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About thebookworm

Hey guys! Guess who's back? That's right your one and only, Free Willy. At least that's what my nickname was on here before I left about two years ago. Man, I've really missed this place. I'm super excited to be back on and I promise to be more active. That means no more skipping out for two years. Send me a PM about anything you want. It would be very much appreciated because I don't know if a bunch of my old chums are still on here or not. Thank you and have a spectacular day!


Books. I wasn't quite sure if you could tell from my username. I'm in a ton of fandoms so hit me up if you want to geek out over them.



Too often we crave the extraordinary in life, without even learning how to cherish the ordinary first. Friend, I promise you this: if you can learn to take joy in the simple mundane things in life, the extraordinary will take care of itself, it'll be on its way, hurrying towards you. But if you skip the first part, it'll ever evade you.
— Arcticus