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LMS V: Overshadowed (Working Title)

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Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:16 am
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ShadowVyper says...

Overshadowed (Working Title)

I'm entering LMS this round as a warrior, with hopes of writing a new novel from the perspective of one of my villains from the novel I entered for LMS IV. It'll have a few similar events and, obviously, some of the same characters -- but I'm planning on focusing on his part of the story that my protagonist didn't see in the other novel. This is definitely going to be a work-in-progress thread for a while as I try to figure out what's going to go into the plot, but here's what I've got so far:


Under construction


The novel is set in a universe I created called Beirania. Specifically in the countries of Griveka (early life) and Atraya (later life).



Lord Biryn - D'orcerer, Head Advisor to the King of Atraya in later life, was "born" in Griveka about 4 decades before. He was the antagonist in Before the Dragon and enjoys terrorizing Jerica.

Levin Ainsley - King of Atraya. Not excessively smart but is really willing to go along with Biryn's plans for the most part, so he's a useful figurehead to keep on the throne.

Jerica Ainsley - King's Assassin of Atraya and general orphan pest, as far as Biryn is concerned, good only for testing his experimental military enhancement drug.

Derik Ainsley - War Lord of Atraya, annoyingly loyal to Jerica and fights in her defense frequently.

Rekard Ainsley - Jerica's cousin and Derik's son, and General of the Swordsmen in His Majesty's Imperial Army. Strong warrior and carries a lot of responsibility -- generally on Jerica's side in most conflicts.

Lev Ainsley - Jerica's cousin and Levin's son, crown prince that is heir to the throne. All around a worthless brat, though he does get on Jerica's nerves frequently, which Biryn approves of.

Lyiaza Ainsley - Jerica's cousin that was also orphaned in the attack that took Jerica's parents. Friends with Lev, also a pest, but also antagonizes Jerica.

Kieran - Jerica's vassal that gets lost during the Atraian - Nykerian war.

Esmond Synakrein - Prince of Griveka, horrible human who causes a lot of problems in other story lines.


Very much under construction

General concept:

In the Shadow Realm (working title), dark spirits are spawned every time an act of excessive evil happens in Beirania. The normal day-to-day depravity of man such as lying and stealing are generally ignored -- however, the more notable examples of wickedness, such as wars, extreme abuse, mass murder, and things of the like are commemorated by the creation of a new spirit that wanders the world looking for chaos to create unless they are summoned by a sorcerer.

If a sorcerer stronger than the spirit summons them, they are bound to obey the mage's every whim and command. If the sorcerer who summons them are weaker than the spirit they summoned, the dark spirit kills the mage and hijacks their body, becoming a sorcerer possessed by a dark spirit -- known as a d'orcerer.

D'orcerers are the most feared creatures of all of Beirania. To be accused of being one is the worst affront to someone imaginable -- and to be condemned as one means certain death, if the accusers are capable of carrying out the job (which is no easy task, when faced with a true d'orcerer).

Really rough outline (with some legitimate spoilers, this outline is for my planning mostly):

Spoiler! :

- Biryn spawns with an abusive act of Synakrein's father
- Ages as a troublemaker
- Is frequently summoned by (sorcerer)
- Possesses the sorcerer's apprentice
- Attacks Atrayan picnic and murders the entire royal family
- Frames Grivekans and sets himself up as an advisor for the grieving Levin
- Discovers the Baby Plot-twist
- Threatens Derik with the knowledge

More to come, ran out of time...

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