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Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:46 pm
Cspr says...

So, I have plenty of ideas. However, I have no ruddy idea if any of them are half decent. Therefore, I'm asking all you lovely people what you think, because I'm sure you'll be a lot more objective than me. (You know you want to be objective.)

Otherwise, I'm basically doing this because I have too little time to do all these projects and need to pick one or two to work on along with my April scripting and novel-editing. (Otherwise I'll go mad doing two rather mentally-foreign things.)

So, here's some of my ideas. I listed them simply and tried to use as few names as possible.

1st Novel Idea:
Evil Overlord takes over AR medieval Middle Eastern (landscape)/Western European (culture) place, because the dozen clashing nations make it easy. Plus, he's possessed by a snake-demon named Morder, so he's sort of mad. Yes. So, he kills off a bunch of nobles, sets his Dakas up in totalitarian governments, etc. Then a Mystical Prophecy comes along, via his pet witch, and it foretells him being destroyed by the House of Badri. So he goes and slaughters the House of Badri people.
Thus starts our story, since, as all Evil Overlords do, he made a mistake. Some of the people escaped (because we wouldn't have a story otherwise). One died, two lived. Two children who were the top rulers of the House of Badri's children (of course). They're also twins (because I was eleven when I came up with this). Oh, and one of his people turned traitor, too, and helped those kiddies, just babes really, escape. (The Evil Overlord hated that particularly. He thought he trained his soldiers to kill babies appropriately enough.) So, now we have two kids with MAGICAL powers just, ya know, in the middle of farmland with highly suspicious people, smoke beasts, and some peculiar family and friends.
Oh, and, of course, the Rebels want them to become Weapons of Mass Destruction, but let's ignore that one, too. (From the perspective of the children, a Mysterious Bad Boy, and the Evil Overlord--I think.)

2nd Novel Idea:
Fallen angels. "Revelations 3:16: And so GOD said: You are neither hot, nor cold, but lukewarm, so I shall spit you from my mouth." (I have part of this up in snippets of what I might just have as 'back-story' or a future prologue--I call it, of course, "Lukewarm".) They didn't side with Satan, and they didn't side with God. So they will be punished. But they have a chance at redemption. And their chance is simple--humanity. But they have to keep the humans there so they can be saved, right? So what if they don't let them age, or...leave. They need them. (From the perspective of the captives.)

3rd Novel Idea:
Meet Aaron. He's a pretty usual guy--except for the whole 'always getting in trouble' thing. Really. He's an idiot and never can do anything right, like the rest of the world's teenagers.
He really shouldn't be discovering a mystery about his ancestors.
Nor should he be blamed for the murder of his girlfriend's boyfriend.

4th Novel Idea:
Welcome to THE ARENA. Remember folks, even if they look like they're dying, they're PAID ACTORS. Don't worry. Just sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the show...

5th Novel Idea:
Marcus is never the sort people want to be around. He was kicked out on the street by his parents (rumors abound, no hard evidence for why). He always wears gloves. (Does he WANT to look like Michael Jackson?) He's an alcoholic. But he also knows a lot more than he should.
Hence he's gone a bit mad.
When the city is overrun by...something...some spelunkers brought back with them, the people might need him. Want him.
But does he care about the people who abandoned him since day one? (Called "Nighttime".)

6th Novel Idea:
An ice queen of the second planet, a princess of the east and a thief. She has glacier blue eyes, white blonde hair, and a narrow face. She’s prone to wearing a white, wolf-fur lined parka. She has sharper canines and bigger eyes, marking her as inhuman.
A south prince of the second earth. He is well-cared for and rich. Before the leader of his district, a cruel man who always wanted to marry his mother (before her death), kills his father, his deputy, via poison when he comes for tea one day. He is forced to flee, as everything around him crumbles and debtor’s prison looms on the horizon. Debtor’s prison isn’t a death sentence--it’s a mere five months of extensive brain-washing to prepare you for your new life, actually--but he can’t have his memories erased. For one, he, like his mother before him, is the exception the rule. He, metaphorically, has the patterns for the gateways ingrained in his mind. So he’d be stuck in the City; a place where citizens’ lives are watched, constantly. As a person who loved the freedom of his old district, he can’t imagine it. And worse, his mother keeps appearing to him; trying to tell him a secret. This is the main reason. They could erase her. And with the worlds looming towards a full-out war, or a destruction of the things that link them, that secret may be the only thing to save 'humanity'.
Somehow related to:
Gateways that lead from one planet, one much like ours (i.e. second earth), and a secondary planet, one somewhat like ours, but rotates much slower--causing mostly polar conditions.
Criminals originally built these gates. They were kept caged, in massive prison ships flying at sub-light-speed, and cared for, for the years it took to get to the other planet to build.
Now, criminals are being forced to do it again, something that started two decades ago, on new planets second earth’s scientists have discovered.
And, as the restrictions of the totalitarian governments that rule both planets continue to tighten, the possibility of you getting on a ship continues to grow.
Which leads to the question: How much is your freedom worth?

7th Novel Idea:
Jack hasn’t had an easy life. He never really knew his family; foster-care for him. He has vague memories of his mother. She died when he was five. His father--he never knew him. And his step-father--oh, his step-father. Gregory. Greg. The psycho.
He’s also more than a bit confused. Maybe it’s because he’s colorblind, because he never “went to the right schools”, or because he was like that chicken--the one the other hens pick to death. Bullies, you know? Or maybe it’s because the worlds he’s been creating are starting to collide with real-life. (Called "The Chronicles of the Otherness".)

8th Novel Idea:
Working as a secretary for her aunt, Anne never thought she’d have trouble. She wasn’t a party-girl. She didn’t hang out around undesirable people. She followed the law.
But it’s not like that Anne exists anymore, except in her head. Actually, that whole world exists in her head--the world of cell-phones, New York City, and parents.
The world of radiation, rules, and her place is all she has.
That is, until she meets Darwin. Darwin the mutant. (Called "Wakefield Syndrome".)

1st Short Story/Novella Idea:
Ignorance is bliss. Especially if your neighborhood is filled with...vampires. And not those cuddly vampires. You know, the ones that keep killing people? Hm. Or maybe it’s the Mafia. I still can’t decide what the heck they are. I just feel bad for that guy who let me buy that porcelain doll. Gypsies who sell old stuff. Don’t they know not to go into vampire territory? Sigh. (Called "Normally Unnoticed, Usually Deadly")
My SPD senses are tingling.

Don't gobblefunk around with words.
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