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  • Poetry » Teen Fiction, Teen Fiction
    Re: Flower Queen

    ~ vanity here with a review! I enjoyed the short, endearing piece - although the poem could use with a little more rhythm to it, since its natural flow and ...

    Jul 14, 2021

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Romantic
    Re: Hidden Holding Hands

    ~ vanity here with a review! first of all, the mood you've set from the get-go: I'm already enamored. I miss the softness of your cheeks Our secret smiles among ...

    Jul 13, 2021

  • Poetry » Realistic, Dramatic
    Re: Love Yourself: A Poem

    Hello~ here's my review! This elicited a wonderful essence of positivity

    Jun 19, 2021

  • Poetry » General, Realistic
    Re: a series of unfortunate events.

    This was a fun, compelling read! life, to me, is but one hell of a movie, quite hard in the making, with casts and ques and scenes to be curated, ...

    Jun 19, 2021

  • Novel / Chapter » Romantic, Action / Adventure
    Re: Mala Suerte: a Love Story Within a Prison

    An amusing introductory piece to the narrative. I know the context is just being outlined, but I can already tell the beginnings of a character-driven voice, and am very much ...

    Jun 19, 2021

  • Poetry » Health, Literature
    Re: Suicide

    Hello!~ Here's my review! Ok, so first off, I like the simplicity and blunt, concise composition of your prose. A few pointers~ Your mention of the lines: "Everything hurts," with ...

    Jun 19, 2021

  • Novel / Chapter » Dramatic, Science Fiction
    Re: Mind Changers City Rebellion

    An interesting start to the story. I think the main feedback I have for your piece is to use more subtext and less direct, straightforward language. The main character's indifferent ...

    Jun 18, 2021

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