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Background of "Tainted Life"

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Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:10 pm
Calmal says...

This provides some background to the factions in "Tainted Life" by yours truly :lol:
I suggest new people read this before attempting to undergo any of my chapters:
Homeospaien Allied Community
This is the empire of the Human race. It has seventy three colonies around Sector Two. It is run by an Emperor, Director, War Council and a Chief Reverend. It is protected by the AHD.
Armed Humanitarian Defence
This is run by a war council which consists of the Commodore and his six admirals. Each admiral controls two generals which in turn control three commanders.
The Braxton are warlike creatures similar to lizards. They control the largest Space Navy and protect the Undrux Empire for trade. They have fifty three colonies in Sector One The
It is controlled by a "Rex" who is raised from childhood in battle. The Ducis controls the Space Navy and works closely with the Rex. Since the Galactic Community forbids them to do war with any other Empire, there are frequent civil wars. The most recent failed and it's leader is now on the run. They were the third Empire discovered by Humanity.
The Fargon are religious fanatics and are described as multi coloured humanoids. They currently own thirty five colonies in Sector Five but are studied throughout the galaxy for their beliefs. They believe their leader the "Decton" has been chosen by the D'scites to lead the Fargons and is discovered at birth by the high D'scite count within them. They have a small military force but rely on the D'scites to protect them. They were the second empire discovered by Humanity.
The Mellis are female orientated because women posses a great hold over their powerful wisouric physic abilities and are seen as fish like humanoids. They have sixty seven worlds in Sector Four. They are led by a Queen and posses a small military force but rely on their mental powers majorly. They release few of their secrets to anyone else. They were the fourth alien empire discovered by the humans.
The Undrux are the wealthiest race in the galaxy, well known for being arrogant and have been described as rats due to the long claws, sharp teeth and grey hair. They have only twenty eight world in Sector Three but are the choosiest as they focus on obtaining the rarest components. As they waste no money on a military, they pay the Rex large sums of money for protection from the Braxton Space Navy. They are run by a Commission which is led by an Eese. They were the first empire discovered by the humans.
A mystical race who apparently posses the power to create life and are situated largely at the centre of the galaxy. The Fargon high priests can supposedly sense their presence.
The H'yrelli are the sinister brother race of the D'scites. They have the power to separate life forms and are supposedly contained by their brothers.
The Milky Way
The Milky Way has now been divided by the Galactic Community. Sectors are given to each race which limits their expansion. Sector One is in the North East, Two in the South East, Three in the South West, Four is the North West and Five is placed in a radius around the centre of the galaxy. Many worlds around the Milky Way are overloaded with radiation and are known as "Forbidden Systems". They are not allowed to be occupied until the radiation has reached an acceptable level. Earth was one for nearly two hundred years but has made a suspiciously speedy recovery.

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Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:44 pm
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AlfonsoFernandez says...

Well, I just want to say that it was interesting, but I don't think you really needed to explain all the creatures or things that will appear in the story. I think it would be better if you explained them while you're telling your story. Then, there are also some mistakes that you wrote that I would like to point out:
It is protected by the AHD.
You maybe should give us some background on who the AHD is.
They have fifty three colonies in Sector One The
"Sector One The"? I did not understand what that meant. Probably "The Sector One"? You forgot to put a period.
It is controlled by a "Rex" who is raised from childhood in battle.
What is a "Rex"? You might also want to explain that.
They release few of their secrets to anyone else.
I didn't understand that either. I think that you meant to say: "They release few of their secrets."
A mystical race who apparently posses the power to create life and are situated largely at the centre of the galaxy.
"A mystical race" is singular, so "posses" should be possesses.
I think you should have explained about the Galaxy first of all, so we could know what the sectors are from the beginning.
Otherwise, as I said, it was good. Keep it up! :lol:
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