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*a few members of the audience awkwardly cough as I fumble around my papers*

JUST BE PATIENT!! *tuts* kids these days, am I right?

So, I didn't do a biogrophy before and I want to, so I shall.

I like to write, and I'm not the most avid reader but I will spend hours reading if I find a book that I like. I mainly enjoy writing poetry, specifically about nature, the universe and sometimes romantic. I'm a little old-fashioned- I could be classed as outdated as I respect and mostly admire anything from the 60s to the 90s: music tastes, styles, trends and fashion. I love the Beegees, Fleetwood Mac and old hits. They were the best times!

My favourite subject at school is science, especially biology and I hope to become a scientist or a specialist of some sort to do with the brain. I also love philosophy and the concept of space, humanity and the freedom of people. I have strong opinions in terms of social systems and governments and I belive in changing the institution to create equality for people from all backgrounds.

My favourite colour is dark blue, like the ocean and I've always wanted to go to space. Maybe be an astronaut or something like that. My favourite book genre is... Young adult and scientific, sometimes police thrillers. My favourite movie genre is comedy but I would watch a good and scary horror any day. I LOVE Stephen King. Favourite animal has to be... Jee I don't know. I do love... Gheckos tho. Especially leopard gheckos, they are the cutest.

I love Star Wars, F. R. I. E. N. D. S and a tv show called the office. Ricky Gervais is a really funny comedian. And if you are wondering, Ewoks are the cutest. I know, I know, baby yoda is cute but ewoks are awesome and are such divas as well. Best character from star wars has to be anakin skywalker, I mean like, come on, he is CUTE. Fave character from F. R. I. E. N. D. S. is Chandler or Rachel. Rachel is just so relatable and Chandler seems pretty genuine and kind. Or wait, maybe Ross. Ross is so funny!

Anyhoop, thanks for reading!!


Philosophy, music, art, comic books, poetry, reading, science.


Giggly ghecko, drama-queen, sensitive sue, smirking sally, give-good advice friend, confused girl in chemistry, confused girl in tests, random-cough in silent room, loud talking when you are supposed to be quiet, low slung ponytail potato, crazy writer who cackles and snorts. Among other things.

Don't turn them loose, Jack.
— David Letterman