Don't forget to include a wink when you murder someone!

The Deceased are the players who have been murdered. Once they have been messaged by the Murderer and have died, they change their font color to red. Once dead, they are allowed to give one subtle hint about the Murderer. The deceased are allowed to give false hints if they wish to.

How to Play
1. The Overseer, usually the one who suggests a game of Wink Murder, will call everyone into the Cloakroom. Their font color will be black; everyone else will be blue.

2. The Overseer will privately choose the Murderer.

3. The Murderer will choose one victim and privately message the victim.

4. The victim, now the Deceased, will change their font color to red and announce to everyone that they have died (and how, if applicable). They will be given a minute to two to give a hint.

    - If the Deceased does not give a hint in a certain amount of time, then the Overseer will message the Murderer and tell them to move on. The Deceased will still be allowed to give their hint but the game must go on.

    - Each Deceased is allowed to give ONE hint.

5. The Overseer will ask for guesses, if applicable.

    - One guess per murder.

    - Make sure your intentions to guess are known. Say "I'd like to guess" or something like that to notify the Overseer so they focus their attention on you. Anyone who comments after you will not be allowed to guess.

    - Guess wisely. If your guess is wrong, you will automatically be killed. You will not be allowed to give a hint because you won't know who killed you.

    - Guesses are not mandatory. If no guess is given, then the Overseer will give the Murderer the go-ahead. Only one guess per murder is allowed, so if you wish to guess, be sure to say so before someone else beats you to it.

6. The next murder will occur, and so on and so forth, until either someone guesses correctly or the Murderer has successfully kills everyone and wins.

    - If someone guesses correctly, then they will become the new Overseer, the old Overseer will become a regular player, and a new Murderer will be chosen. The game will start over.

How to Win
For players: Correctly name the Murderer. Please be sure to list the exact username when guessing or your guess will not count. The Overseer will declare if you are correct or not.

For the murderer: Kill everyone but one without being guessed as the Murderer.

The Rules
1. Stick to your appropriate font colors. Only the Overseer may be black, only the living may be blue, and only the Deceased may be red. It does not matter what shade of blue or red you use, but any other color will not be acknowledged.

2. Absolutely no obvious hints. Don't ruin it for everyone else!

3. No PMing the Overseer and asking for hints.

4. No false guesses or "take-backs." Automatic death will occur.

5. Anyone who dies as a result of a failed guess or a false guess cannot give hints.

6. Have fun!

And that's it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or PM me. ♥
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