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Agatha Irene

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Creator: ImaginativeAlice
Storybook: The Order: Gifted
Nickname: Aggie

Name: Agatha Irene
Age (16-18):20 but stopped growing at 17.

Gift(s) (limit to 2):Dream manipulation( she can see anyone's dream and manipulate it means she can turn your beautiful dream into a horrific nightmare. And she can know if your dream is a incident that had happened in reality or its mind made imaginary dream).
Animal telepathy( She can control and understand all the animals from the ants to the elephants even the ones from the forbidden forest.)

Appearance:She is a beautiful teenage girl with perfect face features. Her hair is dark brown like her eyes. She has a slim body. She likes to get dresses into lively clothes that perfectly matched her personality. She always wears a hat that Amelia gave her that somehow prevent her from reading her dreams.

Reason for imprisonment:After when
a girl from her school embarrassed her for being an orphan she made a snake bite her but she didn't knew that it was poisonous and the girl died.

Personality:She is a fun and adventurous girl no matter where she is she always finds things that excites her. She likes her gifts as they are very interesting and fun.

History: She was an orphan. She used to live a peaceful life in a tree house that animals helped her to make. She did some small part time jobs so that she can go to school. Until she got prisoned.

Other: Don't think her gifts are childish Doesn't matter how powerful you are you can't control your dreams so she can know everything you are hiding through your dreams.

Patience is the strength of the weak, impatience is the weakness of the strong.
— Immanuel Kant, Philosopher