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Pretty stupid idea?

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Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:38 pm
Elijah says...

I pretty much never really publish anything but I had an idea in my head that does not let me sleep so if you can give me your opinion on it or just tell me how silly it is, just go on!

The birthday boy will now say the stupid idea!

The virus is spread, this can be as result of a chemical reaction, an accident or just humans being stupid and wasting the Earth because of our everyday needs. But it is not just a simple virus that can live only by being inside of a host, the humans in this case, and cause different changes in the current host's body. But the virus thinks like a scared human who is being attacked.

Imagine the virus actually helping you go through a horrible event that is happening to you during the infection and its spreading in the air around you?

If a boy is being bullied, pushed into the ocean and left to die, unable to magically teach itself to swim. He is left to die from the wild waves of the ocean, he can not do anything to help himself, no one is there to see him or hear his screams. And he has a fear, from the ocean. Imagine the virus just doing its best to change this and help the boy survive. He can suddenly swim. That might also involve having some powers that are out of the orginary. That can go to even having feet of a frog or something like that, some cool supernatural stuff yey.

Another example I thought of was a girl that is scared of animals and runs away from them from young age. Because of attack on her sibling that she was witnessed, she is now not able to try even touch a dog or any other kind of an animal which is totally understandable in her case. She can suddenly communicate with the animals and even control them after further examining her powers and learning to use them for good and right.

But the thing is that they all will hate the fact that they can suddenly do things that help them in situations they want to escape from. They do not want to face the danger and help each other but run away from it all his life but now they are pulled to face their biggest fear and even turn it into their biggest power as they are given this chance. The virus gives the exact of what they want in their life even if it totally wants to help them.

It just reaches to their fear and tries its best to find a solution, like a computer, and help its host. It does not do it because of any kind of weird kindness or another feature. They need a host to live, this is why they are helping their host. They can be like inner voice or something else even.

So, pretty much, I want to make my characters struggle.

Again, no surprise.

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