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Another idea?

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Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:43 am
ilessthan3you says...

Here's me, thinking up incredibly hard-to-write plots again. Yay.

I got inspired by That 70s Show, haha, and I have to write this down somewhere. And I also have so many ideas, but barely any motivation to actually write them...anyway:

What if every life was actually individual, and everyone else was an illusion? And in another parallel universe, another person exists with the same illusions? So two people will be friends in both universes, but both will have illusions of the other person. And every person alive lives in their own parallel universe. And some people would exist in every universe, but others wouldn't and would only be an illusion of one person. Then one person finds out about the universes(I'm thinking the internet, but I'm not sure...or maybe the illusions will start having their own thoughts). I'd tell it from a few POVs, and the one that found out the secret would go crazy and maybe try to kill the illusions(idk if they can be killed yet). And everybody who knows will try to bring the universes back together, and if they do, chaos will ensue. Also, I think the world started off as it is today, but some major catastrophe happened(comet crash? something...) and separated everybody. Oh, and I have a lot of ideas for if the worlds were united. One girl could have a love of her life that didn't actually exist...
OH. Also, what if whenever someone started suspecting it, their illusions tried to kill them and they were sent to another universe? So that everyone that realized it tried to kill themselves so they'd try to be in the same universe?
Let me know if that made absolutely no sense at all. And if the world did start off normal...should I start with the normal world or paralleled one?

I can't seem to stick to one idea. Ugh. I have barely any motivation to actually write...but so much time...

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Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:51 am
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Sannah says...

That sounds really cool! I ask questions like about life being an illusion so I think that is really awesome. You don't really read many with books asking if we even exist or if we're real. Totally go for it! I think it makes perfect sense. I have the same problem with so many ideas but not having the motivation to write it. And when I do start writing a story, I end up hopping to some other ridiculous plot I concocted because I can't stop thinking about it and only end up with like half a chapter though... I understand how you feel. Good luck! :) If you get around to writing it and post it, I'll read it.
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