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  • Thank you so much for your words! I think I mostly just...write weirdly and have to change it into a way where it makes sense for others than just me, ...

    Jan 3, 2021

  • Thank you! I never thought of writing all in one go and then revising, to be honest. I've written my first chapter 5 different ways and I think it's time ...

    Jan 3, 2021

  • Hi. I feel like this is a common writer thing that writers experience, and it goes like this: You write. You re-read it and think, oh my god. This is ...

    Jan 3, 2021

  • Welcome Mat
    Re: Introduction

    Hi! I'm Eliza, I'm 15, and I just joined like, 10 minutes ago. I hope to use this to receive feedback on drafts from my projects, but I have 0 ...

    Jan 2, 2021

First you broke my moustache, now you break my heart.
— MaybeAndrew