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Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:28 am
Snoink says...

First you have a character so self centered he thinks the world revolves around him. He is disillusioned and whenever he tastes failure he gets all fussy about it, therefore he tries to succeed. And he does, it's just that he gets proud about it and everybody hates him and then he wonders why everybody hates him. That makes him fussier and he tries to show off more failing ultimately.

SLAM DOWN! The character gets himself in huge trouble when he tries to prove himself and he can't get himself from it no matter how hard he tries. (This is the main conflict.) He does everything, he whines, he complains, he uses physical force; nothing works.

SLAM DOWN! The situation he gets himself in suddenly gets worse. Nobody believes him, nobody will help him, everybody remembers what a pain he was and they think he's just trying to make things worse. Wherever he goes he is scorned. (Of course I'm being a little dramatic but you get the idea.) Nothing works for him. (Unlike popular belief, this process doesn't have to make him a spineless wimp, in fact it could do just the opposite. It might just make him work harder to achieve his goals therefore making his accomplishment seem even better to the readers. Also this process might make him more of a man or a woman.)

Then it gets a little better. Some people start to believe him. Some. A lot pf people will laugh at him, but who cares? He can be with this one character and the character will help him out. This part of the story find clues, learn things, you know, info. Eventually others might help him out a little.

SLAM DOWN! He was getting too comfortable. He made a little slip and is paying big time for it. The situation he got himself into and he ignored suddenly becomes worse and is affecting everyday life. He struggles to get a grip because suddenly everything has gone from bad to worse. And he isn't liking it one bit.

SLAM DOWN! Climax. The situation has gone from worse to worst. He is in such an awkward position, if he was playing a clarinet he would probably be blue in the face trying to puff a note out in front of Carnegie Hall's audience. He has to play correctly, but he's having a hard time. How is he going to do his solo? His music stand falls down and his solo is supposed to start. Can he get the music stand up in time, will he play the solo by memory, or is he going to fail? (Okay, maybe the story won't go like this, but still.) He musters all his strength and completes the task that he has gotten himself into.

Suddenly everything gets better (unless you want to make a tragedy and he kills himself with the music stand). He realizes that the world isn't going to end and even if he messes up a little everything turns out pretty good. Happy ending.

There is, of course, going to be a lot of character changes in his part. Where before he would be an arrogant brat when he finished his accomplishment and only see the fame, he know sees it for all the work it takes and then appreciates it more when somebody else does it. He also is more thankful for friends since once they all snubbed him and he realizes the value of hard work, (or hopefully does).

This technique is very good for those characters and their whole mission is to develop into a character that is good. They might have another goal to work for but to achieve that goal they must change.
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Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:31 am
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Leja says...

hehe, love it, love it!

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