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    Re: MUSIC

    i’m reviving this thread, whether you like it or not. prepare for a long winded, but spoilered post. ◡̈ sooo my #1 has and always will be lady gaga. she ...

    May 4, 2023

  • might i refer to this post again. i absolute adore all of the writers and their literary works in this spotlight, among every contribution to this site. all of you ...

    Feb 2, 2023

  • Poetry Discussion
    Re: literary analysis

    feel free to discuss the poem (or leave a review on the piece), or we can discuss posting a literary analysis in conjunction with a literary work!

    Jan 13, 2023

  • Poetry Discussion
    Re: literary analysis

    hi! this is something that i have been on the fence about doing, but i want to offer a literary analysis on one of my poems truthfully, i don’t know ...

    Jan 13, 2023

  • yellow -> rainforest and yes, i’ll continue the trend of changing my username whenever i have a new favorite color

    Jan 10, 2023

  • Randomosity
    Re: Name a Flavour


    Jan 10, 2023

  • heyoooo

    Jan 10, 2023

  • kind of a personal one :’ ) this year i want to be more kind to myself and gain the same amount of love for myself that i give to ...

    Jan 7, 2023

  • this is such a fun thread! as of now, i do have one tattoo. i have a trumpet on my left tricep/back of my arm. i got this tattoo in ...

    May 14, 2020

  • Will Review For Food
    Re: reviews by yellow

    reviews by yellow hello, i'm yellow and i'm here to review! what i will review poetry: i love poetry and i'm always hunting down some poetry to feed my appetite! ...

    Apr 22, 2020

  • Oct 13, 2019

  • Type down here your favorite lyrics from any song and it can it will create a completely different song. For example: "At first I was afraid, I was petrified..." The ...

    Oct 4, 2018


    Oct 18, 2017

  • This is actually quite interesting! American: 58 British: 24 Indian: 11 Canadian: 11 Filipino: 10 Australian: 9 Kiwi: 5 South African: 2 South Korean: 2 Finnish: 2 French: 2 Irish: ...

    Oct 16, 2017

  • Welcome Mat
    Re: Hi, Becca here :3

    Welcome to YWS!

    Aug 27, 2017

We know what a person thinks not when he tells us what he thinks, but by his actions.
— Isaac Bashevis Singer