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Science, religion, homelessness, college, compassion?

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Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:03 pm
caruccichris says...

I'm about to finish my first book "Learning to Understand" in which these topics are a major part of. It chronicles me through my journey of being homeless while in college, wandering around Boston, MA and Manchester, NH. Various events happen in which I question our compassion towards one another as well as the worlds tolerance towards violence and apathy. I will be 21 in March - so its been roughly three years since I started this book. Filled with random events, meaningful people and an unexpected reality check.

If you'd like to discuss or know more, let me know through this post. I'd be happy to converse freely about the book and it's topics. This is my first post to Young Writers Society, so hello all. I'm Chris Carucci.

Additional info can be viewed here I'd like to discuss various aspects of my book as well as help get the word out. I am currently 20, soon to be 21. I've been writing a book about being homeless, in college as well as a myriad of other subjects.
More information can be found http:// --www.kickstarter. --com/projects/caruccichris/learning-to-understand-my-homelessness-school-view/dashboard

I'd love to discuss some of the chapters if anyone is interested, I am always willing to learn and hear interesting ideas.


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Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:48 am
caruccichris says...

Part of the book.

The average person, that being someone of a relatively general intelligence quotient, are brought up, whether through nature or nurture, to adhere to the current demands of society. Ever the successful adapter, those of average intelligence are more prone to socialization and thus acceptance by their surrounding peers or elders, this in itself can create an adverse society in which the average, mongering, person retains control of society in it's whole, rather then those most suitable arriving at the same positions of power. Though their are varying degrees of government, all arrive at the same conclusion, however some retaining better results.

Through the election of officials through a public, advertised, and often exaggerated view, the general population are lead to believe that such political stooges are competent at their jobs, rather then the much neglected truth of their incompetence. Through the progression of government, society has advanced as a whole, though it advances, this is not always an acceptable, well concluded result. It is often at the face of immense blunders, horrid disasters, and misinformed decisions.

It is indeed impossible to hope for world peace and a unison. Through various methods introduced into society over a great period of time, for us to say the least, various political ploys and advancements have made it more intangible for the common person to see and understand the actual world around them. A plight made by leaders can inspire a great movement from their followers, those that believe in the same goal, idea, or purpose, that they themselves do.

Generally this would not be such a convoluted concept if we were more of an understanding genetic pile of proteins and Amino Acids, however we are in fact just that. While our imaginations have the capability to advance us far beyond what we see, it has the ability to poison us, whether indirectly or directly, and the more then potent ability to lay hidden under the guise of that in which we believe in so religiously, that in which we desire, what we have become to need.

I tend to personally believe that religion is one of the many examples, it is indeed a fact that in this day and age, those that follow a particular religion were raised upon that religion, and were given no other unbiased showings of what in fact the world's religions have to offer. A well debated incident within the scientific and religious community is often referred to 'Nature vs. Nurture' in which the scientific community, not as a whole but generally accepted as such, believe that without nurture, humans would not be capable of such luxuries that we currently take for granted, while the religious community believes man kind to be more then sufficient without nurture.

Various cases have been cited in such a debate between that in which we think to be, and that in which is proven to be. References to neglect in varying degrees of cases have surfaced that a few unfortunate people had been neglected to the point of no interaction with out humans, in one case solely a dog in a dark, locked room, where the parents fed her occasionally. As this girl matured, the brain itself did not, instead it interpreted the situation around it, believing more and more that she was an actual dog, rather then what she was, a person. Scientific studies, including various psychological applications and brain examinations, revealed that her brain had under developed, that her cerebral cortex has matured to only 10% of an average human.

She believe she was a dog, she barked like a dog, walked on all fours, and apparently, with all her heart, insisted she was. Now this girl, due to the Cerebral Cortex not developing properly, was in capable of speech, she had gone so many years without learning such an attribute that she slowly became physically in capable. Through extensive socialization, she was able to stand on two feet, rather then crawling on all fours, however her progress collapsed very shortly after, and she resumed the dog phase.

This thus proved, along with other similar cases, that nurture was indeed a great necessity to the developing child, and with out it, we would advert back to a much more primitive standing, as a steady integration of our surroundings and concepts are firmly the only thing in which advances a persons mental capacity and development. Arbitrary as you may believe it to be, this is all well rounded and referenced situations.

Through integration into society, one learns their own niche within it, becoming nothing more then a servant to the whole, a collective for the general consensus in which you unknowingly serve out your purpose to society and then die, living long enough to procreate and advance such a mechanism. Unfortunately, through our own adaptive nature, and the immensity of the current population, combined with the average intelligence being far more plentiful then that of higher intelligence, society in it's entirety will only progress so far, then spiral into a well predicted and hardly irrational decline.

The raising of such religious ideas and that of those nurtured with them from birth can only create conflict with differing views, indeed such religion's vehemently biased views, whether on those that follow the religion, those that deny it, or those who remain indifferent, can only create a shroud of illusion, thus stunting our actual interpretations of what is and what can be. (I.E World being flat, Gods in the clouds, Heaven, Hell, Sinners, Holy Wars).

Unfortunately I've spent twenty minutes on this little blog, and have to go to work, so I must discontinue my insight. This is only the surface, I could write for days. As a follow up note....... More so a question.....

Do you really want your leaders to believe in TALKING SNAKES(Adam and Eve), Drinking the BLOOD of their savior EVERY Sunday, and eating the body of Christ?(Church). Do you really want them thinking that if someone has a different view, a different idea, that they will BURN in HELL? I can only hope for the day that science surpasses a religion as a whole. But it's too much to ask for, it has already happened, though your views are too shrouded, to conflicted to understand such innovation into the eyes of humanity. The only thing I can ask is that you question as I have questioned you here within this paragraph. Learn to seek out why, not just how. Learn a deeper meaning of yourselves, understand that your own spirituality will undoubtedly lead to a knowledge far greater then those around you. For you will be open, and to a closed mind an world altering idea is nothing but dirt on the ground, free to tread upon.

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Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:30 pm
caruccichris says...

Also, about the ending. It must be understood that at the age that I wrote that I was rather upset with religion, having had many bad experiences with people who say they are faithful to one or the other. However, in my periods of being homeless I found that there are good people of all backgrounds - bad too. A nice equilibrium is achieved by the end of the book.

28 views and no responses?

If anyone i capable of helping me get my book more notoriety I would be appreciative. More information can be found at consciousuniverse dot tumblr. Potentially looking up my kickstarter would work as well.

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Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:37 am
Rosendorn says...

If you want more feedback on your work, the place to go is the Read/Write tab up top. Something like this would best fit in the General Articles forum, or Other. Writers Corner is a rather obscure forum, and not a lot of people are willing to read the works.

However, I have read this, and I'm rather interested, although it's a rather... different premise? How have you tried to create an equilibrium in the opinions posted? :)
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